Tue, 07 Dec 21 23:35:36 UTC

Lol news posts.

We're back again with the only R/a/dio streams anyone cares about. Let's celebrate another year of Corona-chan and shitty anime. The schedule is relatively packed this time compared to last year. Tentative schedule below, last updated 12/07

This year we will be having apt-get starting for us around 13:00 EST (main schedule below is in your time zone if you have JS enabled). Around 16:00, Yorozuya will take over to livemix your requests, whether you want him to or not. Bakkun will be your relief from that hell, with his own fresh hell of DJing, starting 19:00. Then McDongle comes around with his classic slot of 23:00 - 03:00, because who watches autism stream? Filler DJs Keth, Shava, exci, and ryuu will keep you covered for the rest of the night, going until noon. At which point a new DJ, Ojii-san, will take over. Remember to bully him hard. Finally, our usual bartending goose Claud takes over at 17:00, after which is just another set of filler by whoever is awake.

We have a relatively full Christmas Eve for once this year

New Years Eve
Starting us off this year is eggsi, doing his own thing starting 10:00 until Pachy arrives to take over. When this happens, nobody knows, but ryuu will take the reigns starting the real New Years Eve train at 15:30. From there each DJ will have one to two hours slots to reign in the New Year for each timezone through PST. These DJs will be apt-get, Claud, Yorozuya, RipVanWenkle, Suzu, Kipukun, Bakkun, and either Keth or Shava.

Turns out Bakkun is a wagecuck and won't be doing PST New Years this year, instead tormenting CST.

As always, a thread will not be created for NYE until Mogra's NYE party is officially done, not including over time. As always, that is at 15:00 EST at the earliest.

Christmas Eve

  • 13:00 - 16:00: apt-get
  • 16:00 - 19:00: Yorozuya
  • 19:00 - 2300: Bakkun
  • 23:00 - 03:00: McDongles as always

Christmas Day

  • 03:00 - 07:00: Kethsar or Shava. Or whoever else
  • 07:00 - 12:00: exci or ryuu. Filler as above
  • 12:00 - 17:00: Old man jii-san
  • 17:00 - 21:00: Honk Honk
  • 21:00 - E N D: FFA, anyone on staff may stream.

New Years Eve

  • 10:00 - 15:30: exci to start, Pachy taking over eventually
  • 15:30 - 16:30: ryuu
  • 16:30 - 17:30: apt-get
  • 17:30 - 19:30: Bartending Goose
  • 19:30 - 20:30: Yorozuya
  • 20:30 - 21:30: RipVanWenkle
  • 21:30 - 23:30: Suzu
  • 23:30 - 00:30: Kipu
  • 00:30 - 01:30: Bakkun
  • 01:30 - E N D: Keth or Shava


Anonymous (017f) #1975 (2022-04-22 15:15:49UTC)


Anonymous (7294) #1910 (2022-01-01 14:02:53UTC)

You're under the impression everything is well tagged.

Anonymous (96c8) #1909 (2022-01-01 11:03:55UTC)

i couldn't request anything this year because of the silly gifs in the thread and i'm travelling so i can't see shit on mobile.
also thanks fot the vtuber mute button, all my niggas hate vtumors

Anonymous (1ce7) #1908 (2022-01-01 05:33:12UTC)

Like (You)

Anonymous (d547) #1907 (2022-01-01 02:33:30UTC)


Surely you would never filter ganrbara, rihgß

Anonymous (d44a) #1906 (2022-01-01 01:04:11UTC)

Soon I'll be able to mute all the english songs that play on r/a/dio and everything that is not an anime opening or ending. The way r/a/dio was meant be.

Anonymous (e0ca) #1905 (2021-12-31 19:39:27UTC)

Fucking based. Due to this alone, r/a/dio definitely fucking won the Internets on this night!

Who else in EST is already drunk?

Kethsar ## Admin #1904 (2021-12-31 15:28:33UTC)

Thank eggsi. Though with that added, the plan is to allow custom tags to be set instead. Soon you can also filter ganbara, itoko, and other garbage.

Anonymous (3bea) #1903 (2021-12-31 09:03:52UTC)


Anonymous (d44a) #1902 (2021-12-30 23:52:12UTC)

"The light is broken, but I still work."

