Sat, 07 Oct 17 11:34:29 UTC

Hi. If you've had problems with the stream this year, such as losing connection randomly, not being able to connect randomly, or anything else really, let us know in the comments. Try to include whether you listened through the website/player/app and anything else you might think of that could be relevant. You can also complain to Vin and/or Wessie about anything else that bothers you. Especially Vin since he was supposed to make this newspost but didn't.

We noticed some weird listener drops on the stream when looking through stuff and I hope this might help us find out if something is wrong or if it really is normal for 40 listeners to randomly drop stream in two minutes.


Kethsar ## Admin #917 (2017-12-15 20:45:20UTC)

The problem with things like this is that it requires debugging to figure out how to fix, which requires some way to faithfully reproduce the issue.

The metadata is updated every 10 seconds from the API so when it desyncs like some people have claimed, I have no idea how it even happens.

Anonymous (3e00) #912 (2017-12-07 21:03:15UTC)

A bit late since the original topic was first posted but over the last month or so I have been having some small problems with the android app.

It plays music fine but it usually takes quite sometime for it to load in what song is playing or what is up in que. Not a huge deal but it is a bit disappointing when I hear a song I like but can't find out what it is called without going onto the actual site.

Anonymous (a91b) #905 (2017-11-29 11:57:59UTC)

Who is the cutest DJ please respond!!

Anonymous (b1e3) #904 (2017-11-22 17:52:18UTC)

The Android app isn't great at handling flaky data connections. I expect the stream to stutter while driving through areas with shitty coverage, but it sometimes stops trying to reconnect to the stream at all. Hitting pause/play restarts it just fine. Running Android 8.0 on the OG Google Pixel.

Other than that I've had infrequent issues with the stream dying at the end of a song through the website. I haven't run into this when using foobar.

Anonymous (58f0) #903 (2017-11-06 14:06:17UTC)

It's all Kilim's fault. Didn't have this problem before he took over.

Anonymous (54e4) #902 (2017-11-06 06:16:20UTC)

>implying they haven't always been shit

Anonymous (dbd6) #901 (2017-11-04 04:17:07UTC)

Does it have anything to do with the shitty DJs?

Anonymous (58f0) #900 (2017-11-01 10:04:05UTC)

Just blame Kilim.

Kethsar ## Admin #899 (2017-10-30 05:26:22UTC)

We use SimpleExoPlayer for playing the stream, which I think takes care of that the best it can. Not sure we can help

SimpleExoPlayer has opus support, but we don't have plans for an opus end point at this time, if ever. I agree with your sentiment on wanting one, though. The app does indeed pull metadata from the API, though if I ever feel less lazy, I'll write the custom class needed to pull it from the icecast stream so that we can update data as needed rather than every 10 s

Anonymous (eafe) #898 (2017-10-26 23:42:20UTC)

/r/ opus support in the app and perhaps an opus endpoint for the main stream.
The app already pulls metadata from the API, correct?

Anonymous (87d7) #897 (2017-10-26 20:42:55UTC)

Occasionally the stream will drop and I have to refresh the website. I use latest Opera browser.

Anonymous (23df) #896 (2017-10-24 02:43:59UTC)

Kinda unrelated and a feature request, but on my phone's data connection while at work the connection is flaky so the stream pops in and out frequently, any chance of getting a buffer in the app?
This doesn't happen with Pandora or YT Music much so I'm assuming a buffer would help even if it means I'm not listening in real time

Anonymous (1d71) #895 (2017-10-23 18:00:28UTC)

Been using winamp / site almost daily for like 5 years + not too sure how long, I'm from the UK if that matters, it cuts sometimes like it freezes and just requires clicking play again, I always feel like I'm being personally kicked for listening for too long ;_;. I always know r/a/dio's not playing because I can hear my thoughts which sucks but yeah its probably not normal that 40 drops randomly, oh yeah thanks for the music. the DJ nights and consistency has basically shaped my life. Thanks.

Anonymous (bd26) #894 (2017-10-22 01:18:06UTC)

listening in firefox and the music will occasionally cut out but the site shows it as though it were playing. Hitting stop and play or refreshing the page fixes it and it hasn't happened much in the past few months

Anonymous (0d11) #893 (2017-10-20 22:33:54UTC)

I listen to the stream through winamp, and occasionally it will just stop. The stream won't go to fallback or lag a bit, it the stream will just freeze and I'll have to connect again manually.

