Wed, 13 Apr 16 22:57:17 UTC

since you're seeing this, you're on the new server
as soon as the change spreads everywhere, the old box is death

things that changed:
--- better network
--- better cpu
--- better os
--- less points of failure

still some technical difficulties
thanks for flying r/a/dio

Edit: Some people are reporting issues with the HTTPS stream since the server move. Just change the stream link (and in the case of the .pls and .m3u files, open the file in a text editor) from HTTPS to HTTP and it should work for you.


Anonymous (64ca) #626 (2016-08-05 04:15:20UTC)

>We changed the link from https to http
That's a downgrade.

Vin ## Admin #577 (2016-04-30 09:51:40UTC)

Change the link in the file from HTTPS to HTTP.

Anonymous (4070) #575 (2016-04-27 15:00:40UTC)

.m3u doesnt work on winamp when I download it

ed ## Admin #562 (2016-04-20 20:49:25UTC)

alpine, used to be obongo

Anonymous (c5dc) #561 (2016-04-20 00:58:46UTC)

whats the "better" OS?

Kethsar ## Admin #560 (2016-04-19 04:31:36UTC)

>Your mother is a library
I didn't know Patche had kids.

ed ## Admin #557 (2016-04-18 20:32:55UTC)

"I do not know much Spanish but your mother is a library and you have gay sex"
holy shit i'm keeping that

kilim is the local entertainment committee, please don't mind him

Anonymous (a528) #556 (2016-04-18 18:24:24UTC)

Nope. You were impolite with me. I just only want to thank to the staff for r/a/dio's development but you offend me with your shit reply.

kilim ## Mod #554 (2016-04-18 03:00:57UTC)

escuche me pinche culero

yo no sabe much espanol pero tu madre es una biblioteca y tu tienes gay sex

Anonymous (83b6) #553 (2016-04-18 00:33:26UTC)


Calla pikablu, escucho tu radio casi 5 años y me tratas así. Malvado. ;A;

Anonymous (c2ec) #552 (2016-04-16 07:15:06UTC)

I love Ekureiru

Anonymous (6ca7) #551 (2016-04-16 05:51:28UTC)

I want to love Ekureiru

Anonymous (468b) #550 (2016-04-16 05:46:25UTC)

What if it's a gril though?

kilim ## Mod #549 (2016-04-15 22:55:01UTC)

fuck off you stupid BR your kind arent welcome here

Anonymous (80b9) #547 (2016-04-15 18:46:45UTC)

muchas gracias.

Anonymous (76e4) #546 (2016-04-15 17:49:10UTC)

domo arigatou mr.chiptune

Anonymous (2eb7) #545 (2016-04-14 19:21:42UTC)

I can finally listen through foobar again, good.

Anonymous (447a) #544 (2016-04-14 18:38:54UTC)

IRC is for /pol/ posting and botspam

ed ## Admin #543 (2016-04-14 17:27:08UTC)

>>542 that's what irc is for, link at the top

Anonymous (ecfd) #542 (2016-04-14 16:55:37UTC)

Is adding a live chat on the home page something you've ever thought about? If so why not do this? We can all share opinions on the current song playing, I think it's a nice idea.

Kethsar ## Admin #541 (2016-04-14 16:23:47UTC)

No, this might even encourage more of them. Time will tell

Anonymous (c353) #540 (2016-04-14 16:10:50UTC)

Does this also fix the bitching and moaning and silly arguments that are drawn out way too long in the IRC?

Anonymous (7a82) #539 (2016-04-14 16:04:09UTC)


ed ## Admin #538 (2016-04-14 16:00:23UTC)

someone accidentally the database

off to a great start

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