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  • VERY IMPORTANT: Search first to make sure that the song isn't already in the database!
  • Anything below 128kbps is auto-rejected. Do not upload YouTube rips.
  • Please include as much information as possible in the comment field, especially source (name of the anime, VN, game). If there is no source work, please mention this.


  • Artist and title are required; at least put them in the comment, if not in the artist and title tags.
  • Avoid Japanese characters unless it's absolutely necessary. Uploads with too much kana/kanji may be declined.
  • Do not include character names or "CV" notation; vocalists only.

Upload a song to the R/a/dio database. We accept both MP3 (20MB max) and FLAC (90MB max).

Add the source, artist and title if tags are missing, etc.

Sometimes, songs in the database aren't up to snuff. If you have a good copy of a track listed here, select the track in the list and upload it!

Enter the daypass and you can have unlimited uploads until midnight, UTC. Ask staff in IRC for it. USE WITH DISCRETION.


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GYARI feat. Kizuna Akari - Akari Has Arrived

GYARI - Seyana.

Nishizawa Shiena - Brand-new World

Hata Motohiro - Kimi, Meguru, Boku

Kurosaki Maon - Gravitation


UNLIMITS - Haruka Kanata

Megumi Hayashibara - Get Along

b-UMB - True 3motion

livetune feat. Hatsune Miku - Satisfaction

kz (livetune) feat. Hatsune Miku - Finder (Imoutoid's "Finder Is Not Desktop Experience Remix")

Minase Inori - BLUE COMPASS

Yuuki Aoi - Platinum


Kino Hina, Kohara Konomi, Nagae Rika - Inkya Impulse

Shimotsuki Haruka - Horobi ni Fuku Kaze

The Zac Zinger Group - Red Afterglow Running in the Darkness / Nargacuga

Mitsuishi Kotono - Nandakana

Namie Amuro - Chase the Chance

Tamura Yukari - Closing Tears


A total of 0 submissions from your IP have been declined!

Hekiyou Gakuen Seitokai - Mousou Fetish!
low quality.

meganeko - IO
very nicebut i don't think it's japan related?

dj newtown - silky heart.mp3
this isn't very good.

- Aimer - REI AM (Blanc et Noir)
no youtube rips.

Akira Kushida - Ultimate Battle (Bonus Track)
dupe. search for "kyuukyoku no battle"

ƒZƒKEƒn[ƒhEƒK[ƒ‹ƒY - Žá‚¢—Í -SEGA HARD GIRLS MIX-
broken tags.

Coda - Fighting Gold
Already in the database.

Coda - Fighting Gold
Already in the database.

lycoris28girl - アルトネリコ3 chmod b111000000 n
No youtube rips

Hashimoto Miyuki - Aoi Tori.mp3
No tags; not enough information in comment

Must Die.mp3
Not actually 320kbps (bad transcode)

OxT - Silent Solitude

流派未月亭 - 丁夜ノ舞
Read taggin on submission page >Avoid Japanese characters unless it's absolutely necessary. Uploads with too much kana/k

Itou Kanako - A Wish For The Stars
low quality.

Yanagi Nagi - Tobenai Mahoutsukai
low quality.

Aria - ~Aoi Hoshi no El Cielo~ OP Graceful Way
low quality.

Eri Kitamura - Guilty Future
a bit low quality.

Derek Johnson - How Far To Paradise
volume is a bit low.

【東方ボーカル】 「Sign」 【魂音泉 × 豚乙女】.mp3
no tags.

Manaka Iwami - Love Song