Sun, 04 Feb 18 07:49:24 UTC

News courtesy of one of his real life friends, who provided the information below.

"The whole Eku situation is this-- He was going through some relationship trouble and fighting a losing battle against his insecurities and gender dysphoria, since the day I met him like 3-4 years ago, he'd been constantly trying to kill himself while in a drunken haze. But he always failed spectacularly, honestly at some point I started thinking it was just for attention. But in Summer/Fall of last year, he started calling me a lot to vent about the woman that he was living with and the shit that she did to exacerbate his insecurities. At some point he stopped calling me. Then a mutual friend called me about an hour and a half ago, and told me that they found his body in his room with the door open at about 17:10 on Friday"

Goodbye senpai, you will be missed.


Anonymous (9018) #1158 (2018-02-19 04:15:43UTC)

You will be missed Eku :'^(

Anonymous (0e52) #1157 (2018-02-18 20:42:52UTC)

Say hi to Reimu for me.


Anonymous (8fe3) #1156 (2018-02-17 19:22:55UTC)


Anonymous (503c) #1155 (2018-02-17 09:59:53UTC)

Eku's streams helped me get through a difficult part of my life. I'll miss him dearly.

Anonymous (a993) #1154 (2018-02-17 03:44:29UTC)


Anonymous (6462) #1153 (2018-02-16 19:05:56UTC)

Thanks for always telling me I was a manly little girl. Your streams were always my favourite. I'd stay up until 4am euro to catch the start of them and still be able to catch the end of them in the morning.

Anonymous (385f) #1152 (2018-02-16 18:09:05UTC)

My favourite DJ who got me to discover many great obscure albums.
It will be weird to not be able to look forward to those streams again.

Anonymous (6594) #1151 (2018-02-16 15:37:00UTC)

I'll miss your streams, Eku, they were a lot of fun, even if you were a tranny faggot.

Anonymous (756d) #1148 (2018-02-15 07:35:28UTC)

You're golden, Eku.

Anonymous (20d4) #1145 (2018-02-15 05:00:38UTC)

Well, if my Valentine's day wasn't sad enough, I learned this. I'll miss your blushing avatar.

Anonymous (81c0) #1143 (2018-02-14 16:41:38UTC)

Yeah but what about pnig?

Anonymous (cc65) #1138 (2018-02-14 01:49:04UTC)

I don't really know what else to say. This actually really bums me out.
I guess all I can type is

Anonymous (ec1f) #1137 (2018-02-13 10:00:41UTC)

You were always a nice person. Despite my obnoxious personality and rude behavior you were never spiteful back towards me.
I hope you're in a better place now.

Siztra, your friend.

Anonymous (7e14) #1132 (2018-02-12 02:04:29UTC)

Nothing I can say will do you justice.

I'm infinitely grateful to you; without your streams I'd likely have died years ago. You were kind, and warm, and gregarious. I'm crying again. I wish I could have done more for you. I wish I could have provided whatever you were looking for. I'll miss you. I'll never forget you.

See you space cowgirl.

Anonymous (5640) #1129 (2018-02-11 15:13:16UTC)

Assuming this is real, that's a tragic loss. Ekureiru was the most dedicated DJ in r/a/dio, his Friday Night Faggotry and Tsund/a/y streams were a source of joy and musical wonders for many anons, week after week. Eku shared all the music in his heart with us, and we shared ours with him through our requests. I won't forget those glorious times we've had, Eku, but you will be missed. I wish I talked with you more often. I shed manly tears for you, no homo.

/r/ you find peace
Ec Tisia, friend

Anonymous (7641) #1128 (2018-02-11 05:27:03UTC)
This is touching.

Anonymous (7844) #1127 (2018-02-11 04:53:46UTC)


Anonymous (dc73) #1126 (2018-02-11 02:52:06UTC)


Anonymous (d465) #1125 (2018-02-11 02:48:35UTC)


Anonymous (3973) #1124 (2018-02-11 02:33:53UTC)

I was late to the party, didn't start tuning into 'til 2015, and then summer of 2017 we met through discord, and found out we lived half an hour from each other. So we did a 3 am whataburger run because why the hell not?

We hung out actively for about a month ish and almost dated, but a lot of shit happened and we fell out, it happens a lot.

I'm sorry I ignored your message to reconnect last month, I regretted that even before hearing the news.

Rest in peace.

