Thu, 07 Apr 16 19:21:17 UTC

Long story short, we're making a new site (again). There's a couple of reasons for this, mostly the current one being shit in almost every way. It's completely from scratch, so I thought I'd make this news post to let the people who actually use the site to get their voice in.

The purpose of this news post is to gather suggestions regarding the new site. Is there anything you think should be introduced (or reintroduced)? We'll do it if it's realistic and a good idea. At this point, anything goes. If you have any ideas, suggest them, even if you think they're shit. It's all anonymous anyway.

And no, not redoing the site is not an option. It's shit. You can also post questions in comments and somebody will surely probably maybe answer them eventually.


Vin ## Admin #802 (2017-03-28 19:32:35UTC)

In case anyone still comes here and is wondering, this is not really being worked on any more.

Anonymous (4a69) #694 (2016-12-31 14:07:53UTC)

The ability to scrobble to would be awesome

Anonymous (0552) #638 (2016-09-21 19:09:18UTC)

How about an option to Stop Stream for the current song, but to switch to Play Stream for the next song.

exci ## Mod #637 (2016-09-20 22:22:16UTC)

In case anyone still comes here and is wondering, it's still being worked on, but it'll take a while because there are no deadlines for anything here so everything is done on a "when I feel like it" basis.

Anonymous (a61e) #625 (2016-06-25 04:03:55UTC)


Anonymous (695b) #591 (2016-05-18 20:29:35UTC)

You can use the API to grab album artwork. That's what I use for my station (/mu/tant radio)

Anonymous (3b50) #590 (2016-05-14 02:07:55UTC)

pls dont use bootstrap

Anonymous (5642) #589 (2016-05-12 21:12:19UTC)

I like the stream page. Please keep it. Change is scary.

Anonymous (4e26) #588 (2016-05-10 20:56:17UTC)

Read the thread. No.

Anonymous (d778) #587 (2016-05-10 00:24:49UTC)

Is there any way of allowing users to download songs from the database?

ed ## Admin #586 (2016-05-08 08:51:20UTC)

>>581 i've been wanting this too
>>582 tricky due to multiple people going through ups but will try
>>584 love it
>>585 nah sorry, would be loads of work and a mess

Anonymous (d778) #585 (2016-05-07 18:29:35UTC)

Is there any way you could set it up so any listener could play a song in the database in a private instance? Some of the songs you guys have stored are difficult to find elsewhere, and sometimes when I find a song I've been searching for, I want to play it immediately. It does deviate from the idea of being a radio service, but it would get a lot of use, I'm sure.

Anonymous (7548) #584 (2016-05-07 14:27:17UTC)

Add the currently playing track to the page title so you can see what's playing without switching tabs or programs.

Anonymous (8fcd) #582 (2016-05-06 23:40:09UTC)

Not really a site suggestion, but can you guys make sure that accepting uploads is consistent? I've sometimes seen japanese game openings being rejected while the database has quite a few of them.

Anonymous (9942) #581 (2016-05-06 18:53:04UTC)

a timetable or schedule that says when djs plan on streaming that week (that gets updated by said djs on the day they plan on streaming so it is somewhat accurate)

exci ## Mod #580 (2016-05-06 18:31:44UTC)

No idea, but I'm assuming lack of DJ interest or time

Anonymous (0867) #579 (2016-05-06 00:00:44UTC)

What happened with r/m/dio?

Anonymous (8303) #578 (2016-05-03 10:28:08UTC)

I don't know what to type so
Karaoke sessions?

Anonymous (4cf3) #576 (2016-04-27 17:57:47UTC)

IMO for me who does nothing but jumps in an listens it seems fine, but I assume there are more technical stuff going around in the background of it. So just do what you feel is best.

Anonymous (208d) #574 (2016-04-26 20:22:24UTC)

Just don't make the style of the site packed with useless stuff. Clean and elegant home site for streaming, with the most basic stuff like right now.
On the other hand you could implement a donwload button, when the given song is playing, or in the search section.

Anonymous (7e25) #573 (2016-04-25 06:39:10UTC)

I'm just curious on how long the development of it will take.

Anonymous (050b) #572 (2016-04-25 05:00:43UTC)

Can you give notification when a DJ is streaming? I don't like using Hanyuu.

Anonymous (dfe8) #571 (2016-04-24 19:49:15UTC)

Can we have some way to get songs removed from the database? There are songs that should not ever exist like that Gee cover by Nylon Pink.

Anonymous (939a) #570 (2016-04-23 19:19:46UTC)

How about some sort of system for when a song is favourited, the user who originally requested the song gets bonus points that gives them cooldown bonuses allowing them to request more frequently.

Or what about a second auto-DJ? one that works in some way promoting variety (longer cooldowns, user upvotes/downvotes, bonus, etc.), and another that works more closely to how she did before, with fewer limitations so those that really want to HERE WE GO, GOOD TO GO can do so?

