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  • VERY IMPORTANT: Search first to make sure that the song isn't already in the database!
  • Low quality uploads are likely to be declined if it's obvious better quality versions are available
  • Anything below 192kbps is rejected. Do not upload YouTube rips.
  • Please include as much information as possible in the comment field, especially source (name of the anime, VN, game). If there is no source work, please mention this.
  • Why did my submission get declined?


  • Artist and title are required; at least put them in the comment, if not in the artist and title tags.
  • Avoid Japanese characters unless it's absolutely necessary. Uploads with too much kana/kanji may be declined.
  • Do not include character names or "CV" notation; vocalists only.
  • If you can remember, please include where you downloaded the file from
  • An example of a good comment

Upload a song to the R/a/dio database. We accept both MP3 (30MB max) and FLAC (90MB max).

Add the source, artist and title if tags are missing, etc.

Sometimes, songs in the database aren't up to snuff. If you have a good copy of a track listed here, select the track in the list and upload it!

  • Enter the daypass and you can have unlimited uploads until midnight, UTC. Ask exci in IRC for it. USE WITH DISCRETION.
  • Uploading full soundtracks or albums without asking for a daypass will probably end in everything being declined.

There are currently 16 pending tracks awaiting approval.


12670 accepted submissions.
24 accepted in the last 2 weeks.
0 accepted submissions from (You).

Stack - Rock 'n' Rock 'n' Beat

Suzuhara Lulu & Debidebi Debiru - Attouteki Sonzaikan

Uruha Rushia - Omoikou

Horie Mitsuko, Koorogi'73 - Yume de Anata to

Saori Kobayashi, Mariko Nanba, Eri Ito - Sona Mi Areru Ec Sancitu

Clean Tears feat. Hatsune Miku - Circulation (Breeze Remix)

Suda Keina - Mellow

Stack - Bloody Dancin' Party Night ~ Squueze and Pop! ♥

Ken Ishii - Extra

Huwie Ishizaki - Wasuregataki

The 13th tailor - Gospelion in a classic love

Ayaponzu* feat. beatMARIO - INTERNET SURVIVOR

Yorushika - Shayou

Kessoku Band - Aoi Haru to Nishi no Sora

Kessoku Band - Hikari no Naka e

Michiko Naruke - Lord Blazer

Kaori Asoh - You'll Never Be Alone

Chisuga Haruka, Harada Sayaka, Takahashi Karin, Suzuki Minori, Tomita Miyu - Starry Night

Takano Asami, Ru Thing, Yoshimura Haruka, Aihara Kotomi, Iida Yuuko - Nightwear

Millennium Parade x Shiina Ringo - WORK


4204 declined submissions.
1 declined in the last 2 weeks.
0 declined submissions from (You).

アイドルマスター シンデレラガールズ U149 - Bumble Bee
Sadly it turns out it's not r/a/dio or Anime related.

Kitri - Kokorone
Declined - Youtube rip. Please get a proper source next time.

【ひろはこ】季節の頬とワンダーランド Kai feat. 初音ミク.mp3
I'm sorry but the sound quality on this seems really bad.

Rayflower - 螺旋のピース
The song title is in Moonrunes. I can't be bothered to translate it to English / Romanji and no translation was mentione - 【ひろはこ】季節の頬とワンダーランド Kai feat. 初音ミク-Rjt6t5EESM8-256k-1654941986040.mp3
Every tag you wrote down in the comment is in Japanese. You need to mention source, artist, song title, etc. in English.

千菅春香 - Pray
Duplicate. See ID nº 13325.

Ado - New Genesis
The metadata on this file is kind of fucked. Had to fix it and re-upload it... check ID nº16676. Please check a better s

オカメP/Okame-P - heart's cry
see below

オカメP/Okame-P - Des mélodies entrecroisées
actually low quality

オカメP - アブストラクト・イノセンスoke
Was this ripped directly from iTunes? I'm sorry, the sound quality seemed a bit off.

Sakuzyo - Fracture Ray pt. StaZyo (Shiojo World Edition)
The file tags seemed to be broken but I fixed them and uploaded the song. See ID nº16647.

Minase Inori - Kaimin! Anmin! Syalist Seikatsu
Duplicated entry, please see ID nº16108. It also doesn't need to be replaced.

Yasunori Mitsuda, ACE (TOMOri Kudo, CHiCO), Kenji Hiramatsu, Manami Kiyota, Mariam Abounnasr - Where We Belong
This is still pending review. No need to upload it again.

love solfege - 帰結する未来
Untranslated tags both in the song's title, file metadata and upload comment. Declined.

オカメP - ハルジオン
Untranslated tags both in the song's title, file metadata and upload comment. Declined.

Lyrical Lily - Spring and Chocolat
The tags on this file are screwed up. I've fixed them and uploaded the file again. See ID nº16636.

Hysteric Blue - グロウアップ
Accepted the properly tagged version you submited after.

moumoon - 君の隣太陽の下で
Bad quality, no tags. Declined.

EastNewSound - Hana wa Gensou no Hate Ni
The quality on this is also awful. Declined. Worry not though, as I've replaced it myself.

Mariya Takeuchi - Yume no Tsudzuki.flac
Awful quality. Declined, but since I'm a nice guy, I've uploaded it. See ID nº16560.