Anonymous (d44a) #1901 (2021-12-30 06:51:59UTC)

If development of the new r/a/dio resumes, i'd like to request a feature.
In the worst case scenario that anime songs aren't outright deleted from the database by then, I want a toggle (on by default) that makes it so that nice boat starts playing instead of anything tagged with anime stuff

Anonymous (841a) #1900 (2021-12-29 09:44:50UTC)

If development of the new r/a/dio resumes, i'd like to request a feature.
In the worst case scenario that vtumor songs aren't outright deleted from the database by then, I want a toggle (on by default) that makes it so that nice boat starts playing instead of anything tagged with vtuber stuff

Anonymous (771a) #1899 (2021-12-28 10:15:00UTC)

I cannot fucking believe r/a/dio is fucking dying before New Years

Anonymous (5ac1) #1898 (2021-12-28 04:08:46UTC)

lmao gotem

Kethsar ## Admin #1897 (2021-12-28 00:42:05UTC)

It says we "may LOOK LIKE we're on life support," not "we ARE on life support."
It means the lack of news posts or changes to the site make us look dead. We're not actually dying insofar as being close to shutting down. Christ.

Anonymous (710e) #1896 (2021-12-27 03:11:54UTC)

>It may look like we're on life support, but R/a/dio still lives.
I didn't even knew this. Srly? Don't play with my feelings please, If I ever came back for the holidays and don't find this website....

Anonymous (9c45) #1895 (2021-12-25 17:09:40UTC)

So Keth, is there any way to go about donating towards the site? Is there any NEED to? Just wondering. I see you all saying the sites on life support...I wouldn't mind tossing some cash r/a/dio's way.

Anonymous (8f62) #1894 (2021-12-25 06:12:13UTC)

I wasn't aware this website was on life support

Anonymous (260b) #1892 (2021-12-24 01:46:52UTC)

Can you imagine being Kilim?
Just SNORTING to himself at how EPIC of a memelord he is and asking his buttbuddies to "hey wouldn't it be EPIC if you were to call on Skype? I'd act like all PISSED and shit on the stream and like I'm drunk lel but I only drank Dr Pepper duduru~~
His overreaction to shit is so fucking unfunny and fake that I honestly don't know how my room isn't full of vomit right now.

exci ## Mod #1891 (2021-12-22 13:38:26UTC)

But that already exists, and I'm not the boss of this gym anyway
There was a new site in development but the last commit was like 2 years ago

Anonymous (d44a) #1890 (2021-12-22 04:11:14UTC)

Waiting for exci to rebrand r/a/dio to guca/r/adio

Anonymous (8932) #1889 (2021-12-21 09:41:16UTC)

Why aren't there any good DJs scheduled for the holidays? It's all playlist DJs and people that play boring shit and call it a chill block.

Anonymous (1961) #1888 (2021-12-20 06:07:43UTC)

Just let Hanyuu play, all the staff faggots can jerk off someone else.
Hanyuu: Good xmas
Staff personalities: Ruined xmas

Anonymous (54d5) #1887 (2021-12-20 03:43:42UTC)

>> 1873
What sort of development support is needed?

Anonymous (4a63) #1886 (2021-12-19 23:14:35UTC)

Honestly I'm not even sure if I will bother listening this year when every year since Kilim left have been incredibly disappointing. Everyone just silently plays music and doesn't say anything at all. There is literally no difference between Hanyuu and the DJs here.

Anonymous (841a) #1885 (2021-12-19 09:36:55UTC)


Anonymous (00f1) #1884 (2021-12-18 05:11:55UTC)


Anonymous (9dce) #1883 (2021-12-17 17:58:34UTC)

I had last year fucked up for me and the year before that so I am hoping that this year will turn out to be a wonderful celebration despite being one of the most trying years in my life. I hope everyone else is excited for Christmas regardless of who is streaming, 'cuz we're all here to watch each other unwrap our presents even if you didn't get anything, you got a big box of fucking kawaii ass love coming from someone. Take care, faggots.

Anonymous (0a5a) #1882 (2021-12-15 21:20:49UTC)

/r/ vtubers

Anonymous (58c7) #1881 (2021-12-15 20:40:45UTC)

Keth sucks portugals nigger cock

Kethsar ## Admin #1880 (2021-12-15 20:25:55UTC)

Guarantee people will request them and they'll end up played. Same as idol, utaite, touhou, etc.

