Thu, 24 Dec 15 19:44:35 UTC

Hi everyone! Kilim will be holding a Christmas stream on the 24th at 10PM EST (3AM GMT). Sorry for the late post.

Also sorry to all the euros who don't want to stay up for it. Gonna see if we can do something about that.


Anonymous (c520) #450 (2015-12-26 21:42:29UTC)

>wanting a filthy normalfag to come back
no thanks

Anonymous (38ab) #449 (2015-12-25 23:37:06UTC)

Nico is pretty cute though.

kilim ## Mod #448 (2015-12-25 19:38:02UTC)

nailed it tbh

exci ## Mod #447 (2015-12-24 20:19:45UTC)

he's gone, anon

Anonymous (75d9) #446 (2015-12-24 20:05:09UTC)

Bring back kuma-kun.

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