Mon, 17 Jul 17 14:47:47 UTC

I've modified the cooldown time on individual songs at the behest of some people. It should be half as long now, so songs should hopefully be requestable more often now than before. Kilim thinks this will make people listen to r/a/dio more. If you agree, please comment. If you don't agree, please comment.

I've also fixed a very long standing bug with requestability. You should now no longer see songs as requestable only to click on them and have it tell you that it's on cooldown. If this is still happening to you, tell me about it and I will ignore it for a couple months until I fix it. Thanks.

Update: I've now added a cooldown timer to the search result page. Do keep in mind that it's an upper bound; the song could come off cooldown before the given time. (In hindsight, the system should have been designed better to prevent that, but eh.)


Anonymous (57de) #855 (2017-09-28 03:41:58UTC)

Vin is not the dev we deserve but the one we need.

Vin ## Admin #850 (2017-09-08 16:28:08UTC)

That would make it even harder to have a block than it already is, though. Which is one of the reasons people don't seem to like how Hanyuu songs work today.

Anonymous (67ed) #849 (2017-09-07 19:02:03UTC)

Rather than having all requested songs have priority of Hanyuu. I think it would be better, for variety's sake, to have requested songs be played every other one. So one Hanyuu then one requeted, and repeat.

Anonymous (a20d) #845 (2017-08-26 23:02:07UTC)

That would be great.
They should be requestable like normal, except instead of going into the queue they play immediately on top of whatever is currently playing.

Anonymous (b3d2) #841 (2017-08-11 22:19:22UTC)

I agree

Anonymous (5c96) #840 (2017-08-09 20:40:21UTC)

hanyuu just needs airhorns and nyanpassu~ now
then we wouldn't need any other DJs

Vin ## Admin #839 (2017-08-02 16:13:18UTC)

Actually, all /a/ sings except for Howling were removed a little while ago.

Let's be honest, most of them aren't that good.

All the time. Anything that's not blue in the queue is Hanyuu's.

Anonymous (0ccb) #838 (2017-08-01 18:53:07UTC)

Has Hanyuu ever gotten the chance to play her own stuff? There's always a queue going full of requests

exci ## Mod #837 (2017-08-01 18:25:25UTC)

there are some that want to remove /a/ sings and a lot of mashups and similar stuff that honestly isn't good but is there for the sake of memes or board culture altogether but no consensus has been reached

Anonymous (1710) #836 (2017-08-01 18:09:47UTC)

keep the long cooldown for trainroll and /a/ choirs

Vin ## Admin #835 (2017-08-01 17:09:24UTC)

That's how it used to be. I do know that it's nice to request something and have it play instantly if there's nothing in the queue, but in most cases this just leads to Hanyuu's stuff simply never playing.
It just feels a bit meh if 90% of the database never gets played. Maybe that's just me.

Hm, I get what you mean. It's on the backlog.

Anonymous (0ccb) #834 (2017-07-30 21:55:00UTC)

How about adding a personal song request cooldown timer for the site and app?

kilim ## Mod #833 (2017-07-30 14:25:01UTC)

im actually in favor of this idea as well, we'll have to bring it up to vin

Anonymous (bf5c) #832 (2017-07-29 16:52:21UTC)

I think this is a good change. I have long struggled with a feeling of inadequate weebness and despair when every song I can think of and like is on cooldown.

Also, have you considered letting requested songs skip ahead of non-requested tracks in the queue? When nothing has been requested, I see little need to wait 20-30 minutes for Hanyuu's "quality" picks (no offense) to play out.

Anonymous (3ab5) #831 (2017-07-25 15:51:10UTC)

I agree with Kilim, but it's not like I like him or anything.

Vin ## Admin #830 (2017-07-24 12:27:28UTC)

I'll look into it. No promises.

Anonymous (b9b1) #829 (2017-07-23 23:52:58UTC)

Please add instant results when typing in the searchbar instead of opening up search history.

Vin ## Admin #828 (2017-07-23 21:10:48UTC)

I see what you mean. That'll probably be a while, sorry.

Anonymous (0e70) #827 (2017-07-21 22:48:53UTC)

Songs that have been renamed/deleted, or were faved while a dj was streaming. Ex. 2 of these don't seem to be in the database anymore:

Vin ## Admin #826 (2017-07-21 21:39:18UTC)

What do you mean by invalid song?

Depends on the song. More popular songs have longer cooldowns.
The next item on the list is probably to add a listing in the search results that tells you how long until a song is requestable.

Anonymous (2ae6) #825 (2017-07-21 21:33:34UTC)

What is the cooldown on requesting a song?

Anonymous (0e70) #824 (2017-07-21 01:24:20UTC)

How long until we can remove invalid songs from our favorites?
Also /r/ japari park

Anonymous (fbef) #823 (2017-07-20 11:18:43UTC)

I'm really glad this was fixed. Since I listen to this radio a few hours a day, sometimes I'd come on here only to find whatever song I was thinking of on cooldown. This is really helpful.

Anonymous (8273) #822 (2017-07-18 06:30:53UTC)

Seems like a reasonable experiment desu
I am tentatively supportive of it

Anonymous (0006) #821 (2017-07-18 06:15:15UTC)

kilim is dumb

Anonymous (3c5a) #820 (2017-07-18 02:37:16UTC)

I'm happy with this. I often find half the time I request a song, it's on cooldown.
I don't listen to the channel 24/7 like some people must to complain about it, but I generally tune in for a few hours every day or two. Hopefully I'll be able to fulfill some requests now.

kilim ## Mod #819 (2017-07-17 22:49:12UTC)

in all seriousness, the idea behind this was simple; i felt that we were 'limiting' listener enjoyment by locking songs behind such a large cooldown (i still see the point of a CD for the same songs being spammed over and over again) so the CD is still there but it's just not as large as before

this is just a test to see if you guys (the listeners) actually like this more

kilim ## Mod #818 (2017-07-17 22:28:59UTC)

well guess what the second thing happened.

do you know how dumb you are? how pathetic and inconsequential your life is? you are like a cow. actually, scratch that, cows are useful and give us milk and beef. you're like a slab of concrete. wait, actually; concrete also has it's uses.

i actually cant think of anything in this world more useless than you. even shit fertilizes the ground.

congratulations, you're actually less useful than shit, give yourself a pat on the back.


kilim ## Mod #817 (2017-07-17 22:27:37UTC)

i agree and >>816 is a contrarian bitch who has no life and thinks by being a contrarian loser he'll have some redeem quality. well guess what post number 816, i got some news for you, you're still just as unimportant as you were before, your contrarian post withstanding.

i bet you walked into this thinking "hey, ill make a funny post and people will really like me, maybe theyll ask who i am in the IRC? maybe i wont get blown the fuck out by Kilim's master rhetoric for being a stupid faggot!

Anonymous (015a) #816 (2017-07-17 22:25:11UTC)

I don't agree. Thanks

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