Anonymous (3939) #569 (2016-04-23 18:13:35UTC)

One problem with the queue is that even in the dead of morning, with no listerners or requests, trying to put in a request still means having to wait upwards of 20 minutes before Hanyuu lets you have a go. It would be nice to have the number of Hanyuu-songs be tied to the length of the queue/the number of requests in it, so it has a chance to be more interesting even during downtime.

Vin ## Admin #568 (2016-04-23 16:26:22UTC)

We'll have something like that, hopefully.

Unfortunately it's not actually possible to have a cooldown timer that is 100% accurate due to how the cooldown works, but we'll try to make it decent.

Anonymous (966a) #567 (2016-04-23 10:36:19UTC)

A countdown for Request Cooldown would be nice. As in the "You can request a song again" cooldown, but song cooldown would be nice too.

Vin ## Admin #566 (2016-04-22 20:31:53UTC)

That's... already how it works. The more popular a song is, the longer the cooldown is. It doesn't really help, there's so much in the DB that something popular is pretty much always playing.

I remember when the cooldown was a straight hour. YOU'RE ALWAYS SUPER SPECIAL THAT'S WHY YOU ARE HERE WITH ME

Yeah, that is a shame. If you have any ideas for how to make the queue stuff work better, don't hesitate to suggest something.

Anonymous (939a) #565 (2016-04-22 19:00:46UTC)

The queue system with random inserts killed this thing that used to happen a lot which was having these fun exchanges of requests. Yes, sometimes they got meme-y but at other times they were pretty awesome. Users were able to make their own themed streams, which made listening and requesting much more fun and interactive. It was like DIY DJ. Now, any theme we try to get going just gets interrupted.

Anonymous (939a) #564 (2016-04-22 18:09:55UTC)

Since the main reason for random inserts was overplayed songs, how about some sort of system where the more frequently played a song is (times played in the last month?) the longer it has to cooldown before being able to be re-requested. (or set a hard cap to how many times a song can be played over n days)

Anonymous (9238) #563 (2016-04-20 22:08:57UTC)

Localizing the queue times?

Vin ## Admin #559 (2016-04-18 20:39:34UTC)

Oh don't be mistaken. We knew all along, we were just too lazy to do anything about it.

Putting the old site would be neat, but... I think it would prove to be quite tricky, unfortunately. A lot of backend functionality has been added by the new one.

Also it seems that the listener stats graph script is lost to the sands of time. I'll try remaking it.

ed ## Admin #558 (2016-04-18 20:39:15UTC)

oh we knew

oru is still in captivity and eggmun is multitasking like mad, so those will be difficult

but there will be dank stats

Anonymous (87dc) #555 (2016-04-18 05:29:43UTC)

I'm surprised it only took 2 years to figure out the site is shit.

Fire up the old pre- "Hiroto just learned Bootstrap, hey, let's implement a whole site with it but I don't know how, so let's throw away 75% of the old site functionality" site and start there.

  • DJ stats
  • Listener stats
  • Schedules

Also bring back Eggmun and oru.

Make R/a/dio Great Again.

Anonymous (5841) #548 (2016-04-15 22:18:41UTC)

An RSS feed which notifies the user when a dj comes online should shouldn't be all that hard to do, might as well create an RSS feed and an Atom feed at the same time.

kilim ## Mod #537 (2016-04-13 21:38:03UTC)

>>532 the human brain can't hear faster than 160 FPS there is no point and it's a waste of bandwidth

exci ## Mod #536 (2016-04-13 12:48:09UTC)

Probably not unless someone makes a new logo that's better, and last I checked nobody in the staff has any artistic flair

Anonymous (dfe8) #535 (2016-04-13 06:35:50UTC)

This place needs more memes.

Not necessarily a suggestion but a question: Will we be getting a new logo with the new site? After all these years I still look at it and think Beats by Aeria Games

Anonymous (3e74) #534 (2016-04-13 05:04:52UTC)

Also would love a more featured JSON API. Particularly the song request and favourite management commands. As for consumers, one 200 weekly visitor website on the list, if that little serves as any reason.

Anonymous (9c4f) #533 (2016-04-12 22:59:14UTC)

Why can't the stream do a higher bitrate?

Anonymous (6c92) #532 (2016-04-12 22:48:22UTC)

A high quality opus stream would be awesome.
The main stream is 192kbps mp3 so it would be great if there was an alternative 192kbps opus option. It would use on average the same amount of data as the mp3 but with way better quality.

Anonymous (3b50) #531 (2016-04-12 00:35:21UTC)

write the site in haskell

Anonymous (92f8) #530 (2016-04-11 19:29:44UTC)

What I'm mostly concerned about is where the fuck is Eggmun
I wasn't even a huge fan of him but he's the only one that consistently plays easy listens
Did he just change his schedule?

