Sun, 27 Apr 14 19:51:05 UTC

So this is the new website, which I'm sure a lot of you have noticed. We'd like to know what you think about it, so I made one of these poll things that you can have your way with.

Here is the poll. Middle click if you want to open it in a new tab.

Also, feel free to give feedback in the comments. Preferably constructive, but I'm not forcing you to.


So, I compiled some feedback here with some responses and questions of my own. You can just refer to the numbers in case I want some clarification.
(Hiroto): Responded with my feedback, too (in red)

  1. Progress bar animation

    • A lot of people seem to have issues with this. If it's that much of a problem, I guess we should remove the animation.
    • Done
  2. Request marking on queue

    • This seems to be a bug, indeed.
    • Confirmed, fix pending
  3. DJ images not working

    • DJ images are not working mainly because the new site depended on the old one for the images, and that is no longer around. I don't even know if we still have the images, they might have been lost in the migration. DJs can just upload them again when it's working in the new site.
    • Pending~
  4. Page brightness/news header color similarity

    • I'm assuming that by "textbox" you mean the news posts on the front page? The background was nearly pure white a little while ago, so I can understand if the header and the background became too similar. I'll make a note.
  5. Mobile issues?

    • Some people were complaining about not being able to turn off the "mobile site". There is no mobile site; the site readjusts itself based on the width of your browser window. However, I do agree that the transition occurs way too soon.
    • Also, I wouldn't recommend arguing about anything related to mobile sites with Hiroto.
    • Device widths can be adjusted. You people realise that it's not a mobile site and that the scaling is for modern devices, right? I don't know about you, but 10px text on a 4.5" 1280x720 screen is unreadable.
  6. DJ themes

    • DJ themes will be available when they are made. All the themes have to be redone for the new site, which will take some time.
    • I also agree that the site lacks personality, but apparently this is how websites are made these days. I must have missed the memo.
    • Themes will be user-selectable when this is implemented.
  7. Comment formatting / Markdown syntax

    • Yes, comments use Markdown. Whoever suggested adding a note about this with a syntax link, good. It will happen.
    • Here is a Markdown syntax guide for now. Link
    • Should probably do that.
  8. Expanding Stats in mobile menu

    • This seems to be a bug? I don't know enough about how Bootstrap does the expanding to answer properly.
    • It's because the site is HTML5 (the player doesn't stop if you change page). Noted, will make page changes close this.
  9. Page titles

    • Most page titles seem to be rather experimental for testing. I think it will be fixed in the future.
    • Default is the URL or the first h1 tag found.
  10. Menu item remains toggled

    • This is probably a small bug. Not really a big priority.
    • duplicate of #8
    • Not a duplicate, you mistook this issue for #8. #8 is that expanding Stats on the mobile mode causes the menu to expand, but not into the page, which results in the menu becoming its own little scrollable.
    • Also, someone I showed the site to said that the menu (on mobile) should close or anchor the page down to the newly loaded page. It just stays where it is on the page, currently.
  11. Artist/title center alignment

    • I don't know if this is related to making mobile mode work, but I don't think so. I'll propose that it's changed to left alignment, or maybe left/right for artist/title respectively.
    • It's a clusterfuck anyway.
  12. Artist name clickable to search

    • That's a handy feature, but I wonder how much it would be used.
    • Usecase seems like it wouldn't be used enough
  13. LP/Q box size

    • I think many a lot of the site elements are a bit large too, but that's how Bootstrap works.
    • I think it would be better if the boxes resized themselves based on how much text is in them (number of lines etc) but I don't know if this is possible.
    • Resizing is actually done by default. I prevented it.
  14. Timeago time formatting

    • You can hover over the times in the LP and Q boxes to get the exact time.
    • The nice thing about relative time is that we don't have to account for time zones. Though, the old site handled this perfectly fine, so...
    • If enough people prefer the old style I guess we can change it back. Here's a poll.
    • Relative with a hover is what I want on the front page. Convince me otherwise.
  15. Missing stats

    • The Stats page was not preserved. It might be added some time in the future.
    • I don't think many people really used it that much, other than maybe for the listener graph and the pending song count.
    • (that's what i used it for)
    • I made a fancy stats page at some point and it's probably still in git that i will use.
  16. Missing search results

    • I don't know about this, sounds like a bug. What did you search for?
    • Known bug, fix incoming
  17. Song database statistics on submit page

    • This is a nice idea. Might happen.
    • Probably a good idea
  18. More options button does nothing

    • Works here. What browser/os are you using? Do you have JS enabled?
  19. DJ/staff page

    • This will probably be added in the future, though I can't say for certain.
    • It will be done, but without the blogfaggotry
  20. Volume control issue

    • I agree that the bar should move as you scroll.
    • Actually, now that I'm trying it for myself, it does this. What browser are you in?
    • Known issue with input ranges in a lot of browsers.
  21. Blurry logo on mobile mode

    • I guess that has to do with how the image is scaled. Just have to live with it until we get a higher res image.
    • I feel like just hiding it on mobile.
  22. "It looks like babys first website"

    • No comment.
    • u wan fite m8?


exci ## Mod #516 (2016-04-09 17:05:34UTC)


exci ## Mod #515 (2016-04-09 17:05:25UTC)


Anonymous (aeb1) #358 (2014-10-22 03:07:59UTC)

Why aren't you using for threads? Seems a little more populated.

