Sun, 04 May 14 14:53:05 UTC

I think some people have noticed already, but requesting now works. There might still be some kinks, but there shouldn't be anything huge.

If you have any odd issues with requests, just report them here.

Also, we've made some changes to the queue. The queue will now interleave random songs with requests to ensure more variety. The way it works is that there will always be 5 non-requests in the queue; if a random song is popped out and played, a new one is added in.

A result of this new system is that requests do not get pushed ahead of random songs; they are all on equal footing. I hope this new system works out!

update: requesting is broken and Vin went offline, Hiroto went missing days ago, so no requesting until tommorow at best

update: Requesting works again, website does not give any feedback about it succeeding or not though. Fix in the work.


Anonymous (c8b6) #1405 (2019-02-03 23:45:51UTC)


Anonymous (cefc) #422 (2015-09-12 08:23:48UTC)

Dude whoever is playing right now - 8/8

Anonymous (2d0c) #414 (2015-05-15 18:44:05UTC)

Can that TechnoViking guy stop talking every 2 minutes? He's super annoying. I even tend to avoid the stream when he's on.

Vin ## Admin #218 (2014-05-12 13:05:07UTC)

You realize this news post is not FOR requesting, right...?

Anonymous (cf18) #194 (2014-05-09 17:55:06UTC)

Eggmun is cool, don't touch him :3

Anonymous (5ce7) #185 (2014-05-09 00:39:08UTC)

Take the high-horsed Eggmunch off the staff roster, please.

Vin ## Admin #179 (2014-05-07 12:18:14UTC)

I see what you mean. I'll look into it.

Anonymous (6bec) #178 (2014-05-07 11:39:54UTC)

Can we have songs off cooldown grey out when we're on personal cooldown? I'd like to be able to tell what songs are/aren't on CD apart from my personal cooldown.

Anonymous (1003) #172 (2014-05-06 15:29:57UTC)

I think it did work at the beginning, I think it broke after the requesting fix

Anonymous (cc7c) #171 (2014-05-06 14:05:38UTC)

First for Катю́ша.

Vin ## Admin #170 (2014-05-06 09:47:49UTC)

Yes, now it's fixed. I should update the post.

Also yes, songs are still marked as requestable, and songs don't red out if you are on personal cooldown. It's a bug.

I do agree now that the randoms need to be adjusted by how many requests are in the queue, but I feel that it will inflate the queue too much.

Anonymous (99af) #168 (2014-05-06 08:57:09UTC)

> website does not give any feedback about it succeeding or not though
I get feedback saying it went through. But the song still shows as requestable.
Also, there seems to be a cut off point where requests stops showing up in the queue, not sure if intentional or not.

Also, queue could use more than 5 randoms. Still think it needs to somehow relate to the size of the queue.

Vin ## Admin #164 (2014-05-05 16:48:06UTC)

Has it ever? I don't remember the new site doing that.

Anonymous (783b) #163 (2014-05-05 16:31:31UTC)

The timezone stuff doesn't work now for me

Anonymous (831b) #156 (2014-05-04 22:35:47UTC)

I tried to request EXEC_HARMONIUS/. and got the same problem as >>155 and >>149.

Anonymous (99af) #155 (2014-05-04 22:31:28UTC)

Can confirm what >>149 said. Requesting brings up an error that requesting is disabled. Tried reloading the page with ctrl-F5 and then got an error that I've recently requested and have to wait longer.

Also, random songs in the request queue are showing up highlighted as a request on the front page. Not sure if intentional or not. Only happens if there is a request after the random songs.

Anonymous (7bd6) #149 (2014-05-04 18:18:35UTC)

I've just tried to request MOBILE SUIT, by Hiroyuki Sawano, after finding it with the search engine and didn't work. It said requests are still disabled.

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