Anonymous (8064) #1123 (2018-02-10 18:37:23UTC)


I regret that I was too afraid to try and talk to you, I'm sure you had others but it's always nice to have other gender dysphoric people to vent to. I wish that I could've helped.

Anonymous (541c) #1122 (2018-02-10 13:17:45UTC)

RIP in Peace, Eku. You were my favorite DJ.


Anonymous (cc45) #1121 (2018-02-10 10:07:03UTC)

I missed your last stream, only to later learn that i'll never hear it again.
I wish I hadn't been so busy.
I hope you enjoy where you are right now more than I enjoyed your streams.

Anonymous (edd1) #1120 (2018-02-10 08:42:37UTC)

Can you imagine being Eku?
Just WEEPING to himself at how SAD of a gaylord he is and asking his buttbuddies to "hey wouldn't it be SAD if you were to never call me back? I'd act like all CONFIDENT and shit in real life and like I'm stable lel but I just cut myself a little duduru~~
His suicidal reaction to shit is so fucking disheartening and real that I honestly don't know how my room isn't full of tears right now.

Anonymous (fc3b) #1119 (2018-02-10 05:57:37UTC)

I'm sorry Eku.

I'll never forget you, my dear friend.

Anonymous (100a) #1118 (2018-02-10 02:47:23UTC)

I never cared about genders of anonymous people so I will remember Eku as I have always been.
I will miss ya, you ding dong bugger dugger.

I hope you press F for me too if it's my time to go.

Anonymous (5413) #1117 (2018-02-10 02:45:15UTC)

RIP. Eku really improved as a DJ over the years, I appreciated his streams. In our microculture we make light of depression and suicide, but for all of the other Anons out there who feel pain every day--get help, and keep hope, even if it seems impossible. Some troubles might never leave us, but its possible to live well even with those troubles.

Anonymous (b53a) #1116 (2018-02-10 02:34:23UTC)

May your spirits guide use to the ether realm

Anonymous (f90b) #1115 (2018-02-10 02:12:59UTC)

Eku was the best one of you fags, gonna miss that weeb. My wishes go out to his waifu, may she find peace as well.

Anonymous (393b) #1114 (2018-02-10 01:36:35UTC)

Well it's actually quite sad to hear this. Even if we made fun of you at times we'll still all miss you you glorious f/a/ggot. It was always nice that he played requests and he was helpful when I needed some flac songs that were missing from my collection.

See you in Gensokyo when it's time ;-;7

Anonymous (5c4a) #1113 (2018-02-10 01:20:38UTC)

RIP. Your streams helped me out a lot in some tough times. I hope you are in a better place.

Anonymous (b5ad) #1112 (2018-02-10 01:11:51UTC)

may your soul finally find peace

Anonymous (db7b) #1111 (2018-02-10 00:35:56UTC)

RIP my fellow Erikafag. I won't forget you.

Anonymous (27ce) #1110 (2018-02-10 00:17:03UTC)

RIP eku

Anonymous (7641) #1109 (2018-02-10 00:15:00UTC)

Anonymous (dc77) #1108 (2018-02-09 23:59:08UTC)

RIP eku

Anonymous (685a) #1107 (2018-02-09 23:02:02UTC)


Anonymous (7641) #1106 (2018-02-09 20:34:58UTC)

I remember being good friends with Eku back in the day when r/a/dio was a regular thing on /a/. I went to Eden Radio and we made plans to collab on streams, even host No Pan Nights of our own. He taught me all I knew about being a DJ and i'm taking this news harder than I thought I would. He was a good friend and didn't deserve this. I hope you're in a better place and i'll be seeing you soon, you glorious faggot. Say hi to Haruhi for me. RIP brother.

  • Jebus

Anonymous (9a55) #1105 (2018-02-09 17:46:39UTC)

Fake and gay

Anonymous (c6a4) #1103 (2018-02-08 15:50:47UTC)

I think this would be a good opportunity for definite r/a/dio closure, things aren't the same anymore and parting ways here may make it easier than everyone slowly fading away.

Anonymous (b79f) #1102 (2018-02-08 05:31:29UTC)

Why can't it be Bacon instead?

Anonymous (50a5) #1101 (2018-02-08 00:01:01UTC)

RIP Eclair

Don't blame yourself or anything Keth

Anonymous (1e52) #1100 (2018-02-07 23:32:15UTC)

Fucking Jews...