Vin ## Admin #264 (2014-05-22 13:07:15UTC)

If we stored that information it would be possible, but unfortunately when a song is played, Hanyuu doesn't keep track of whether it was a request or not.

Yeah that one is in the pipeline. It shouldn't change the volume though... Do you have HTML5 Storage on?

Anonymous (76f5) #251 (2014-05-20 10:40:37UTC)

Also posting comments stops the r/a/dio playing and resets the volume.

Not a huge deal but maybe something to throw to the back of the to-do list.

Anonymous (a17f) #250 (2014-05-20 10:35:24UTC)

How about some way to tell if the currently playing song was requested or not?

Sometimes I just get curious if someone actually asked to listen to what's playing.

Anonymous (90ad) #243 (2014-05-18 15:46:36UTC)

wow le dev team xD

Vin ## Admin #228 (2014-05-12 21:43:30UTC)

They seem to be, yes. I hope to have local time implemented in the near future.

Anonymous (d58d) #225 (2014-05-12 18:50:04UTC)

The queue times are all in UTC+0?

Vin ## Admin #217 (2014-05-12 13:04:38UTC)

It's in the works.

Anonymous (fa4f) #215 (2014-05-12 12:31:31UTC)

Is it possible to add CD timers to songs that are on CD?

Anonymous (735b) #200 (2014-05-10 18:02:10UTC)

Reducing spacing and padding on virtually all the elements would help a great deal. Also these solid bright colors are a strain on the eyes, what happened to this metallic background image? (some soft noise would to great too)
Oh and the progress bar's extent is not clearly visible, darkening its background could help.

Anonymous (ebb1) #199 (2014-05-10 13:55:36UTC)

A search bar for the Last Played tab would be great

Anonymous (aaad) #198 (2014-05-10 08:11:14UTC)

Just have the site snaped on xbone.

Vin ## Admin #196 (2014-05-09 22:03:15UTC)

I'm going to take a wild guess and assume that Hiroto probably doesn't give two shits about IE.

I don't either, honestly. Why are you using IE?

Vin ## Admin #195 (2014-05-09 22:00:39UTC)

Let me clarify. Every song has a number; let's call this number RC. It starts at 0 and is incremented by 1 every time the song is requested.

If a song has not been requested in the past 11 days, it is lowered by 5 every day until it is either requested or hits 0.

This number is used to determine the minimum time between a song being played or requested and when it can be requested again. The formula to calculate cooldown is in Hanyuu's source in the requests._py module.

Anonymous (4ec1) #193 (2014-05-09 16:41:09UTC)

The progress bar doesn't work in IE10, not sure about IE11 I don't have it. Loops after 10 seconds and queue doesn't update.

exci ## Mod #192 (2014-05-09 16:18:39UTC)

..ably have a very short re-request timer again). Curse you, character limit.

Devs probably know the exact times and can correct me if anything was completely wrong.

exci ## Mod #191 (2014-05-09 16:17:15UTC)

>>188 I recall 3. being so that the first time it's requested, it's requestable again in some time (let's say 6 hours), then for each time it's requested after that, the timer for re-requesting is increased, until a certain point (let's say a week), with the timers for re-requesting going down again if it's not requested at all for some time (so if a song that was requested a lot of times in January that has a week long re-request timer isn't requested again until, say, March, then it would prob

Vin ## Admin #190 (2014-05-09 15:31:44UTC)


  1. It's just not displayed any more. The query for that data was immensely complex and really hard to port over to the new system.

  2. That used to be there, no clue why it was removed.

  3. The whole thing is unreliable because it's grabbing times from the search index instead of the database. This results in tiny delays so you often see green songs that should be red. The cooldown itself is determined by how much a song is requested. I could go into detail if you want.

Anonymous (6a6a) #188 (2014-05-09 15:11:59UTC)

  1. What happened to song stats? I liked seeing how often a song got played/favorited.

  2. There should be a countdown for request cooldown times in the future.

  3. What even determines whether a song is requestable at all (green) or not (red). I'm assuming the staff disables songs that would be spammed too much.

Anonymous (ab8e) #187 (2014-05-09 14:38:55UTC)

I've noticed while requesting from the website, if you try to request something after recently requesting, say an hour, it'll change that song to red but won't play it (due to the 2~ hour request limit)preventing anyone from requesting it until the unrequestable status fades again. Also like the old site there should be a notification at the top telling you your not able to request again for x time.

Anonymous (3154) #186 (2014-05-09 03:11:09UTC)

when is eventually?

