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  • VERY IMPORTANT: Search first to make sure that the song isn't already in the database!
  • Anything below 128kbps is auto-rejected. Do not upload YouTube rips.
  • Please include as much information as possible in the comment field, especially source (name of the anime, VN, game). If there is no source work, please mention this.


  • Artist and title are required; at least put them in the comment, if not in the artist and title tags.
  • Avoid Japanese characters unless it's absolutely necessary. Uploads with too much kana/kanji may be declined.
  • Do not include character names or "CV" notation; vocalists only.

Upload a song to the R/a/dio database. We accept both MP3 (20MB max) and FLAC (90MB max).

Add the source, artist and title if tags are missing, etc.

Sometimes, songs in the database aren't up to snuff. If you have a good copy of a track listed here, select the track in the list and upload it!

Enter the daypass and you can have unlimited uploads until midnight, UTC. Ask staff in IRC for it. USE WITH DISCRETION.


A total of 0 submissions from your IP have been accepted!

flying DOG - Galactic mermaid

Wayne Sharpe & John Siegler - Yu-Gi-Oh! Theme [ft. Dan Green]

Taketatsu Ayana, Ru Thing, Kimura Juri - Furachi na Canvas

rionos - Pocket wo Fukuramasete

Karen, Koharu Meu, Harukawa Akari - Jounetsu ♨ Utopia

Imai Asami - Yakusoku

Takano Asami, Fujimoto Ayaka, Noguchi Yuri, Tanabe Rui, Morino Mako - Mirror Ball Love ([email protected] VERSION)

Eve - Anoko Secret

Omoi feat. Hatsune Miku - Teo

Yanagi Nagi - Itsuwaranai Kimi he

kana-boon - Massara

Eve - Okinimesumama

Rabbit - It's Love

Kino Hina, Kohara Konomi, Nagae Rika feat. Ikepy & KSKN - Asobi Asobase

Aura Qualic - Christmas Eve

Yasunori Mitsuda - The Tomorrow With You

Junjou no Afilia - Kyuukyoku Unbalance!

Tokusatsu - Kuusou Rumba

YURiKA - Yasouka

Mizuki Nana - COSMIC LOVE


A total of 0 submissions from your IP have been declined!

Dyako/兔田佩克拉 - PEKO PEKO PEKO

David Bowie - The Man Who Sold The World
is this actually in the game?

RushJet1 - Son Of Flynn
Declined silently before but tron is not anime

t+pazolite - Bad Boy's missa
I lveo tpz but this doesn't really fit the db, ignoring old accepts of a similar nature

Sunao from STAR☆ANIS - We wish you a merry Christmas AIKATSU! Ver.
10 seconds of silence at the end

Shikata Akiko - ra-ciel reincarnation
bad transcode

Aoi Yuki - All Loves Blazing
Bad transcode

Suzuki Konomi - Ginsen no Kaze
Indeed ginsen no kaze was accepted as a dupe of another song, but this is a bad encode as well. Will fix

吉川晃司 - Nobody's Perfect.mp3
All of your uploads were bad transcodes, check the spectrogram

dupe. please search.

DJ Sharpnel - Shine!!
low quality.

01 Soyokaze no Sonatine (Sonatine of the Breeze) Extra Remix.mp3
missing tags.

10:Cloudy,with occasional rain.mp3

Megumin (cv. Takahashi Rie) - My Home Town -Megumin ver.-|マイ・ホーム・タウン -めぐみん ver.-
look, i accepted the other one but why are these so big? 3000kbps?

ed - edemelldansen

low quality.

Hiroyuki Sawano <Vocal: Benjamin & mpi> - Inferno

this has no source, no tags, and it's clearly used a conversion service - to convert to FLAC.

DECO*27 feat. Topi - Love Distance Long Affair

SKY SHOW - The Reflection (Extended Mix)_0.mp3
"extended mix"? is this actually the full version of the song?