Anonymous (a35d) #1879 (2021-12-15 10:58:57UTC)

Fuck off portugal scum

Anonymous (fb45) #1878 (2021-12-15 06:00:48UTC)

I'll be really really sad if vtumor songs get played on these sacred days

exci ## Mod #1877 (2021-12-15 05:24:21UTC)

Now that I read it again, you're probably right and I'm retarded

Kethsar ## Admin #1876 (2021-12-15 00:25:14UTC)

I actually don't know which two you are referring to. tfw don't even know the streamers I let through.

Anonymous (23f7) #1875 (2021-12-14 23:03:31UTC)

Good job banning the canadian tranny from streaming on either of the holidays, now if only you got rid of the ERPing faggot as well.

Anonymous (6ce2) #1874 (2021-12-14 23:02:32UTC)

think he meant communicate as in speaking out loud during the new year's stream instead of silently playing the music

exci ## Mod #1873 (2021-12-14 15:13:59UTC)

I'm sure we'd love to, but what is there to communicate if there's nothing to say? Like the header said, we're currently pretty much on life support (development wise, ignoring all the new DJs), and I don't really expect that to change the following year. But we've done these certain streams on certain days every year, for how many years now, so you should've had plenty of time to prepare.

Anonymous (2dbc) #1872 (2021-12-14 05:44:03UTC)

Finally....We're but days away! B-But, I have hardly any dr00gs... ;_; Guess I'll have to actually bite the bullet and drink some disgusting fucking alcohol. You fools had better COMMUNICATE with Us: TALK! Even if its just to say how fucked up you are. It makes things that much more lively...trust Me. Hardly anyone spoke last Year and it was the worst in Years, at least imo. I have faith this Year can bring the magic back! Love you faggots. <3

17 Days remain...

Anonymous (841a) #1871 (2021-12-13 10:54:57UTC)

really hope that for once the DJ will actually pay attention to my requests to play snow halation :\
literally christmas song and they won't listen.....
otherwise can't wait ^.^

Anonymous (e4cf) #1870 (2021-12-13 03:30:46UTC)

I'm excited!

Anonymous (c7b2) #1869 (2021-12-13 01:03:46UTC)

I guess I'll be here forever then. Looking forward to it! As always thanks for everything you do.

Anonymous (1861) #1868 (2021-12-11 04:52:15UTC)

Don't you mean... WHEN is Kilim?!?!?!!

Just IMAGINE being Kilim, just playing FFXIV all fucking day on Steam

Anonymous (bd02) #1867 (2021-12-11 01:19:01UTC)

>>1866 like you

Anonymous (1ce7) #1866 (2021-12-11 01:09:37UTC)

ed3f is cute!

Anonymous (d44a) #1865 (2021-12-10 23:56:00UTC)


Anonymous (ed3f) #1864 (2021-12-10 21:20:46UTC)

p², just stop already, i wanna listen music, not you skipping every song each five seconds! Go get some pussy or smth.

Anonymous (a0b6) #1863 (2021-12-10 19:45:47UTC)

I've been waiting for this the whole year unironically

Anonymous (31c0) #1862 (2021-12-09 10:56:15UTC)

looking forward to this years holiday streams again.

Anonymous (59cb) #1861 (2021-12-09 02:50:40UTC)

Who is Eggmun?

Anonymous (591f) #1860 (2021-12-09 01:20:21UTC)

I love my station

Anonymous (d5d1) #1859 (2021-12-08 15:12:00UTC)

very nice, looking forwards to it

Anonymous (07b8) #1858 (2021-12-08 14:39:57UTC)

Thank you for keeping up the (shitty) work. Always enjoyed the r/a/dio and always will.

Anonymous (ed3f) #1857 (2021-12-08 08:02:44UTC)

I've used this site the whole day, listening weeaboo tracks and everything was just fine

...until i discovered this imageboard-like comments section.

Keep up the good work by the way!

Anonymous (6245) #1856 (2021-12-08 05:54:54UTC)

Wow, it's incredible the r/a/dio is still doing great after so many years since it's inception...

Anonymous (a260) #1855 (2021-12-08 01:42:32UTC)

>Starting us off this year is eggsi
not the egg i was hoping for

Anonymous (6c10) #1854 (2021-12-08 00:26:36UTC)

I cant wait to listen to a shitty 3 hour pre made playlist by an ERPing faggot

Anonymous (7512) #1853 (2021-12-07 23:54:13UTC)

Motherfucker, you made me doubletake.

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