Wed, 29 Nov 17 19:44:14 UTC

So basically, since Sunday we've been running the stream out of a different server than the regular one to see if it's the server that's causing the stream problems that people have been having. Unfortunately, it seems that some network mishaps yesterday caused lots of listeners to drop during a stream. Sorry about that. We've changed it back since then.

However, it would be good to know if anyone experienced sudden stream drops (other than the one yesterday) like they have before during this time. Please leave a comment, preferably along with location/player/OS etc.



exci ## Mod #919 (2017-12-17 09:45:04UTC)

Should be up soon™

Anonymous (83c4) #918 (2017-12-17 04:06:27UTC)

Do you guys have a schedule for who will do what/when for the Christmas/New Year's streams?

Kethsar ## Admin #915 (2017-12-15 18:08:17UTC)

Anyone that actually understands the difference or figures out TLS is an issue for them would be capable of removing the s like you did. Everyone else wouldn't know why they would want to use one over the other, and TLS is preferred in most cases, so there isn't a good reason to add those.

Also get a better media player.

Anonymous (6e2f) #914 (2017-12-13 08:59:31UTC)

Can you make "http://" versions of all the streaming links? I found that Winamp 5.666 doesn't like to stream in "https://" urls. I had to put "http://" on the direct stream url instead to make the stream work. Thanks!

Anonymous (89c1) #911 (2017-12-07 02:10:08UTC)

The stream cuts out pretty consistently for me. When I listen from stream link with VLC or the direct link in browser (Waterfox on Windows 10) it seems to drop pretty consistently after 14 minutes 48 seconds to 14 minutes 52 seconds. Only way to get it to start again is to refresh or stop and start again. I'm having the same problem with Waterfox on Arch.

Anonymous (d2be) #910 (2017-12-06 05:49:41UTC)

Is this an issue with the stream dropping due to lost packets? If a DJ has a bad connection and is causing intermittent empty air, would it be possible to pre-mix with dead air before distributing to clients?

Anonymous (22f7) #909 (2017-12-05 06:53:13UTC)

The stream has cut out a few times for me today. All for around 10-15 seconds before starting once more. windows 8/firefox

Kethsar ## Admin #908 (2017-12-03 22:49:49UTC)

I had 2 or 3 drops in one day, all from the browser player, since the switch back. Minimal issues with Foobar so far, except when Dense was streaming, but I don't know if that was his connection or not.

mcdoogle ## Mod #907 (2017-12-01 15:43:00UTC)

I've still been experiencing the occasional drop when listening on the site via Opera.

exci ## Mod #906 (2017-11-30 21:27:08UTC)

Not sure if I had them before (old player autoreconnected, new one skips to next song on drop), but have had a few since yesterday. Using Audacious on Arch.

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