Thu, 05 Jan 17 03:42:47 UTC

Well after about a week of the most retarded development cycle most of us have ever seen, the app has finally finished.

You can grab it from Googly Play Store here.

If you, for some reason, can not download it please grab the .apk file here.
Note: this is a debug build, you need to have install from Unknown Sources checked off under Settings -> Security.


  • Playing the stream (duh)

  • All tags/relevant now playing info. (i can't believe im listing this as a feature)

  • Requesting

  • Queue/Last Played

Hey, it's not much but it works.

The following people contributed to making this app in such a short time (less than a week!). Kilim (Android UI, XML master, did not know what he was doing), CaptainJet (Java Programmer, literally never touched Java in his life before this, also did not now what he was doing), Kethsar(Actually knew Java, but still did not know what he was doing) and rest (the only one who knew what he was doing). As you can see, there's a common theme here. It's that android apps are the most braindead thing to develop for. If you find any bugs please report this to either one of us and we'll iron them out soon™. You can comment in this post or message us on IRC with complaints.

Complaints about the UI will be ignored though the UI is PERFECT because i worked on it there are NO BUTS you will ENJOY IT. (You can take screenshots of your phone with Volume Down + Power Button if you want to report a visual bug).

As always, thanks for listening!

P.S. as a bonus you can check the github we made here for all the shitty meme commits.

Also the website I made to blow wessie out of the fucking water for thinking we wouldn't finish the app.


Anonymous (c8b6) #1404 (2019-02-03 16:51:23UTC)


kilim ## Mod #789 (2017-02-23 15:05:57UTC)


when we remember to work on it, aka 1.3 maybe i think

Anonymous (e5a5) #788 (2017-02-23 04:17:26UTC)

So when is the notifications bar update going to be released, it's been like 2 updates.

Anonymous (0da7) #785 (2017-02-14 01:38:19UTC)

A possible option for iOS if no one with a $99/year developer account can host the app is to either have people side load it (CydiaImpactor + Apple ID) or put it in Cydia.

exci ## Mod #784 (2017-02-08 00:38:20UTC)

see >>752

Anonymous (c8b8) #783 (2017-02-07 22:14:05UTC)

Is there a chance Applefags might have an equivalent anytime soon?

Anonymous (651b) #782 (2017-02-07 21:41:51UTC)

Are there any plans to eventually support scrobbing to sites like LastFM and LibreFM, either in app or by adding options to make it compatible with scrobbing apps?

kilim ## Mod #775 (2017-01-31 14:42:34UTC)


hey thanks

fun fact, vin wanted a separate button for copying the now playing song but the prestigious r/a/Dio App Development team went against his wishes despite the risk of being exiled from the community to implement the idea you're currently using

im glad you like it VIN

Anonymous (81f0) #772 (2017-01-30 00:01:26UTC)

I just want to say thanks for making copying the song title so easy, super cool.

kilim ## Mod #768 (2017-01-19 04:43:46UTC)


coming soon™

Anonymous (4e26) #767 (2017-01-18 20:34:20UTC)

How about some song information for bluetooth playback? My car needs maximum weeb.

kilim ## Mod #766 (2017-01-18 01:43:11UTC)

im not racist i swear

(use the other link in the newspost)


it also won't work because of the way we handle the stream server-side, but yeah too much work

Anonymous (d4d7) #765 (2017-01-18 00:46:12UTC)

>Sorry! This content is not available in your country yet.


Anonymous (f12f) #764 (2017-01-17 23:34:30UTC)

I said feasible, and I think you are confusing feasible with useful. It's not feasible to implement from a developer perspective. Can it be done? Probably. You said TuneIn did it with their iOS app, after all. Would it be worth the amount of effort needed to code it and the resource usage it would introduce on a phone? Probably not. If the TuneIn iOS app no longer allows this, I imagine it's because they found after they implemented it that it was not feasible, and was better to undo it.