Anonymous (0747) #892 (2017-10-19 16:45:41UTC)

Stream just stops sometimes in Chrome. I have to stop and start the stream again to get it going again.

Anonymous (d15e) #891 (2017-10-19 08:38:52UTC)

I always seem to drop at around 3 bars on my mobile app, but I think it might be more of isp thing on my end since I'm up in Alaska.

Anonymous (7a63) #890 (2017-10-18 22:11:53UTC)

After 20 minutes or so the streams sound will just stop and I have to manually pause and restart the stream. (PC/Windows7)

Anonymous (c44e) #889 (2017-10-18 01:38:55UTC)

I listen to the stream on the webpage and sometimes after 1-2 hours the music stops DURING a track and doesn't come back. I get the new song title updates on the page but the music does not return.

Anonymous (4b11) #888 (2017-10-16 08:16:02UTC)

>You can also complain to Vin and/or Wessie about anything else that bothers you.

Vin's lack of streaming.

exci ## Mod #887 (2017-10-15 05:19:51UTC)

I'm not necessarily the best person to ask how to improve it, but one possible cause that has been mentioned is cloudflare, and the solution to that seems pretty straightforward. Someone might also have a bugged client that keeps opening new connections to the stream and then eventually dropping all of them, or something like that.

exci ## Mod #886 (2017-10-15 04:59:55UTC)

I know I drop when bacon starts streaming, but the listeners drop gradually rather than suddenly when he's on, they're usually (but not always) when Hanyuu is on, and can't really by explained by one or even two bad (read: unpopular) songs in a row.

Thanks for the responses, keep them coming, maybe we (Vin) can figure something out.

Anonymous (4180) #885 (2017-10-14 22:39:36UTC)

Random stuttering since September both via site stream and in foobar2k, everything else works fine so it's not my connection (probably)

Anonymous (f876) #884 (2017-10-14 06:28:08UTC)

Only on Aimp (pc)

Anonymous (eccf) #883 (2017-10-14 01:34:06UTC)

died on character count, but the app on Android 6 loses the stream frequently but recovers automatically, which is nice.

There doesn't seem to be a noticeable pattern as to where drops occur in terms of player. The web player, main.mp3 stream, via the app or via various downstream clients all seem to experience frequent dropping. I'd be really interested in the engineering behind the scenes that you all have in mind to improve the dropping situation.

Anonymous (d34a) #882 (2017-10-14 00:12:26UTC)

I bet those listener drops are at the same time Bacon takes the stream

Anonymous (eccf) #881 (2017-10-13 16:01:40UTC)

Firefox since 2012(?) Win7,8,10, Linux:

  • Will eventually drop after a changing and/or unknown number of songs.
  • Frequently drops occur on new song or new metadata.

FF Mobile, Aurora/Nightly:

  • Dies pretty quickly on Android 6

BB10 Mobile Browser:

  • Drops somewhat consistently after an hour or so on devices without 3gb RAM, seems to continue forever on 3gb devices.

Neutron Music Player; Android/BB10:

  • Drops and dies frequently, usually on metadata change.


Anonymous (cc89) #880 (2017-10-12 21:51:27UTC)

I've very rarely noticed unexplained stream drops (like once or twice a year maybe) despite listening to the stream quite frequently. I usually listen through main.mp3 in foobar2000, windows 7.

Anonymous (cb9f) #879 (2017-10-12 17:01:05UTC)

Being able to see played/playing song's tags would be very nice.

Anonymous (58f0) #878 (2017-10-12 12:10:40UTC)

Did we get rid of Kilim as admin/owner yet?

Anonymous (d0e3) #877 (2017-10-12 06:42:04UTC)

I get these errors everyday and have always ignored them.

Decoding failure at 14:04:46.981 (Connection error):

Decoding failure at 12:01:34.746 (Connection error):

Windows 10 Home using m3u file on Foobar2000.

I keep the stream up 24/7 because I'm too lazy to stop it. I just noticed the site uses https, so I downloaded and started using the new m3u file just now. We'll see if that makes a difference.

