Tue, 29 Mar 16 18:22:49 UTC

Hey, just a quick heads up; there are currently some problems with our SSL cert. If you're getting errors like "Unable to open item for playback (Security error)", please use an HTTP link instead of an HTTPS link and it should work for you.


Anonymous (3825) #627 (2016-08-05 08:16:57UTC)

im playing a game called shroud of the avatar and you can put streaming music in it but icant figure out why you wont work do i need your port for the stream

Anonymous (86cc) #485 (2016-04-06 15:29:44UTC)

Wow, the news still works.

Anonymous (8d21) #484 (2016-04-01 21:10:23UTC)

>Hiroto in charge of anything
When are the Jews going to take over?

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