Anonymous (c5dc) #529 (2016-04-11 02:35:26UTC)

Not that guy, but Eggmun doesn't post stuff like that anymore, dunno about the other DJs. If Eku has a twitter, I'm unaware of it. Would be a nice feature but not really website related.

Anonymous (9c4f) #528 (2016-04-10 23:17:37UTC)

That sounds like a nightmare to code and probably wouldn't even work the way you want it to.

Why not just follow the DJs that you want to listen to on their personal Twitter accounts?

kilim ## Mod #527 (2016-04-10 18:32:55UTC)

give me admin

Anonymous (f659) #526 (2016-04-10 18:26:50UTC)

I dunno if you guys already have this, but maybe start an official r/a/dio twitter account that automatically tweets out when a DJ comes on and when they stop streaming.

Anonymous (d150) #525 (2016-04-10 17:39:05UTC)

Not sure how difficult this will be but would it be possible to have a song "blacklist"? Whenever the song(s) in question is currently playing the stream will automatically mute and unmute after it's done playing.

Vin ## Admin #524 (2016-04-10 12:51:23UTC)

PHP with Symfony2, I think.
Neat idea.
Could see if we can set up a Liquidsoap relay. I think we currently have one for OGG.
I think we've said this before, but I'll say it again; we are not a song download service. We do not, and will probably never, put the DB out for public download.

If there's a specific song you want, pop in and we can provide a link.

Anonymous (c5dc) #523 (2016-04-10 01:03:21UTC)

Yeah, the RSS was Ackwell. I think some kind of CDN thing you're doing was blocking it, it was in a news post. Too long ago to remember. Anyway, I really enjoyed that and would be a big fan of it being included in a new site.

Anonymous (0a8a) #522 (2016-04-10 00:01:20UTC)

Create a r/a/dio private tracker so all songs in the database could be available for download as torrents

Anonymous (bee6) #521 (2016-04-09 23:51:15UTC)

Would be nice to have an Opus stream up (64kbps sounds better than 192kbps mp3) too for modern stuff.

Anonymous (c94b) #520 (2016-04-09 20:44:22UTC)

It'd be nice if clicking the text with the current song name brought up a google search, similar to how the top bar works on meguca.

Anonymous (3b50) #519 (2016-04-09 19:20:04UTC)

What language are you planning on rewriting it in?

Vin ## Admin #518 (2016-04-09 17:55:36UTC)

So... Add a player that connects to the stream to your site? This has nothing to do with us, really.
We'll try not to make it blazing hot white, at least.

Anonymous (f3f0) #517 (2016-04-09 17:13:36UTC)

Keep the theme dark please.

Anonymous (51ba) #514 (2016-04-09 14:12:09UTC)

are you going to continue to use laravel, I don't know if I you can do this but would there be anyway I could connect this player to my own site so my users could listen while they browse on my site

Vin ## Admin #513 (2016-04-09 13:59:35UTC)

That's been requested so many times. We'll see if we can get something for that.
That was never made by us, and I can't for the life of me remember whose it was. Ackwell?
Better searchability. Got it.

Anonymous (acdf) #512 (2016-04-09 09:04:03UTC)

y'all should bring back the easily navigable/browsable library
Sometimes I don't know what I wanna hear but wanna float some options around by clicking A-Z, y'know?

Anonymous (c5dc) #511 (2016-04-09 03:08:26UTC)

Can you bring back/fix the DJ RSS? Nice to have a note show up when someone pops up at a random time.

Anonymous (ebac) #510 (2016-04-09 02:20:04UTC)

Yeah, I'd like a stream schedule somewhere on the site for the weekly DJs. Pretty much the only complaint I have, too. Just a vague listing of their timeslots and general reliability would be useful.

exci ## Mod #509 (2016-04-08 21:40:16UTC)

I think the guy doing the actual work isn't too fancy of bootstrap, so that should be a thing

Anonymous (3ac5) #508 (2016-04-08 20:02:40UTC)

Could you
- not use bootstrap
- or /remind/ bootstrap that my portrait monitor is NOT a phone and my phone is NOT a desktop

Vin ## Admin #507 (2016-04-08 08:51:20UTC)

you fucking piece of shit i had several characters remaining

Vin ## Admin #506 (2016-04-08 08:50:28UTC)

I'm 'Bevinsky' on GitHub.
Already have that.
Album art would be hard because of the work involved. Series tags; they're sort of baked into the search tags and extracting that would also be a nice amount of work. That's doable though, I suppose.
We'll fix the faves list, it's always been a hack. No idea about the song, I'll check.
Neat idea.
Cooldown/last played is going to be in there. New site will be more themable. Tags... are often messy,

Anonymous (e9f5) #505 (2016-04-08 04:56:58UTC)

A way to see how much longer a song is on cooldown/lockout or when it was last played.

