Fri, 27 Jan 17 22:44:58 UTC

Since we're never getting a new website,

I finally got off my ass and

Song replacement is now available on the Submit page.

You'll notice a new dropdown on the Submit page. It contains a list of songs we've marked for replacement, either due to being broken, shitty quality or whatever other criteria. If you select one of the items when you upload a track, it'll be marked as a replacement and will be easily fast-tracked into the database.

If you know of any other songs that sound awful, don't hesitate to tell me (Vin) or someone else in IRC. Or you can drop a comment here, I guess.

Happy listening!

kilim edit: i ate ice cream


Anonymous (df9c) #815 (2017-07-02 23:05:44UTC)

tits are nice

Shiz ## Mod #787 (2017-02-20 05:42:54UTC)


Anonymous (0388) #786 (2017-02-18 07:17:07UTC)

RIP Vin never forget ;_;7

Anonymous (1710) #781 (2017-02-07 02:15:21UTC)

Home Made Kazoku - Thank You!! might need replacement. I don't know if anyone has replaced it before, but the one I uploaded was like 5mb

Vin ## Admin #780 (2017-02-02 18:29:29UTC)

The reward for uploading a replacement is the same as for uploading as usual.

Yeah that one will be a while. Sorry.

Anonymous (982c) #779 (2017-02-02 16:45:21UTC)

Exactly, the fav button currently says: "Sorry, faves are not implemented yet."

exci ## Mod #778 (2017-02-02 12:54:27UTC)

I believe he means favoriting through the search page

kilim ## Mod #777 (2017-02-01 22:46:44UTC)

1 Kilim token

Anonymous (349c) #776 (2017-02-01 18:19:35UTC)

Is there an incentive for uploading a replacement?

Vin ## Admin #774 (2017-01-31 00:06:30UTC)

I'm sorry? Not sure I get what you mean.

Anonymous (982c) #773 (2017-01-30 18:20:02UTC)

Add favorites from search page, please.

Anonymous (262f) #771 (2017-01-28 22:22:48UTC)

Can you IMAGINE being Kilim? Having Icecream and shit?

Anonymous (0388) #770 (2017-01-27 22:52:13UTC)

I appreciate you Vin
XOXO Kilim

kilim ## Mod #769 (2017-01-27 22:51:48UTC)

i had ice cream

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