96 - 月と、黒猫と、眠れる廃獄

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Fri, 10 Oct 14 13:41:56 UTC

As you might've found out, submissions were broken for ages. We've finally whipped Hiroto into fixing it, so you can submit shit again!

Wed, 20 Aug 14 10:53:30 UTC

We needed to restart the server to apply a few patches to the server.

Also, if you get any OCSP errors from images.r-a-d.io in the next day or so, you're fine (but unless you open news posts and the comments have images in them, you wont see that anyway).

Thank you for flying R/a/dio.

Tue, 03 Jun 14 13:41:45 UTC

We're going to try and push to complete apps for both iOS and Android before the end of summer.

If you're a designer and fancy helping out with R/a/dio, get in touch~ (more info after the jump).

Experience with either platform would be nice.