Sat, 20 Apr 19 22:20:35 UTC

Time for another edition of the monthly livemix anison event that takes place right here on r/a/dio! This is a mogra style event in which a number of DJs will break out the alcohol, grab their decks, and livemix your favorite anison in the hopes of getting that perfect transition. No playlists here. This month's edition will be on April 26th, this friday, and will start at 9PM EST when Chrono comes on after ed. Waffuru will come on after Chrono around 11PM EST and show everyone else up, while at 1AM EST, Master_Bacon will make his appearance to crash the stream with no survivors. Guest DJs to close out the night. So grab your alcohol, mark your calendars, and get ready for a fun filled night of kanpais, anison, and general degeneracy.

Stream start:

  • 21:00 EST
  • 18:00 PST
  • 01:00 GMT
  • 10:00 JST (4/27)


Chrono ## Mod #1439 (2019-04-30 22:57:14UTC)

To anyone who checks these comments, you can find the somewhat edited livestream of ANISON HIJACK #2 right here:

It's about 8 hours and is mostly cut down to just the music, no intermissions.

Chrono ## Mod #1438 (2019-04-27 21:47:51UTC)

Thanks to everyone who listened and participated last night. It was fucking amazing, be on the look out for #3 coming in May.

Anonymous (ce1e) #1436 (2019-04-27 01:03:49UTC)

I can't believe Chrono was late to her own event.

Anonymous (b797) #1435 (2019-04-26 18:58:47UTC)

sobriety on Friday night? You people make me sick.

Anonymous (cc48) #1434 (2019-04-26 18:45:26UTC)


Anonymous (fde4) #1433 (2019-04-26 18:44:18UTC)

At the very least until 3AM, it seems.
I don't think Bacon signed up for anything less than two hours.

Anonymous (50b9) #1432 (2019-04-26 09:53:23UTC)

How late will it be running? Don't want to miss it but can't be home at my regular time

Anonymous (9c95) #1431 (2019-04-26 00:46:40UTC)


Anonymous (7fd0) #1430 (2019-04-23 23:56:50UTC)

I, for one, advocate for the quick disposal of "sobriety clique" evangelists.

Kethsar ## Admin #1429 (2019-04-22 03:11:19UTC)

Depends on what you mean. Chrono brought that up before, and if we are talking meet-up kind of physical space the decision was a resounding No.

If you mean some kind of webcam-usage stream where DJs stream what they are doing with their decks as well, I imagine some of them might be up for that, though there have been no talks about it that I remember seeing.

Chrono ## Mod #1428 (2019-04-21 23:03:47UTC)

That's something that would be cool to do in the future but for the time being we're just trying to make the monthly event on here as hype as possible.

Anonymous (5d4d) #1427 (2019-04-21 22:59:10UTC)

pre-$YOUR-LOCAL-REGS, could we get some live event action going in a physical(+twitch) space as well? I know Waffuru appears at events already.

Anonymous (3ca4) #1426 (2019-04-21 09:15:03UTC)


Kethsar ## Admin #1425 (2019-04-21 08:37:20UTC)

Dumb guest

guest ## Mod #1424 (2019-04-21 03:53:54UTC)


Anonymous (cbc5) #1423 (2019-04-21 01:29:30UTC)


Anonymous (3ca4) #1422 (2019-04-21 01:06:22UTC)

Jon sobriety clique instead.

Anonymous (ce1e) #1421 (2019-04-20 22:53:43UTC)

did your brain get damaged when you fell from heaven?

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