Sat, 28 May 16 02:57:49 UTC

A hero is reborn...

Those of you who frequent the IRC have undoubtedly seen work being put into a bot called SANIC_HEGEHOD. For those who are unfamiliar; SANIC_HEGEHOD is an xdcc bot full to the brim with only the highest quality ero games. Pack lists are updated quite frequently and are passed through some "quality filter". If you'd like to take a look at the list of titles present, please head on over to at your earliest convenience. All you have to do is connect to the Rizon network and send SANIC_HEGEHOD a message with whatever you want! This isn't exclusive to those who join #r/a/dio - anyone can use this.

Any questions, comments or concerns can be directed to Wessie Kilim Wessie exci Wessie (/msg Wessieexci Kilim Wessie exci Wessie) on IRC. No thanks is needed, simply using the bot and indulging yourself in high quality ero is all the thanks we need. Alternatively you can post "fuck dr eggmun" in this thread.

Many thanks to pellet222 for doing the bulk of the work in terms of curating the bot and uploading ero, exci for taking a fucking month to work on a site with one moving image and 2 separate divs jesus christ why the fuck, and the r/a/dio staff for letting such a shitshow slide. Also if you don't know what to do with this congratulations the retard filter is working.

Ero on lads...ero on...




Anonymous (1d7b) #1419 (2019-04-08 00:00:34UTC)

fuck dr eggmun

Anonymous (be67) #1362 (2018-12-31 19:03:37UTC)

hi kethsar
u gay
fuck dr eggmun

Anonymous (7cca) #1355 (2018-12-28 03:44:15UTC)

fuck dr eggmun

Anonymous (9b90) #1104 (2018-02-09 17:46:05UTC)

fuck dr eggmun

Anonymous (7510) #653 (2016-11-08 17:04:57UTC)

fuck dr eggmun

Anonymous (b7cc) #624 (2016-06-22 03:14:57UTC)

Love you eggmun

kilim ## Mod #623 (2016-06-13 00:17:49UTC)

i only sleep with high quality asians

the problem is the piping probably, some people can get upwards of 20MB/s on sanic, others can get 50kb/s - i dont think the DC we're using is really the best one for this

exci ## Mod #622 (2016-06-12 06:25:59UTC)

Also stats here

exci ## Mod #621 (2016-06-12 06:04:05UTC)

confirmed slow for some US users (as well as EU earlier but seems to be normal now) probably the fault of the poverty tier company who is hosting these servers

Anonymous (a8cb) #620 (2016-06-12 04:57:32UTC)

Slow, fuck you Kilim I bet you sleep with BRs and Niggers.

Anonymous (58c3) #619 (2016-06-12 03:51:43UTC)

Rub your hard drive with a magnet, that'll release the parental control.

Anonymous (ca3f) #618 (2016-06-04 03:04:04UTC)

Have you tried cleaning your computer? Dish soap works best.

Anonymous (a295) #617 (2016-06-03 03:06:56UTC)

if restarting doesn't work try reinstalling your operating system

Anonymous (12f7) #616 (2016-06-03 03:02:50UTC)

yeah I tried, but it doesn't works. Now I decided to work a lot in order to earn money and then to get a laptop or smartphone. I know that I can do it.

Anonymous (d7aa) #615 (2016-06-03 00:54:22UTC)

install gentoo

Anonymous (b011) #614 (2016-06-02 21:55:00UTC)

did you try restarting your compute

Anonymous (bc4c) #613 (2016-06-02 19:45:54UTC)

because I'm underage and my parents has installed kaspersky. However, your website works, I guess.
I can't turn off due to the fact my father is very smart, even I can't use a liveusb.

kilim ## Mod #611 (2016-05-31 21:54:51UTC)

im not as tech-savvy as vin/ed/wessie but ill try my best to help

turn off parental control

that should do it

Vin ## Admin #608 (2016-05-31 09:13:32UTC)

Then it's working as intended, isn't it?

Anonymous (a04e) #606 (2016-05-30 22:18:11UTC)

Parental control don't allow me to see your page.

Anonymous (feaf) #605 (2016-05-30 21:39:37UTC)

fuck dr eggmun

Anonymous (7cdd) #604 (2016-05-30 04:23:26UTC)

fuck dr eggmun

Anonymous (2faf) #603 (2016-05-28 20:08:46UTC)

fuck dr eggmun

Anonymous (3b50) #602 (2016-05-28 18:36:42UTC)

me too

Anonymous (d5a5) #601 (2016-05-28 15:12:48UTC)

I miss eggmun....

Anonymous (089b) #600 (2016-05-28 06:10:47UTC)

fuck dr eggmun tbh

Anonymous (3b50) #599 (2016-05-28 05:14:57UTC)

fuck dr eggmun

kilim ## Mod #598 (2016-05-28 03:13:25UTC)

just please spam wessie

wessie ## Admin #597 (2016-05-28 03:10:39UTC)

I would like to clarify that I have nothing to do with this, my name has been used without consent.

Anonymous (a295) #596 (2016-05-28 03:08:19UTC)

fuck dr eggmun

doot doot

digi ## Mod #595 (2016-05-28 03:07:23UTC)

fuck dr eggmun

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