Tue, 01 Jan 19 15:08:46 UTC

Happy new years! I hope you're having it with less of a hangover than I am.

As is tradition, I'm going to list some new years statistics

I couldn't count the amount of posts but with 10 threads with most going near or over 2000 posts, you can do the math
The most listeners (1255) we had was during EST midnight when Flow - Colors was playing
I forgot if there's any other important statistics.

Overall it was a pretty successful new years despite the DDOS, which I think most people didn't notice too much thanks to Vin and Wessie handling any problems that arose. Also thanks to Kethsar for handling the festivities planning this year. And also thanks to the new new years DJs, I enjoyed listening in and I especially enjoyed not having to do it myself this year, I'm not cut out for that stuff.

Anyway, here's hoping 2019 will be good for both (You) and me!


Anonymous (40d6) #1407 (2019-02-05 19:23:48UTC)

Hey, I just wanted to say that I really love the station. Thanks to the server host, and the many DJ's who provide such a great experience. Keep up the amazing work guys and gals!

Anonymous (6255) #1401 (2019-01-28 06:07:25UTC)

I enjoyed the new year stream. As usual, thanks for all the fun.

Kethsar ## Admin #1400 (2019-01-18 21:48:48UTC)

Most of those are old entries in the database, we generally don't accept new songs like that. We decided not to retroactively remove stuff that is less acceptable these days because that's just dumb. It's overall very few songs, and I doubt removing them would see such a large listener increase. I'm sure they annoy many, but few likely get tilted like you, certainly not most.

You probably copied the number sign when you decided to for whatever reason copy/paste the post number

Anonymous (6c4b) #1399 (2019-01-18 10:06:24UTC)

a PS for the last comment: dunno why its in so gigantic format. wasnt intended :/

Anonymous (6c4b) #1398 (2019-01-18 09:26:31UTC)

1395 For me? Everything which is considered "accepted" because funny or lewd instead of original or worth to listen, like the "stream is down" or infinite mixes composed almost only with anime phrases.

Its fun? Maybe. It pisses me off? Absolutely

Anonymous (2506) #1396 (2019-01-11 18:44:44UTC)

Thanks for the stream guys, depression block just murdered me this time. ;_;

Vin ## Admin #1395 (2019-01-10 18:55:13UTC)

Which songs are those?

Anonymous (6c4b) #1394 (2019-01-10 17:43:14UTC)

for a great radio which is oftenly invaded by troll songs, these numbers are good. Remove troll songs and you will lose 50% of current listeners in exchange for a 1000% increase

Anonymous (6b55) #1393 (2019-01-08 22:25:42UTC)

A huge thank you to all of the staff and DJs for all the work and effort you put into this place over the past year! Listening to r/a/dio every night is literally the only thing that keeps me sane at my shitty job. Looking forward to a great 2019 with you all.

Anonymous (1362) #1392 (2019-01-08 20:17:18UTC)

I really enjoyed the xmas and new years streams and threads , thx guys and girls.

exci ## Mod #1390 (2019-01-06 10:36:29UTC)

There's a schedule in the top bar that shows when anyone (might) be on, and if there's a thread up somewhere, a link to it will replace the queue in the front page. And as always, thanks to you for listening in.

Anonymous (c04c) #1389 (2019-01-05 07:54:37UTC)

I'm gay btw.

Anonymous (f87a) #1388 (2019-01-05 07:47:48UTC)

I had so much fun the other Evening! Wish we could do that at least once a Week...!!! So how do things work here throughout the regular days and stuff? Is there a thread up anywhere where you guys are chatting? I heard a lot of you use IRC, but I haven't used that in a loooooong time...If anyone can give me any more details, please feel free to do so. Once again, thanks so much for livening up my otherwise gloomy New Years Eve!

Anonymous (46a2) #1387 (2019-01-04 00:35:51UTC)

That was a night I would remember for the whole next year! You rock like no one.
Thank you for everything you do for R/a/dio , keep on being awesome , and best wishes for 2019! Love you all!

Anonymous (c805) #1386 (2019-01-03 16:52:23UTC)

love u guys <3 new years was the absolute best, and listening 2 the r/a/dio made it even better.

Anonymous (c23d) #1385 (2019-01-03 13:29:33UTC)

Awesome job guys. Thanks for brightening New Years eve for us.
Best wishes for this 2019.

Anonymous (448d) #1384 (2019-01-03 09:05:58UTC)

Thanks for all the music in 2018! Great job DJs, thanks for all you do and will do in 2019.

Anonymous (da24) #1383 (2019-01-02 06:59:03UTC)

It's on Nyaa.

Anonymous (225b) #1382 (2019-01-02 03:28:23UTC)

It was Bacon being Bacon. Also, he finally played my Qunka /r/

kipukun ## Mod #1381 (2019-01-02 01:13:26UTC)

thanks for having me :--D

Anonymous (c2a7) #1380 (2019-01-01 21:49:57UTC)

Anybody happen to have a recording? I accidentally slept through bacon.

Anonymous (6b92) #1379 (2019-01-01 21:24:30UTC)

autist running New Years stream when?

Anonymous (fe10) #1378 (2019-01-01 20:20:29UTC)

exci for 2019 new years~!

Anonymous (1196) #1377 (2019-01-01 20:13:43UTC)

Really fun night.

Chrono ## Mod #1376 (2019-01-01 16:05:37UTC)


Anonymous (285f) #1375 (2019-01-01 15:18:16UTC)

Thanks for all the hard work you guys put into making this happen! Had a lot of fun listening to all the DJs.

Anonymous (9dda) #1374 (2019-01-01 15:10:17UTC)

Doesn't matter, GMT is still the best timezone.

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