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  • VERY IMPORTANT: Search first to make sure that the song isn't already in the database!
  • Low quality uploads are likely to be declined if it's obvious better quality versions are available
  • Anything below 192kbps is rejected. Do not upload YouTube rips.
  • Please include as much information as possible in the comment field, especially source (name of the anime, VN, game). If there is no source work, please mention this.
  • Why did my submission get declined?


  • Artist and title are required; at least put them in the comment, if not in the artist and title tags.
  • Avoid Japanese characters unless it's absolutely necessary. Uploads with too much kana/kanji may be declined.
  • Do not include character names or "CV" notation; vocalists only.
  • If you can remember, please include where you downloaded the file from

Upload a song to the R/a/dio database. We accept both MP3 (30MB max) and FLAC (90MB max).

Add the source, artist and title if tags are missing, etc.

Sometimes, songs in the database aren't up to snuff. If you have a good copy of a track listed here, select the track in the list and upload it!

Enter the daypass and you can have unlimited uploads until midnight, UTC. Ask staff in IRC for it. USE WITH DISCRETION.

There are currently 53 pending tracks awaiting approval.


A total of 0 submissions from your IP have been accepted!

Kurosawa Tomoyo - Maybe In The Next Life

DIALOGUE+ - Omoide Shiritori

SAYA - Frozen Hope

KOCHO - Meikyoushisui

ROUND TABLE feat. Licca w/ acane_madder - Ryuusei RODEO GIRLS

SEIKA - Toki no Kioku

Yamamoto Chinatsu - Cloe

Tsunomaki Watame, Shishiro Botan - Shishi Wata Cooking

M·A·O - Rainbow Riders (Battle Arrange Ver.)

M·A·O - Rainbow Riders

Kakuma Ai - We Are The Lights

Doul, Raito - The Golden Path

Kakuma Ai - case i


Aoki Shiki - Stealth Dance

Sekihan - Bon Fever

Tanimoto Takayoshi - Force Your Way

Hitomi Miyahara - Dawn Song

Rio Okada - Shin'en no Decadence

Hannah Grace - Parhelion


A total of 0 submissions from your IP have been declined!

CrusherP feat. V3 GUMI (English) - Bunny Aliiance
see last

CrusherP feat. 初音ミク V4 (English) - The Forest
not 320kbps

SOPHIA/Pizuya's Cell - Dizziness
sounds crispy

not 320kbps

kukui - Utsutsu no Yume
i'm sure there's a better quality version somewhere

Odyssey - Time Will Tell
either this is horribly mastered or there's something else that's wrong with this, either way, no

yu-yu - Kami to Hito to
poor quality

Sakura Miko - My name is elite☆
i must've accidentally accepted this earlier. this is trash

デッドボールP feat. Hatsune Miku - Nugeba ii-tte mon janai! [].mp3
no tags

bad quality

turdl3 - Lunatic Peels ~ Invisible Full Net

Pumpurrnickel - Natsu no Arashi! ED 1 Full (Kirari Futari)

Fonzerelli - Moonlight Party
if this is from some anime, then mention it in the comment

siinamota - Human
Transcoding something to 48khz 24-bit FLAC does not magically make it lossless

Ryu10nyan - 【jubeat knit APPEND】 DJ YOSHITAKA - FLOWER
Where in the fuck did you find this. This is not FLAC, Ryu10Nyan is not the artist, what are these tags. I know this son

harmonicblend - nightmareish
i doubt this is the quality it claims to be

Odyssey - Purest
dupe (11495). please check for fucks sake, i'm pretty sure the other fuckup was also you

orangenoise shortcut - FRISBEE
see below

orangenoise shortcut - 桜リタルダンド (feat. 櫛引彩香)
does not meet quality standards

T.Stebbins - Leave Me In The Dark
you sure the tags are right? already in db with the same tags but clearly a different song