You can upload a song!


  • VERY IMPORTANT: Search first to make sure that the song isn't already in the database!
  • Low quality uploads are likely to be declined if it's obvious better quality versions are available
  • Anything below 128kbps is auto-rejected. Do not upload YouTube rips.
  • Please include as much information as possible in the comment field, especially source (name of the anime, VN, game). If there is no source work, please mention this.


  • Artist and title are required; at least put them in the comment, if not in the artist and title tags.
  • Avoid Japanese characters unless it's absolutely necessary. Uploads with too much kana/kanji may be declined.
  • Do not include character names or "CV" notation; vocalists only.
  • If you can remember, please include where you downloaded the file from

Upload a song to the R/a/dio database. We accept both MP3 (20MB max) and FLAC (90MB max).

Add the source, artist and title if tags are missing, etc.

Sometimes, songs in the database aren't up to snuff. If you have a good copy of a track listed here, select the track in the list and upload it!

Enter the daypass and you can have unlimited uploads until midnight, UTC. Ask staff in IRC for it. USE WITH DISCRETION.

There are currently 5 pending tracks awaiting approval.


A total of 0 submissions from your IP have been accepted!

inabakumori - NON-USE

inabakumori - Secret Music

inabakumori - SAKASAMA Girl Feeling

inabakumori - Copy and Pastime

inabakumori - Billow of Fireworks

inabakumori - The stars get dark

inabakumori - Floating Moonlight City

inabakumori - An image in the making

inabakumori - Loop Spinner

inabakumori - Tears Radar

inabakumori - COOLER GIRL

inabakumori - Pascal Beats

inabakumori - Anticyclone

Minami - Kimi To Boku No 154 Shosetsu senso

Minami - DROP

Minami - Kono Machi Ni Hare Wa Konai

Minami - Freiheit

Minami - Ame Wo Matsu

LazuLight - Diamond City Lights

Team Umifure - DEEP BLUE TOWN e Oide yo


A total of 0 submissions from your IP have been declined!

Little Non - Tatsumaki Wave
audibly low quality

Petr Kolář - Pokémon (Czech)
bad quality (not actually 320kbps)

Hoshimachi Suisei - 天球、彗星は夜を跨いで
bad quality

T+pazolite - Oshama Scramble!
bad source, but it's a nice track so i uploaded a better version

- 1st Single 【 REDHEART 】

Pizuya's Cell - D.I.D feat. Ayakura Mei
appears to be the same file as it's replacing

0930 (Okusama) - ohashi
quality sounds odd, also won't open in audacity

ヴィヴィ(Vo.八木海莉) - Fluorite Eye's Song
3 uploads for this, accepted the one with highest quality and most correct tagging

Kairi Yagi - Fluorite Eye's Song
3 uploads for this, accepted the one with highest quality and most correct tagging

Gawr Gura - REFLECT
accepted first submission (case 2)

Gawr Gura - REFLECT
accepted first submission (case 1)

Yuji Nomi - Country Road
forgot to add decline reason. this is already in the db, search 11035

Utada Hikaru - PINK BLOOD
two uploads for this, accepted the higher quality one

Lolipo - Fuck Bre! (3R2 WTF Remix)
the file seems glitchy, i can't listen to it without it cutting out

Archer - Archer's Chant Unlimited Blade Works
youtube rip, also definitely not 320kbps mp3

川井憲次 - 母と子
this seems to be a low quality rip, will accept in higher quality

- Symphogear ending medley ー BEST edit
there are some unspecified reasons for not accepting this, if you really want it in talk to exci

GALNERYUS - departure!
low quality (youtube rip?)

KERA - Bokura wa family
this is not "320kbps mp3"

Mittsies - Vitality
it's not a bad track but i'm afraid helltaker really isn't anime enough