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Unicorn - Feel So Moon

Listeners: 234
  • Hanyuu-sama
Last Played
02:14tomatomerde - blood teller (tomatomerde edit)
02:10Kuroneko Lounge (Rin) - Makai Chihoutoshi Esoteria
02:06ShibayanRecords feat. 3L - Descending from the Skies She Appears as a Goddess 「アモリタチテカミトミユ」
01:58Sawano Hiroyuki - Genesi§
01:55Negoto - Synchromanica
02:19Cryu - see you, my little moon
02:23™Kuroneko Lounge (Rin) - Tsuki Made Todoke, Fushi no Kemuri
02:29Nana Kitade - KISS or KISS
02:33Hardik Sarang - Angelica
02:37Aikapin - desire
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Planned Migrations
Thu 27 Mar, 17:51
We have a few things planned for the end of april:
  • New site release (including open sourcing it)
  • New News System (this system will be replaced entirely, comments and posts)
  • Server Infrastructure Changes (we can handle up to 3000 clients if needed, and we pay less)
  • Streaming Format Changes ( ogg, aac, quality levels)
  • Cloudflare Adjustments
  • Moving Backups to AWS (Nearly Complete)

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TuneIn's fixed.
Thu 30 Jan, 20:30
tl;dr they were using port 1130, it's fixed now.

Cloudflare Update
Tue 14 Jan, 12:40
Yes, we're keeping Cloudflare.

Also I disabled Browser Integrity Checks and Caching for the stream (since you can't exactly do a browser challenge in a music player). You should be able to use players from the 1850s now.