More themes.

A way to view the tags on songs so its easier to source them.

Rave modo and the dong clock.

Anonymous (9c4f) #504 (2016-04-08 02:34:29UTC)

Maybe a way to see submissions that are pending, and then a way to vote on them to either move them up the queue to get them approved faster (sort of like how private trackers let you vote on file requests to get them filled more quickly)? In the same vain, I guess a minimum vote requirement after which the song will be automatically accepted for submission?


That seems like it would be a headache when it comes to adding album art for the 12k songs in the database.

Anonymous (cafa) #503 (2016-04-08 02:03:11UTC)

Or a series tag.
And if possible to load the faves list without stopping the stream.

Also why can't I request Naked Dive. I tried every day for two weeks?

Anonymous (cafa) #502 (2016-04-08 01:28:38UTC)

Can album art be shown when a song is playing?
Even a small 50 x 50 will do. It'll make identifying the source of the song so much easier at a glance.

Anonymous (d5f7) #501 (2016-04-08 00:50:36UTC)

Flac support. giff.

Anonymous (e91d) #500 (2016-04-07 23:43:54UTC)

Yeah, IRC is currently difficult with this third world internet connection.

Would prefer email for now as it's more asynchronous and I don't see your handle in the contributors on Github.

Try hanazawakana - waifu club if you'd like.

Vin ## Admin #499 (2016-04-07 22:22:23UTC)

Hey whoever joined the IRC as 'unimportant' and PMed me, sorry for missing the message.

It's easier if you just ping me in the channel, I'm more likely to notice that.

Anonymous (9022) #498 (2016-04-07 22:03:33UTC)

[Oops, bad formatting..] (

Vin ## Admin #497 (2016-04-07 21:58:02UTC)

Actually I only just now realized comments are time-limited. why.jpg

Vin ## Admin #496 (2016-04-07 21:57:14UTC)

A better featured API has been on the backlog for a while, but... if no one consumes it, there's no real point. I'm interested in knowing if there is an actual demand for more extensive APIs and what the use case is.

Regarding 2, what would it be served as? Plaintext? Do any APIs work like that? Our API used to be plaintext, actually, but that was ages ago. Not sure I see what's so hard about parsing JSON.

Anonymous (1296) #495 (2016-04-07 21:41:06UTC)

I'd say ed, eggmun, eku, claud, and kethar are the real activities DJs

Also remove this fucking retarded woah space cowboy

Anonymous (3126) #494 (2016-04-07 21:40:31UTC)

Maybe "width" isn't the right

1. Try playing double clicking the now playing track in a thin resolution. Firefox has a nice tool at ctrl-shift-m
2. Endpoints as in I request or /api/now-playing and get the currently playing track.
3. Website as in "what your end user experiences", but I get what you mean.

It would also be nice to have feature-parity in API and IRC bot, as a goal.

Vin ## Admin #493 (2016-04-07 21:34:43UTC)

1. Comments will be fixed.
2. We'll set it up once we have a new repo on our Github.
3. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

exci ## Mod #492 (2016-04-07 21:27:59UTC)

That was supposed to be a reply to #489 but I suppose you can thanks a certain someone for it not formatting properly.

Anonymous (d1a6) #491 (2016-04-07 21:27:57UTC)

Also Eggmun if he's not completely dead.

exci ## Mod #490 (2016-04-07 21:25:46UTC)

This'll probably be my domain, but I do plan on doing it, at least for the active DJs (eku and ed?)

Anonymous (58ec) #489 (2016-04-07 21:21:26UTC)

Bring back custom DJ themes

Anonymous (3126) #488 (2016-04-07 21:20:24UTC)

  1. Rate-limited comments shouldn't clear the comment form (lost user input). The cooldown should also be evident.
  2. Some mechanism to pull these suggestions and comment streams into the issue tracker, where they should be (might even be manual)
  3. Fixing comment form markdown parsing so that

    1. sublists

      1. don't

        1. look

          1. so

            1. wide

Vin ## Admin #487 (2016-04-07 21:08:17UTC)

1. Really? That's interesting. Not sure why that is, but I guess that's doable.
2. Uh, most of those are already available in the API. The only one that isn't is the "song played X ago". Not sure what you mean by "without walking down the JSON", though.
3. This is out of scope for the website, but I guess we can think about it.

Anonymous (3126) #486 (2016-04-07 20:59:54UTC)


  1. Let me grab the Now Playing track again in the mobile resolutions. Currently can't select text.
  2. Improve the API with more endpoints. I would like to be able to hit it for specific information without walking down the JSON. Things like next in queue, track played X songs ago, current DJ, and current track would be most useful.
  3. Continue to improve the queueing mode for Hanyuu:

    1. Request blocks where only requests get played
    2. Hanyuu blocks where she will play like

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