Mon, 03 Feb 20 00:39:05 UTC

The time is upon us once again. Our resident goose DJ will be doing his traditional Valentine's Day stream. Be sure to suppress the urge to sudoku until the stream starts, and then post in whatever thread is up so Claud can add you to his kill count. Your waifu will understand why you made her wait a bit longer, don't worry. If you aren't suicidal, then join us and maybe we can fix that.

Stream Start:

  • 22:00 GMT
  • 07:00 JST (02/15)
  • 17:00 EST
  • 14:00 PST


Anonymous (6500) #1550 (2020-02-14 18:09:59UTC)

anyone gonna be on for pre show? i dont know if i can make it until 17:00 EST before ending it all.

Anonymous (01c4) #1549 (2020-02-14 15:38:43UTC)

Look at this young'un. Only 24.

Anonymous (e0ce) #1548 (2020-02-14 12:53:54UTC)

Maybe listening to anime music streams is related to me being a 24 year old virgin

Anonymous (6c11) #1547 (2020-02-14 04:31:20UTC)

When will Kuma come back?

Anonymous (aa49) #1546 (2020-02-12 06:21:36UTC)

aaaaa i don't wanna suicide, i want to be a cute girl and satisfied with what i have, not some abominable human bean with no social relations nor raisons d'ĂȘtre like this

Anonymous (ef7e) #1545 (2020-02-07 09:29:48UTC)

acugem doko aaaaaaaaaaa

Anonymous (9064) #1544 (2020-02-04 17:35:34UTC)

I don't want to marry and reproduce, Abe-san.

Anonymous (fe9e) #1543 (2020-02-04 14:32:08UTC)

My penis is 5 inches erect and I want to die

Anonymous (b7e7) #1542 (2020-02-03 14:15:37UTC)


Anonymous (7edc) #1541 (2020-02-03 03:31:50UTC)

r/a/dio, I've not only gotten married, but I've also propagated my degenerate genes into the horrific future in the form of a tiny demon version of myself.

I just want you all to keep that in mind while you contemplate where you went wrong in your lives as you listen to the musical musings of an internet goose on a chinese cartoon theme song fansite... even if it's the best damn chinese cartoon theme song pirate stream on the entire internet.

exci ## Mod #1540 (2020-02-03 01:35:34UTC)


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