Thu, 23 Feb 17 21:03:14 UTC

Good morning plebes. Hoo boy we gotta big update here.

iOS App

I am pleased to announce we finally have a fully functioning iOS App! It works for your iPhone/iPad/iTouch.

You can download it from this link.

I'd like to thank codingfool for dedicating his time to making the app function as well as it does. While you can't request music just yet, it will be implemented soon(tm). Just like the Android app, you can report all bugs in this news post or in the IRC, we'll log them and address them as we can.


We also now have an """official""" Twitter! (Don't even bother with your maymes arowes, thanks.)

Feel free to follow Hanyuu for the freshest memes and all the up to date news on your beloved little internet japanese anime music radio station. In addition to news, Hanyuu will tweet out when a DJ changes automatically, so (for example) you'll know if a favorite streamer of yours (me) decides to stream unexpectedly you won't be left behind! (Or if you're wondering why the stream went to shit you can just check your twitter to see that Ekureiru is streaming). haha gottem

All of this, as well as the android app, can be accessed from the Footer found at the bottom of the page. Eventually, as we have more news posts, these announcements will go unnoticed, so just check the links below for the most up to date, well, links.

I think that covers it up for now. Remember to keep an eye on the schedule for any changes and as always thanks for listening!!!

im gay

love, kaelaiem

PS: mad props to exci for stepping up to the plate and editing our footer, what a guy


Anonymous (acdc) #1467 (2019-09-23 22:59:39UTC)

Lolz, same problem here - changed phone, and bam! No iOS App ;_;

Anonymous (65c6) #1463 (2019-09-20 09:21:27UTC)

Did the app get removed? is it coming back? i really loved that app

Anonymous (c5bd) #1461 (2019-09-17 06:53:45UTC)

its not available in the US either ;_;

Anonymous (5ff4) #1397 (2019-01-12 20:15:51UTC)

The app got removed from the app store, or at least from the uk region.

exci ## Mod #814 (2017-06-27 20:58:16UTC)

Depends on what you meant by the question, but in every case the answer will be no, as it was decided a long time ago that there would be no features that would allow people to listen to old streams on the website, and the same thing applies to the app.

Anonymous (2593) #813 (2017-06-26 01:39:57UTC)

Would it be possible to implement a record feature to save past streams to listen to offline when not connected to data?

Anonymous (93d1) #812 (2017-06-03 16:06:55UTC)

CAN YOU imagine being Kilim?

Anonymous (dff4) #811 (2017-05-02 13:36:46UTC)

>>810 I am the developer of the iOS app. Tap on any song name and a little hint will come up saying 'Copy'. Tap that and you can paste the song title into Google. For now, if you want a more complete list of song items, look on the r/a/dio website.

Anonymous (b3b3) #810 (2017-04-30 03:21:42UTC)

Is it possible to have a button on app to store a name of song you like so you can search them later? Thank you.

Anonymous (8c67) #809 (2017-04-16 12:35:24UTC)

I'd her horns

Anonymous (59cf) #801 (2017-03-25 04:37:46UTC)


Anonymous (c5dc) #800 (2017-03-10 01:25:14UTC)

Just noticed the Android app is pushing song info to bluetooth devices now. Thats awesome, thanks!

Anonymous (78e7) #799 (2017-03-01 22:13:46UTC)

Thank you so goddamn much for the iOS app. It was hell trying to listen using internet apps on my phone and having it cut out completely whenever I walked through a tiny dead zone, but this one automatically reconnects and starts playing again. Having the song info on the lock screen was also a great choice.

exci ## Mod #798 (2017-02-28 11:29:03UTC)

You'll probably want to report that here

as well as any other suggestions for improvement you might have

Anonymous (8c7c) #797 (2017-02-28 02:53:10UTC)

I'm using the iOS app with an iPhone5s and I can press pause and play just fine but I'm unable to scroll at all. The top of the first song in the queue is cut off at the bottom of the screen so I assume this isn't intentional. Also I would kind of prefer song titles to wrap to the next line rather than having the middle be ellipsed.

Anonymous (d038) #796 (2017-02-26 01:07:53UTC)

queue times...

can we get a current queue time when looking at the queue or when making a request (or a localized time when the request will play)

side note,
I think the android app has a bug with info not updating/matching (np/lp/q/dj) current stuff. I think it happens when I leave the app on in the background (not playing) for a long time before coming back to it. I wonder if it's powersave settings messing witht he app, would have to see if I can un-enforce those settings for it.

Anonymous (4c1a) #795 (2017-02-25 02:10:28UTC)

I've got you senpai. Seriously maybe, actually.

kilim ## Mod #794 (2017-02-23 23:32:40UTC)


well you can search with just tags (try searching 2hu as an example, it'll come up); however there is no way currently for you to search the tag, not sure if it's possible with our limitations!

for your second query, they aren't but they should be :V

they do follow the same rules tho

Anonymous (663c) #793 (2017-02-23 23:01:28UTC)

Still waiting for the BlackBerry app.

Anonymous (d038) #792 (2017-02-23 22:29:07UTC)

cool beans ^_^
a couple things.
-Will the apps (android/ios) be getting the ability to look up song tags and search from those tags? Would be helpful when listening to something with moonrunes in the title and also allow us to find related tunes.
-Are requests through the apps tied to the same limits the site imposes in terms of requests? (2 hours per request and from that ip if I have that right)

Either way keep up the good work and keep the music flowing

Anonymous (b011) #791 (2017-02-23 22:22:19UTC)


exci ## Mod #790 (2017-02-23 21:25:38UTC)


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