Sun, 20 Sep 15 11:20:47 UTC

It's been a while since the last news post. Just wanted to mention that song replacement is working again.

So, if you've heard a song in the DB that you think sounded like nails on a chalkboard, don't hesitate to upload a new one. We have a couple replacements in the backlog already, but we haven't been able to accept them because the system wasn't in place yet.


kilim ## Mod #444 (2015-12-19 03:56:55UTC)

vv that was me btw forgot to login heh

Anonymous (7443) #443 (2015-12-19 03:56:21UTC)

guys i found a picture of vin


Anonymous (8006) #442 (2015-12-10 22:14:59UTC)

Nowhere else to say this:

I miss the old queue system! (when there were no randomly inserted songs)

Anonymous (a56e) #439 (2015-11-15 03:32:18UTC)

VIn why are you the only respectable r/a/dio dev?

Vin ## Admin #438 (2015-11-06 20:14:00UTC)

Try a different player. If that doesn't work, try

Anonymous (5ccb) #436 (2015-10-28 15:06:24UTC)

Any reason why my stream is so choppy :/?
I haven't been able to listen to a song without a progressive split second stutter happening every 1-2 seconds during songs D:!!!

Anonymous (fdba) #435 (2015-10-25 23:37:07UTC)

We have too many inactive staff, I propose we have all the inactive staff fight to the death, the last 3 standing get to stay.

Anonymous (b228) #434 (2015-10-21 20:58:38UTC)


kilim ## Mod #433 (2015-10-21 20:56:17UTC)


kilim ## Mod #432 (2015-10-21 20:54:56UTC)

wait can we do images

kilim ## Mod #431 (2015-10-21 20:54:41UTC)

suck my cock my dude

Anonymous (3a1c) #430 (2015-10-11 04:41:22UTC)

ty mr skeltal

Anonymous (feda) #429 (2015-10-09 01:04:52UTC)

I hate Kilim so fucking much.

So fucking much.

And all of you as well!

Anonymous (102a) #428 (2015-09-30 23:54:57UTC)


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