Anonymous (16c0) #1099 (2018-02-07 23:17:18UTC)

fuck, it's raining...

Anonymous (9a4a) #1098 (2018-02-07 20:23:36UTC)


Anonymous (a9ef) #1097 (2018-02-07 04:32:33UTC)

I used to shit on her in the megu threads, but eventually stopped. I thought I made up but when I heard the news I went back through my old messages, and she never clued in to what I was trying to say. I feel like all those times we talked were based on false premises. I just wish I could say sorry explicitly, and show her how much people actually care.

I'm sorry eku. I'm going to carry this guilt for the rest of my life so I don't treat others how I treated you those times.

Anonymous (dfd1) #1096 (2018-02-07 02:39:03UTC)

I dated Eku for about a month last year. She was incredibly sweet and loved what she did with you all. I like to think that it was distracting for her, in a good way. My fondest memory of her is still when I was having a terrible morning, and didn't want to do anything but cry. She told me to tune in, and for an hour straight, she played nothing but calming music, the kind that she knew would help me. She loved all those close to her and tried her best. Thank you guys for giving her a place. F.

Anonymous (7e1a) #1095 (2018-02-07 01:51:55UTC)

I loved Eku's Friday nights, I listened to them numerous times some years ago. He would make my long Fridays at work bearable, including the long rides driving home late at night. I wish he knew how many lives he touched just by playing awesome music and keeping people entertained and pissass drunk whenever they were lonely on those nights.

Rest in peace, friend.

Anonymous (3529) #1094 (2018-02-07 01:41:52UTC)

To you, his friends and family he may of cared about; condolences man. I hope he finds peace in the next life that he couldn't find here.

Anonymous (fea2) #1093 (2018-02-07 01:04:18UTC)

RIP. It sucks not knowing you're around anymore. You played great tunes, and overall a nice person to talk with. I wish I could have had the chance to thank you one more time before you left us.

Goodbye. ;_;7

Anonymous (9817) #1092 (2018-02-06 20:49:08UTC)

Holy fucking shit this is sad as fuck. Me and my friends used to smoke weed and listen to Eku's streams in uni a few years back... Those were some of the best Friday nights I've had... RIP man.

Anonymous (d441) #1091 (2018-02-06 18:38:43UTC)

I keep checking back to see if maybe this was all a joke. I'd be so happy if it was just a sick prank.

Anonymous (d15e) #1088 (2018-02-06 06:17:06UTC)

Fucking tragic. This actually upsets me.

Anonymous (5fbb) #1087 (2018-02-06 05:09:04UTC)

I didn't know him well like some others did but he was the main reason I started coming here long ago.

Anonymous (fbc3) #1086 (2018-02-06 04:01:17UTC)


Anonymous (cd98) #1085 (2018-02-06 03:36:46UTC)


Anonymous (8087) #1084 (2018-02-05 22:18:05UTC)


Anonymous (22f6) #1083 (2018-02-05 22:09:22UTC)

I loved Eku's streams so much ;_;

Anonymous (9231) #1082 (2018-02-05 20:41:16UTC)

dang, I don't have words for this. I'll miss his streams.


Anonymous (a676) #1081 (2018-02-05 17:49:40UTC)

I've listened to you for years Eku. I'm sorry to see you go. I hope you've found the peace that you were so desperate for. Hopefully /a/nons will remember you fondly; I certainly do.

This is why I always post something positive when people mention if they are contemplating an action such as this. We are a community; we're here forever. Let's keep it that way.

Anonymous (5c92) #1080 (2018-02-05 17:22:22UTC)

Sayonara, you glorious f/a/ggot.

Anonymous (fd30) #1079 (2018-02-05 15:44:27UTC)

Looks like he beat us to anime land.
Later dude.

Anonymous (b65c) #1078 (2018-02-05 15:41:28UTC)


Anonymous (e22e) #1077 (2018-02-05 15:35:19UTC)


Anonymous (99bb) #1076 (2018-02-05 15:29:37UTC)


Anonymous (8222) #1074 (2018-02-05 15:26:27UTC)


Anonymous (f403) #1073 (2018-02-05 11:35:51UTC)

Goddamn this feels bad. My condolences to all of those who were more acquainted with Eku than I was.

Anonymous (c603) #1072 (2018-02-05 06:55:41UTC)

What the fuck.

This can't be real.

