Sun, 27 Apr 14 11:17:08 UTC

I'm a filthy bitch who forgot the encryption key for our database backups after letting the old server expire. You're welcome. New site's deployed anyway.

So basically, we are running in a very temporary mode right now. Song submissions and requesting on the website is down until we can get a proper database backup. Requests in IRC still work. - Vin


Anonymous (d79b) #16 (2014-04-27 20:52:27UTC)

Hahahaha this explains a lot. gg Hiroto, best r/a/dio manager.

Anonymous (d3c4) #14 (2014-04-27 18:07:14UTC)

Alright, thank you!

Vin ## Admin #13 (2014-04-27 17:15:04UTC)

As Hiroto said, the IRC is always open.

Amelia ## Mod #12 (2014-06-26 18:44:32UTC)

#r/a/dio @

Anonymous (d3c4) #11 (2014-04-27 16:51:26UTC)

yo, in case this happens again, where can we go to know the news about the site so we can avoid the panic state and the thoughts of death or something?

Anonymous (2528) #10 (2014-04-27 16:22:14UTC)


Anonymous (5c78) #9 (2014-04-27 14:57:51UTC)

Now back to faggotry.

Anonymous (4971) #8 (2014-04-27 14:40:38UTC)

Hitleroto genocided our DB !

Anonymous (fbd7) #7 (2014-04-27 14:12:45UTC)

noooooooooooo CAPTCHA YOLO

Anonymous (3c7d) #6 (2014-04-27 13:54:21UTC)

kuso! anata

Anonymous (e218) #5 (2014-04-27 13:41:38UTC)


At least you know your chinese musics are safe from the FBI for a while.

Anonymous (34f2) #4 (2014-04-27 12:52:40UTC)

grate jobbe

Amelia ## Mod #3 (2014-06-26 18:44:32UTC)


u wot m8

Anonymous (f579) #2 (2014-04-27 12:06:59UTC)

sausage from our 100% competent devs

Amelia ## Mod #1 (2014-06-26 18:44:32UTC)


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