Anonymous (982c) #763 (2017-01-17 20:16:30UTC)

>caring about what DJs say

kilim ## Mod #762 (2017-01-17 15:24:49UTC)

r/a/dio is a radio, you don't pause a radio

also this will introduce more problems and we're not well equipped enough to tackle it

Anonymous (8ffb) #761 (2017-01-17 04:03:14UTC)

>not feasible for a live stream of music
I would argue that it's very feasible. Sometimes the stream needs to be paused, but the person listening would like to continue listening again from that point in time. Another case might be that the person listening wants to rewind to hear what the DJ said, or fast forward back to the "live" part of the stream. These were features until fairly recently (last few years) in applications like firefox, vlc, or tunein on iOS.

kilim ## Mod #760 (2017-01-17 03:33:34UTC)

sent ;)

Anonymous (b011) #759 (2017-01-16 23:35:26UTC)

Would it be possible to add a lasagne timer?

Kethsar ## Admin #758 (2017-01-16 02:56:06UTC)

>It would also be nice to have the stream continue to buffer on pause (states: play, pause, stop) with some stream record and navigation function (fast forward/rewind if not seek).

Not feasible for a live-stream of music.

>A user configurable headphone in/out action would fix the regression causing stoppage on playback on headphone removal.
Not a regression, really, as far more people would prefer it auto-stop than not. But that may be a reasonable thing to do. Still need to add se

Anonymous (7104) #757 (2017-01-15 21:11:36UTC)

Wooooow, can't believe it's happend

Anonymous (8ffb) #756 (2017-01-14 23:47:42UTC)

Would it be possible to put in an egg timer, compatible with microwave time?

It would also be nice to have the stream continue to buffer on pause (states: play, pause, stop) with some stream record and navigation function (fast forward/rewind if not seek). A user configurable headphone in/out action would fix the regression causing stoppage on playback on headphone removal.

kilim ## Mod #755 (2017-01-14 20:25:53UTC)


as in the stream shuts off after a user inputted variable?

Anonymous (b293) #754 (2017-01-14 20:14:41UTC)

Would it be possible to add a sleep timer?

Kethsar ## Admin #753 (2017-01-14 06:01:18UTC)

Also because it requires OSX and possibly an iDevice for dev/testing. Which is not worth it.

With my Raspi running my IRC bot, I may look into dual-booting Alpine and Hackintosh on that crappy PC I was using with Gentoo, but don't count on it. Even with the Dev environment, it costs $99/year for iOS dev license. So even if we made an iOS version, it would probably cost like $0.50 or $0.99 to make up for that stupid dev license.

kilim ## Mod #752 (2017-01-14 04:29:22UTC)

we can't because of ridiculous dev costs but if anyone is an ios dev and is interested swing by and chat with us!

Anonymous (eb8b) #751 (2017-01-13 23:01:34UTC)

Will you be making an iPhone version?

Anonymous (0388) #750 (2017-01-13 01:20:47UTC)


kilim ## Mod #749 (2017-01-12 21:08:19UTC)


wessie said no for some reason, i didn't get to hear what the reason was because everything wessie says is a fucking joke because he's fat

Anonymous (0e70) #748 (2017-01-11 00:57:26UTC)

Can you add an option to use a lower bitrate stream?

Anonymous (4e26) #747 (2017-01-10 16:41:35UTC)

The play/pause area could probably be fed with album art by letting the client download a best guess based on song & artist information.

exci ## Mod #746 (2017-01-10 02:53:00UTC)

to respond to the theme thing, i don't think that's possible unless they adapt every theme manually

kilim ## Mod #745 (2017-01-10 00:27:24UTC)


thanks for your suggestions, almost all of them will be taken into consideration.

do you have toast noficiations disabled? it says Song Requested! when you request a song

the notifications are already in the oven and we're working on that; only issue i have with your request is the play/pause botton being too big, i do agree with you but as of right now im at a total loss as to what to do there

a new update will be pushed probably by weeks end so we'll see if thats good

Anonymous (b301) #744 (2017-01-10 00:17:42UTC)

  • the tittle's song should be displayed in notification instead of the predetermined caption: "r/a/dio is streaming" or "touch to return to app."
  • I think play/pause button is too big, and those pixel area should be improved, how? I leave it to your hands :)
  • chromecast integration, as anon said.
  • Adapt dj theme to the app ( idk if it was already implemented or not)

Thanks for your app, it is really nice to have something official. I hope my suggestion could be taken in consideration.