Anonymous (f687) #1071 (2018-02-05 05:49:50UTC)

This is so sad. Eku's streams are what got me to listening to r/a/dio back in the day. I used to hang out every Friday and holiday to get wasted with everyone while he streams. Then we started talking on Skype and played LoL together. We even watched movies and anime together.

I haven't talked to him in a couple years because life has been busy, but the last few times I reached out, he didn't respond.

RIP Eku. You'll be missed.

Anonymous (75b5) #1070 (2018-02-05 05:01:28UTC)

F ekutan, thank you

Anonymous (7844) #1069 (2018-02-05 04:57:47UTC)

I still remember your first night, Eku. Kuma-kun heading to bed, a few /a/nons ready to keep going, not sure what to expect from the new guy. And you shredded it, man: good picks, fun transitions, groovy blocks. I'll never forget your voice calling me or anyone else out over the stream. You were a good DJ, you were a good friend, and you were a good person Eku.

I hope there's a better place and you made it there. Big F ;_;7

Anonymous (6c66) #1067 (2018-02-05 04:32:21UTC)

Rip Eclair tan. I'll see you in Gensokyo one day.

Anonymous (ad32) #1066 (2018-02-05 04:20:31UTC)

man i miss kuma

Anonymous (fc60) #1065 (2018-02-05 03:43:04UTC)


Anonymous (02d6) #1064 (2018-02-05 02:54:22UTC)

Eku, thank you for spending so much time with us. I’ll miss you.

Anonymous (c6f0) #1063 (2018-02-05 02:35:28UTC)

eku will be missed, rip

Anonymous (2faf) #1062 (2018-02-05 02:09:19UTC)

Damn that sucks. Even though he was often a shit DJ, he at least streamed every week and eventually would get to requests. Rest in peace.

Anonymous (3a30) #1061 (2018-02-05 01:58:29UTC)

Eku's Friday streams were the one thing I looked forward to during some of the lowest times of my life.
I hope you're in a better place.

Anonymous (dcc9) #1060 (2018-02-05 01:16:09UTC)

I really hope this isn't real. I can't count the number of days Eku's streams made so much better or bearable at all. Gender Dysphoria is a cruel and misunderstood condition. I hope you are in better place now.

Anonymous (1236) #1059 (2018-02-05 01:00:41UTC)


Anonymous (f7a8) #1058 (2018-02-05 00:30:01UTC)

How easy it is to repel and to wipe away every impression which is troublesome or unsuitable, and immediately to be in all tranquility.

Anonymous (c21e) #1057 (2018-02-05 00:14:26UTC)


Anonymous (56a7) #1056 (2018-02-04 23:55:47UTC)

Eku was a good friend of mine. I'm absolutely shocked, and was completely unaware of the situation... My condolences.

Anonymous (bef6) #1055 (2018-02-04 23:19:22UTC)

o7 |=

Rest in peace

Anonymous (24bd) #1054 (2018-02-04 23:16:51UTC)

Later soldier.

Anonymous (fe29) #1053 (2018-02-04 22:03:48UTC)


Anonymous (a996) #1052 (2018-02-04 21:56:26UTC)

hitori janai

Anonymous (659f) #1051 (2018-02-04 21:55:05UTC)

Holy shit, rest in peace you glorious motherfucker. Loved tuning into your streams, god damn.

See you, space cowboy. ;_;7

Anonymous (4e67) #1050 (2018-02-04 21:28:03UTC)

Is this for real?

Anonymous (1e2e) #1049 (2018-02-04 21:22:42UTC)


Anonymous (a7a8) #1047 (2018-02-04 20:11:29UTC)

That's a shame. I was just idly wondering what he was up to during f/a/ggotry the other day, too.

Anonymous (cb9b) #1046 (2018-02-04 18:50:21UTC)


His late night unannounced streams back in the day really were great.

Anonymous (516d) #1045 (2018-02-04 18:38:53UTC)


Anonymous (cbe1) #1044 (2018-02-04 18:16:42UTC)


Anonymous (41a8) #1043 (2018-02-04 18:11:34UTC)

Kill all the gays and the faggots.

Anonymous (a236) #1042 (2018-02-04 18:07:11UTC)

>tranny killing himelf


Anonymous (dc85) #1041 (2018-02-04 18:06:17UTC)

Is 2018 shaping up to be the worst year this decade?

