Sat, 31 Dec 16 17:47:02 UTC

Hey guys,

First and foremost, you might have noticed an addition to the bar at the top of the page. We now have a Schedule and a slightly more robust lineup of DJs! Eggmun has finally come back to us; he'll begin his regular streams starting in the middle of January, as well as Kilim's stream returning to us on Saturday. McDoogle will take Sundays now as well with a new block every week. Exciting stuff.

--- Now for the more boring development stuff.

  • Over the past couple days I've been rolling out a load balancer for the stream to handle the NYE load. If anyone is experiencing any odd or recurring issues with the stream, please post a comment or ping me in chat with any relevant error and I'll see what I can do.

  • We have a new site in the works. Again. Yes, that's right. The current one is absolute garbage and we've known about that for a while. You can probably see a few changes here and there with the Default White theme becoming a lot less cancerous and the schedule in the navbar, but this is all just a preamble for a much larger project. We fully expect to finish it this time. For real. I'm serious.

  • We have an offical r/a/dio android app in the works (also, again). However, this time it actually works. It's being developed by Kilim, Kethsar and CaptainJet and each member has the fullest intent to finish it. The basic functionality is finished; they just need to add requests and news. It will be released within the week; expect to see a news post with a link to it very soon.

Thanks for always tuning in. We hope you have a wonderful new year and continue listening!


Anonymous (8cf7) #714 (2017-01-03 09:56:22UTC)

Thanks for saving NY Keth

Anonymous (b226) #713 (2017-01-03 08:09:50UTC)

I don't think the current site is shitty, it's pretty smooth imo. Looking forward to seeing the new version!

App is also cool, though the mobile version of the site works great now anyway. I guess the only thing I'd ask for is the ability to copy the name of the currently playing song more easily on mobile so I can look up my favourites later.


kilim ## Mod #712 (2017-01-02 05:33:18UTC)

exci...that sounds familiar, does that stand for something?

exci ## Mod #711 (2017-01-02 03:40:01UTC)

At least the mellow stream today was great after this new years trainwreck

how about we don't let kilim/claud/eku DJ on new years again

Anonymous (c5dc) #710 (2017-01-02 01:01:59UTC)

What was the listener peak this year? Last time I paid attention it was at 1200..

joe ## Mod #709 (2017-01-02 00:25:29UTC)

sigh, still no blackberry app i see

Vin ## Admin #708 (2017-01-01 19:07:04UTC)

What do you mean by schedule recordings? If you want to record the stream, you have to do that yourself.

Anonymous (772e) #707 (2017-01-01 17:21:17UTC)

Have you considered giving the ability to schedule recordings? Currently using Tunein Radio but it's a bit shit

Anonymous (39de) #706 (2017-01-01 16:50:09UTC)

praise based killim

kilim ## Mod #705 (2017-01-01 11:09:31UTC)

just wanted to apologize to everyone,

i strove to deliver the very best and failed on almost every attempt due to indulging myself with a little too much to drink and with that im so sorry

i hope all of you have an incredible new year going forward, happiness and health come your way and your dreams and aspirations are realized

and always, thanks for listening

Vin ## Admin #704 (2017-01-01 03:26:51UTC)

I'm pretty sure he is still going blind and having a sex change, so you got that right.

He just went AWOL for a long time, then showed up a couple days ago and donated two relays for NYE.

Anonymous (4b56) #703 (2017-01-01 03:08:02UTC)

Did Hiroto die? Last I heard he was either going blind or having a sex change

Kethsar ## Admin #702 (2016-12-31 22:27:17UTC)

More or less random. I could always do later Saturdays depending on how long Kilim streams. I never wanted to stick to a schedule though.

Anonymous (e60d) #701 (2016-12-31 21:59:15UTC)

So is keth no longer streaming or will that just be random?

Anonymous (4eb0) #700 (2016-12-31 21:18:38UTC)

Without Kilim r/a/dio would not be the same

Kethsar ## Admin #699 (2016-12-31 19:27:51UTC)

The problem with iOS is that it costs $100 for a dev license per year, and requires OSX (and in this case, an iDevice) to be able to develop for it. Hiroto was the only one crazy enough to buy that shit, so unless you know a good weeaboo iOS developer, you may be out of luck.

I had a hackintosh while I took an iOS dev course using Xamarin, but immediately put Gentoo back on that machine after I finished the course. Not worth it.

Vin ## Admin #698 (2016-12-31 19:16:11UTC)

Well, there's always this:

No idea where you can get it or if it even works, though. Sorry.

Anonymous (20ab) #697 (2016-12-31 18:48:39UTC)

Any plans for an iOS app after the android app. Glad to hear Eggmun is back. Thanks guys.

Kethsar ## Admin #696 (2016-12-31 18:18:28UTC)

Kilim is short, and should not be praised

kilim ## Mod #695 (2016-12-31 18:05:03UTC)

praise based kilim

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