Anonymous (6fb2) #876 (2017-10-12 01:32:00UTC)

Same as #857
also what #868 said

Anonymous (2e64) #875 (2017-10-12 01:27:22UTC)

I've been using firefox and iphone app, works perfectly and haven't had any drops

Anonymous (0fd1) #874 (2017-10-11 19:22:42UTC)

I listen by an ancient .pls I downloaded from the old site on
and while sometimes it will drop once an hour most days it never drops even when I leave it in the background for 12+ hours straight. It drops way more when actual djs are playing versus in normal hanyuu streaming. The player registers it as the stream terminating but doesn't pop up with a "could not connect error" like it retried and failed. Like others said it's pretty simple to fix, just start it again and it's fine.

mcdoogle ## Mod #873 (2017-10-11 18:07:37UTC)

The stream is on and off when I'm using Opera. Sometimes it just stops outputting audio, and sometimes I'll click the Play Stream button and just not hear anything.

Anonymous (8ad4) #872 (2017-10-11 13:48:26UTC)

When using the Android app, the stream will disconnect and reconnect frequently.

Anonymous (1737) #871 (2017-10-10 17:07:28UTC)

Same as most posts, it randomly stops playing even though it appears as connected, it fixes itself instatly if i just disconnect and reconnect

Anonymous (fc06) #870 (2017-10-10 02:58:46UTC)

Listening on DeaDBeeF 0.7.2 on GNU/Loonix. Sometimes at the beginning of a new song or when I first connect the audio cuts out for the fist half of a second and plays for the second half. It stutters like that until I disconnect and reconnect. Occasionally it bumps me off and I have to wait a few seconds before it will let me reconnect.

Anonymous (8d13) #869 (2017-10-09 21:40:35UTC)

same as >>863 but on chrome

Anonymous (6415) #868 (2017-10-09 12:27:25UTC)

>normal for 40 listeners to randomly drop stream in two minutes

Yeah that's just when bacon starts streaming.

Anonymous (f650) #867 (2017-10-09 03:35:50UTC)

Been listening through the website on Chrome, and it has been randomly stopping once in a while for the past few weeks. This usually needs a restart of the stream to get it playing again.

I haven't kept track of when or how often it drops since I always figured it was some magical internet issue.

Anonymous (a6bc) #866 (2017-10-09 00:19:48UTC)

Randomly stops when using Firefox in the past when Internet is completely fine. I've left it for 5 minutes before with no reconnection, so I've had to stop and start the stream again to make it work

Strangely enough usually works fine with Chrome and playing though Amazon's Alexa

Anonymous (dc77) #865 (2017-10-08 23:47:27UTC)

basically this >>863 but I'm using Chrome

Anonymous (ca1c) #864 (2017-10-08 20:26:51UTC)

Sometimes the connection just closes, I see this in foobar2k and in a Golang based wget clone. Not very often though. It just reconnects and I barely notice except for the log entry.

Anonymous (0e70) #863 (2017-10-08 01:19:15UTC)

Sound randomly stops sometimes while listening. Stopping and starting the stream make it work again.
Listening through the website using Waterfox (same issue happens in Firefox).
When the sound stops, the site continues to use use ~200 kbps of bandwidth, but no sound is playing. I've tried waiting minutes but the sound never restarts after it stops; I have to stop then restart the stream.

Anonymous (3834) #862 (2017-10-08 00:57:43UTC)

Same as #857 but 1.3.15 and in Canada.

It would be nice to have some kind of timer in the app though, I want to fall asleep with r/a/dio.

Anonymous (8b3c) #861 (2017-10-07 22:44:59UTC)

App dies on phone/tablet sometimes, it's really random. And same issue with Chrome as #860

Anonymous (b2ea) #860 (2017-10-07 19:30:00UTC)

I've had random disconnects on the latest version of Chrome over the past six months of use. I've also had disconnects while using GOM with the stream link, honestly I thought I was my own internet being stupid as ISP's in Southern Ontario are dodgy at best. Vin probably also fucks with the cable at night so there's that.

Anonymous (cba0) #859 (2017-10-07 18:43:56UTC)

Using 1.3.13 but otherwise the same as #857 down to location.

Anonymous (8b45) #858 (2017-10-07 15:06:41UTC)

Through website on a computer, version 53 of faggotfox. Shit just fuckin stops after like a half hour, usually when a song ends. Gotta turn the stream on and off again to tune in. Been like this for at least a year, for me anyway.

Anonymous (2483) #857 (2017-10-07 15:05:45UTC)

Sometimes my stream just stops while listening on Foobar2000 v1.3. I will be in a game or reading something online and that will still be working, so I know its not my internet connection. I'm using the following path:
Its generally not a big deal, I just have to click it again to start it back. Hopefully this will help though. My location is southern United States.

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