Anonymous (1805) #1040 (2018-02-04 17:53:16UTC)

Fuck you Eku, you're supposed to be here forever.
You're not allowed to leave.

Anonymous (6167) #1039 (2018-02-04 17:30:31UTC)


Anonymous (1e5f) #1038 (2018-02-04 16:06:24UTC)

When's Claud?

Anonymous (ae59) #1037 (2018-02-04 16:01:31UTC)

A very sad news indeed

My past is slipping away fast

Anonymous (68f5) #1036 (2018-02-04 15:55:01UTC)

In the off chance you are reading these comments for whatever reason Eku, I hope you are in a better place. I wish I knew just how bad things were getting for you, and I am truly sorry I treated you the way I did at certain points. I think we all are here. May you find peace.

Anonymous (d1aa) #1035 (2018-02-04 15:13:25UTC)

rest in peace eku, hope you can find better joy whenever you went

Anonymous (5640) #1034 (2018-02-04 14:25:08UTC)

What the fuck, this better not be true.

Anonymous (421c) #1033 (2018-02-04 13:13:19UTC)


Anonymous (6415) #1032 (2018-02-04 12:23:50UTC)


Anonymous (544e) #1031 (2018-02-04 12:11:03UTC)

Rest in Piece Eku

Anonymous (a509) #1029 (2018-02-04 11:58:53UTC)

I didn't know Eku but I want to say sorry and thank you. Condolences to all affected.

Anonymous (d49b) #1028 (2018-02-04 11:46:30UTC)

wtf im crying...

Anonymous (1827) #1027 (2018-02-04 11:42:13UTC)


Anonymous (3ca4) #1026 (2018-02-04 11:27:53UTC)


Anonymous (ab50) #1025 (2018-02-04 10:19:13UTC)


Anonymous (dc59) #1024 (2018-02-04 10:07:04UTC)

Goodbye my friend.

Anonymous (2212) #1023 (2018-02-04 09:50:22UTC)

Ay, not sure who this cunt was but anyway RIP. Being a tranny would have been shit. At least your at peace now, friend. Sounds like your /a/ buddy's think you were a sick cunt DJ with your gay anime tunes. Good luck to you in the afterlife. Remember to take your chromosomes with you when your spirit departs earth for Gensokyo.

Anonymous (c1ff) #1022 (2018-02-04 09:49:27UTC)

:( This is heartbreaking. Eku's streams were what kept ME from offing myself a while back. I wish I could have done something.

Anonymous (b073) #1021 (2018-02-04 09:20:47UTC)


Anonymous (f381) #1020 (2018-02-04 09:18:27UTC)

I hope you find whatever it was that was missing.

Anonymous (0c8d) #1019 (2018-02-04 09:10:08UTC)

A fate almost as bad as Kuma's.

Sayonara, samurai.

Shavadava ## Mod #1018 (2018-02-04 08:45:56UTC)


The first DJ I really knew. Thanks for the fun times and getting me into this whole thing.

Anonymous (01f0) #1017 (2018-02-04 08:43:07UTC)

I will remember him for always playing Ganbara every week


Anonymous (c975) #1016 (2018-02-04 08:22:15UTC)

I'm not sure if Eku would like so much personal information out there like this.

Its appreciated nonetheless.

Thank you for so many wonderful years Eku.
You will always be the best.

Anonymous (c2e7) #1015 (2018-02-04 08:19:32UTC)


Anonymous (53f4) #1014 (2018-02-04 08:07:49UTC)


Anonymous (f1a3) #1013 (2018-02-04 08:06:22UTC)

rip to the only good dj

Anonymous (49e7) #1012 (2018-02-04 08:05:28UTC)


Anonymous (ed62) #1011 (2018-02-04 08:02:04UTC)


kipukun ## Mod #1010 (2018-02-04 07:56:31UTC)

it was brief, eku. RIP

Anonymous (ecf9) #1009 (2018-02-04 07:53:08UTC)

God damm it eku. I liked you, I was hoping you left us to live a good life. This is truly the worst RIP thanks for all the memories

Anonymous (10b4) #1008 (2018-02-04 07:52:47UTC)

I will never forget those Friday nights on /a/, when everything was fine and dandy and Eku played requests.

See you, space cowboy.

Anonymous (7b1b) #1007 (2018-02-04 07:51:48UTC)


Anonymous (3e8b) #1006 (2018-02-04 07:51:36UTC)


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