Mon, 25 Sep 23 01:06:23 UTC

Hello! Due to changes in my personal schedule over the years, Doogle Sundays may need to be on a different day of the week. I'm interested in hearing if there's one day of the week in particular that would be good to stream instead. It would be a Monday-Thursday night. Any ideas?


Anonymous (c3c4) #4263 (2024-05-27 01:04:53UTC)

Still waiting for Doogle to come back

Anonymous (9c52) #4019 (2024-03-08 02:51:19UTC)


Anonymous (d26d) #3671 (2023-12-29 12:31:21UTC)

I think Mondays are okay.
That way we can still make Mondays bearable...

Anonymous (55ec) #3506 (2023-12-07 15:42:49UTC)


Anonymous (4bd1) #3501 (2023-12-06 01:16:20UTC)

i want to seggs hebe symphogeahs

Anonymous (668e) #3463 (2023-11-22 00:51:02UTC)

lol @ 650c, you fucking weirdo

Wednesday would be cool but if not wednesday then monday?

Anonymous (23ae) #3458 (2023-11-21 09:04:24UTC)


Anonymous (ef8a) #3449 (2023-11-19 17:20:47UTC)

how abt monday ?

Anonymous (8569) #3385 (2023-11-11 04:19:50UTC)

be sure to keep the name "doogle sundays' even if it's on a different day

Anonymous (9bf5) #3379 (2023-11-10 03:17:23UTC)

ANYWHEREZ! It'll be coo regardless!

Anonymous (650c) #3338 (2023-11-01 17:07:48UTC)

You don't belong on shamiko, stay out you disgusting normalfag subhuman.

Anonymous (4178) #3333 (2023-10-31 21:23:05UTC)

Thursday doog kun

Anonymous (19cc) #3328 (2023-10-31 13:19:10UTC)

doog don’t listen to the hating fags, i love ur stream and it helps me live through the week
agreed with Wednesday/Thursday as a motivation boost
thanks for the streams as always :)

Anonymous (3a34) #3270 (2023-10-28 00:34:07UTC)

if you are reading this then preheat oven to 160c butter and line a baking tin mix oats seeds and nuts then put in the oven for 5-10 minutes and meanwhile warm butter honey and sugar in a pan stirring until the butter is melted and then add the oat mix along with cinnamon and dried fruit mixing until all the oats are well coated then tip into the tin pressing down lightly and bake for 30 minutes then cut into 12 bars after cooling in the tin

Anonymous (650c) #3263 (2023-10-27 17:42:58UTC)

/r/ you quit r/a/dio you disgusting creature.

Anonymous (42d2) #3165 (2023-10-20 00:32:40UTC)

/r/ Thursday as this thread still hasn't been closed and locked

Anonymous (249e) #3144 (2023-10-12 08:03:14UTC)

Any day is fine! Looking forward to hearing the doog stream again.

Anonymous (6efb) #3142 (2023-10-11 18:08:09UTC)

how about ojisan's everydays instead
t. not ojisan btw

Anonymous (8f8c) #3127 (2023-10-09 02:51:27UTC)

why does this guy have a hate club T_T

Anonymous (dffb) #3118 (2023-10-07 22:42:01UTC)


Anonymous (0d89) #3116 (2023-10-07 17:48:05UTC)


Anonymous (47ab) #3114 (2023-10-07 10:47:12UTC)

be nice

Anonymous (650c) #3111 (2023-10-06 18:21:11UTC)

I would rather you not stream at all. Fuck off faggot.

Anonymous (2513) #3097 (2023-10-05 06:31:34UTC)

koko doko

Anonymous (937a) #3095 (2023-10-05 06:13:25UTC)

how about you don't stream at all

Anonymous (1415) #3078 (2023-10-03 00:36:48UTC)

I vote Monday. Need something to look forward to by the end of the day.

Anonymous (7304) #3075 (2023-10-02 17:33:35UTC)

I'm deeply suspicious of the number of Wednesday votes, and therefore will vote Wednesday.

Anonymous (0895) #3071 (2023-10-02 05:43:30UTC)

Wednesday would be cool

Anonymous (668e) #3069 (2023-10-02 04:29:55UTC)

any day

Anonymous (319c) #3067 (2023-10-01 23:54:15UTC)


Anonymous (c593) #3057 (2023-10-01 03:11:43UTC)

Wednesday and Sunday are my coffee drinking days so it will have to be Wednesday.

Anonymous (5412) #3056 (2023-10-01 03:11:06UTC)


Anonymous (71de) #3044 (2023-09-29 18:59:31UTC)

Monday or Wednesday are my votes.

Anonymous (6103) #3038 (2023-09-29 06:44:14UTC)

I was wondering what happened. Thursday to give me my gym boost.

Anonymous (6d0c) #3031 (2023-09-28 19:29:44UTC)

for me, its wednesday.

Anonymous (4c87) #3023 (2023-09-28 00:09:31UTC)

The end of an era. r/a/dio is truly dead. For real this time.

Anonymous (1437) #3017 (2023-09-27 09:47:34UTC)

I suggest Wednesday if for no other reason because you can get a hell of a lot of mileage out of a 'hump day' theme.

Anonymous (b417) #3013 (2023-09-26 19:21:23UTC)

can we get doogle sunday mondays

Anonymous (aa42) #3007 (2023-09-25 17:32:53UTC)

Wensday or Thursday as a sort of “it’s almost Friday your almost there” boost

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