Fri, 01 Jan 21 13:45:43 UTC

Thanks everyone for listening in for the christmas and/or new years streams (if you did). I hope you had at least some fun with us. For this new years we capped at 1555 listeners during EST new years, slightly more than in 2019, 2018 or 2015 (which was also the previous record at 1377). I would also like to take a moment to thank janny for his work early on before he fell asleep.

What's in store for r/a/dio in 2021? Will we get better devs who will finally finish r/a/dio v3? Probably not, but we'll keep going anyway, not dead, just reclining. Next up is valentines at some point early in the year, or maybe you can join in on a friday for some friday night faggotry (>imagine listening to r/a/dio outside december).

And yeah my request wasn't played either, suck it up big boy


Anonymous (628d) #1788 (2021-01-13 12:55:37UTC)

Gatta Gatta Choo Choo
I had a great time, maybe in a couple years I'll ask to mix for one of these events.

Anonymous (fef1) #1787 (2021-01-12 12:23:04UTC)

I'll never forget that devil trigger blue balling experience, thanks.

Anonymous (4213) #1786 (2021-01-09 06:27:34UTC)

happy new years!
lets make this year a great one! I eagerly await what our several new DJs have to offer us in the future!

Anonymous (6c11) #1785 (2021-01-08 04:09:15UTC)

gj gents, get some of the new gucafest djs into the lineup here!

Anonymous (b66f) #1784 (2021-01-05 02:59:56UTC)

R/a/dio was tanoshii this new year. Thanks!

Anonymous (57aa) #1783 (2021-01-04 13:39:13UTC)

It's because December nights are the darkest that r/a/dio shines the brightest. Thanks for the fun! I stay tuned all the year but Holid/a/ys always feel special here. Thanks you for organizing that.

Anonymous (a98b) #1781 (2021-01-02 02:52:24UTC)

suzu love.
thanks yall for the vibes, my usually depressing holiday season was massively better thanks to you guys and the gucae

Anonymous (d86a) #1780 (2021-01-02 01:28:45UTC)

Thanks for the tunes, happy new years

Anonymous (9b37) #1779 (2021-01-01 21:22:20UTC)

Valkyrie is getting released this year?!

kipukun ## Mod #1778 (2021-01-01 20:10:14UTC)

thank you for listening cumlords

Anonymous (9778) #1777 (2021-01-01 19:52:03UTC)

A massive thanks to Keth and the DJs for putting this together!! 2020 may have sucked because of corona-chan, but being able to end the year with a bang together with everyone made it just a little bit better.

Anonymous (b336) #1776 (2021-01-01 19:22:23UTC)

love you faggots

Anonymous (61f5) #1775 (2021-01-01 18:53:34UTC)

10/10 would get drunk while listening to your stream again

Anonymous (1681) #1774 (2021-01-01 17:54:39UTC)


Anonymous (ac09) #1773 (2021-01-01 15:35:34UTC)


Vin ## Admin #1772 (2021-01-01 15:25:31UTC)

I'd like to thank Kethsar for organizing the whole thing, and also doing lots of other stuff too. If it weren't for him, we wouldn't have new DJs and things would be a lot quieter around here.

Thanks Keth!

Anonymous (dcf9) #1771 (2021-01-01 15:11:16UTC)

Chuu~ <3

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