Anonymous (b301) #743 (2017-01-09 23:49:51UTC)

Well, to be honest, I have been using TuneIn the stream by years, but I've noticed r/a/dio app has some features that I liked but it should be improved:
- Some titles from Queue list should be blue shadowed in order to know if the song is requested or not. Also should be put at top first instead of Last played songs, which should have its own tab.
- There is not a signal of success requested song when I request any song. I had to put twice to know if it was requested.
---1/2 to be continued--

kilim ## Mod #742 (2017-01-09 23:45:35UTC)


holy Christ die

Anonymous (b301) #741 (2017-01-09 23:20:09UTC)

gracias radio, la dvd puedo escucharlo su maravillosa música antes que el señor trump construya el muro.
Gracias radio de nuevo.

Anonymous (4e26) #740 (2017-01-09 16:33:40UTC)

>horrible anxiety
>constantly afraid normies will hear my weeb music and laugh

Thanks ;_;

kilim ## Mod #739 (2017-01-08 20:54:06UTC)

dont you want everyone to hear your amazing taste

its default on higher SDKs but i think we'll have to add it in for lower ones

Anonymous (c59a) #738 (2017-01-08 20:08:23UTC)

This would be pretty neat.

Anonymous (4e26) #737 (2017-01-08 16:23:14UTC)

How about headphone detection so it stop playback when unplugging them?

Anonymous (d038) #736 (2017-01-08 16:18:00UTC)

I though there was already a r/a/dio app for android... I've had it on my pda for over a year now. I guess that one was not official? oh well I'll pop this one in as well and if it's better then switch to it

kilim ## Mod #735 (2017-01-07 20:45:29UTC)

holy fuck that's a great idea ill bring it up

Anonymous (fc72) #734 (2017-01-07 20:07:46UTC)


Anonymous (1c82) #733 (2017-01-07 01:32:15UTC)

Just leave

Anonymous (8ee2) #732 (2017-01-07 00:56:33UTC)

discord bot when

kilim ## Mod #731 (2017-01-07 00:34:57UTC)

im so sorry we're garbage and can't do that yet

it does however work just fine on tablets

Anonymous (f06f) #730 (2017-01-06 23:59:51UTC)

What about landscape view? Tablet users need some love.

kilim ## Mod #729 (2017-01-06 01:20:03UTC)

we're working on this now (i think some stuff is already committed) but we have the fullest intent to add that
back button is fixed
copying is already in and committed


the problem with the scrolling text removable is its hard to optimize for phones of varying resolution so scrolling works

however i do agree that the text is kind of big, it was used initially to offset the blank space in the app, maybe adding a minimal background w

Anonymous (a216) #727 (2017-01-06 01:05:14UTC)

Okay. That's too bad, I really didn't like the scrolling much.

Anonymous (0e70) #726 (2017-01-06 01:04:23UTC)

Will this app make my penis bigger?

Vin ## Admin #724 (2017-01-06 00:40:47UTC)

I spoke to Kilim, he said that under no circumstances will he change the scrolling behavior.

Anonymous (0d22) #723 (2017-01-05 22:51:16UTC)

It would be nice to have an easier way of copying currently playing or queued song names to clipboard.

Also, please get rid of the the scroll for currently playing songs, it's pretty annoying

Anonymous (4b56) #722 (2017-01-05 20:03:11UTC)

Make it so if you hit the back button while on the news or search pages then it goes to back to the Now Playing page instead of back to the phone's home screen.

I would also make the font smaller for the currently playing song so you can see it more readily rather than waiting for it to scroll by. It would help a lot for longer titles to

Anonymous (7e2b) #721 (2017-01-05 05:11:44UTC)

I'd have two suggestions if you don't mind.
The logo on the lock screen while music is playing would look nice.
And if you could make make a menu in the notifications like this app does that would be amazing for user comfort

kilim ## Mod #720 (2017-01-05 04:47:40UTC)

shit forgot to add,

swipe from left or hit the icon in the top left to get to queue and last played

kilim ## Mod #719 (2017-01-05 04:12:18UTC)

this website is garbage

kilim ## Mod #718 (2017-01-05 04:04:23UTC)

whops haha


kilim ## Mod #717 (2017-01-05 04:04:09UTC)

coding with kilim and friends:


Anonymous (40e6) #716 (2017-01-05 04:03:52UTC)

average height.

Anonymous (d4ad) #715 (2017-01-05 03:57:09UTC)

first for kilim is short

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