Vin ## Admin #184 (2014-05-08 14:15:57UTC)

I'm pretty sure that the reason the queue is so long is because so many songs are now requestable, not because Hanyuu's 5 (yes, there are only FIVE of them) requests are in there too.

Anonymous (b8c3) #183 (2014-05-08 10:31:48UTC)

guys please make it so hanyuu requests get pushed aside for real requests...

Anonymous (b996) #182 (2014-05-07 17:45:53UTC)

Where the fuck is the fave list?
I can't know what my tastes are without the fave list.

Anonymous (cf18) #181 (2014-05-07 14:37:41UTC)

Make some "Export Fav List" functionality, at least as a JSON file. Not sure if the previous fav list had such thing, I never used it.

Vin ## Admin #180 (2014-05-07 13:27:00UTC)

It's there, just paginated. Also the pagination is broken. It should be fixed soon.

What is with the hivemind today? Fave list is gone, yes. It will be implemented eventually.

Anonymous (754a) #177 (2014-05-07 09:16:34UTC)

I liked the new design. Only problem is the missing fave list.

Can we expect it to be back?

Anonymous (3154) #176 (2014-05-07 08:17:36UTC)

give me my fucking fave list back, I need to see how many I lost.

Amelia ## Mod #175 (2014-06-26 18:44:32UTC)


Then you had the same issues on the old site. Same code.

Also playlists are incoming.

Anonymous (cf18) #174 (2014-05-06 19:49:46UTC)

Looks like that's the all queue there is
Admins, is queue now capped?

Anonymous (369d) #173 (2014-05-06 18:48:35UTC)

What happened to being able to see the rest of the queue?

Anonymous (97db) #167 (2014-05-05 23:24:23UTC)

This may have already been brought up, but I've noticed that having the browser stream up causes firefox to lag. Navigating between tabs becomes a pain and it'll temporarily read as not responding for a few seconds before continuing along. Ending the stream returns the browser function to normal. I have yet to test whether this also affects the direct stream.

Additionally the playlist downloads don't appear to be working correctly.

Vin ## Admin #166 (2014-05-05 21:09:55UTC)

...Which is pretty much what I said in >>153.

Anonymous (831b) #165 (2014-05-05 20:10:22UTC)

I liked the comment box on the right side better. Now it's doing some crazy things and overlapping posts. Also, the comments are way too long. Looked way better when they were condensed.

Vin ## Admin #162 (2014-05-05 13:13:04UTC)

If you read the next news post there are some updates on how the queue works. It's made to give some more variety now.

Vin ## Admin #161 (2014-05-05 13:12:13UTC)

Sorry, but I have to interject. That matters... how?

If it was deleted, it was deleted. Don't nitpick over something that's utterly irrelevant, like implementation of deletion.

Anonymous (4174) #160 (2014-05-05 09:50:11UTC)

Hiroto, thoughts on adding a no-requests hour?

Amelia ## Mod #159 (2014-06-26 18:44:32UTC)


Comments aren't deleted. They just have deleted_at = null set in the database and don't show up here. We can still see them.

Anonymous (4174) #158 (2014-05-05 03:33:59UTC)

I really love the new site!

One thing that I'd like to see fixed is... if I move the volume bar with my touchscreen, it doesn't adjust the volume until I click on it with my mouse.

Probably not too much trouble right?

Anonymous (5ce7) #157 (2014-05-05 01:41:54UTC)

Cool, thanks for deleting my comment. Goes to show all that favoritism and power-tripping all over.

Anonymous (e5f2) #154 (2014-05-04 20:54:20UTC)

Oh, and the link in "Help" points to , which in turn contains the entry http://localhost:8000/main.mp3 , which probably isn't going to work.

re the comment form, I literally could not find it. I can't think of any other website that has the comment form outside the column with the comments.

What about having it in-column and expand when needed? There's no requirement for /anything/ to be in the right-hand column; this very page, 99% of it is whitespace

Vin ## Admin #153 (2014-05-04 20:26:29UTC)

I don't know why the PLS and M3U links are missing. I can only assume that they were simply not added and will be added in the future.

About the comment box; overall the new site follows the old site's layout, and well, the old site had the comment box on the right. Personally I think that expanding the comments to cover the entire width is a bit distracting, so having the comment box on the right draws more attention to comment texts.

Anonymous (e5f2) #152 (2014-05-04 19:47:03UTC)

Are the "Stream .m3u Playlist" and "Stream .pls Playlist" links meant to go somewhere? (Shouldn't you be generating the links in "Help" and the links in "More Options" from the same place, so as to DRY?

(Why is the comment box in a separate column from the comments? Normal people will be looking for it first at the bottom of them, then at the top of them, and only as a last resort "to-the-right-of-the-topmost-comment, disguised as a sqawkbox".)

Anonymous (d79b) #151 (2014-05-04 19:24:12UTC)

I want this so bad ;_;

Vin ## Admin #150 (2014-05-04 18:29:13UTC)

It is, but not in the way you think...
I should add that to the new post.

Anonymous (cf18) #148 (2014-05-04 18:10:59UTC)


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