Sun, 31 Dec 17 21:58:11 UTC

I'd like to apologize for this drama nonsense right off the bat for the New Year, but I wanted to write out an apology to all you guys and a minor explanation for my (permanent) absence after this.

For those of you unaware, I will be leaving r/a/dio indefinetely from here on out, and I will not be returning. I'm a pretty blunt person so here are the reasons:

  • 1.) We are now not allowed on /a/ save for holiday threads. I do not fault the mods at all for this decision, if they give us even a sliver of leeway, then other nonsense threads can use that as leverage for poisoning the board with their garbage. However, I started out on r/a/dio from /a/ and not being able to be there for the majority of the year leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

  • 2.) I have grown increasingly distant from the community at a large for the past half of a year. This is a simple one. I am very detached from a bunch of the new people/personalities and quite honestly, it isn't right for me to be in any sort of power position with such a lack of care towards the community. For this, I am sorry. I don't know where I strayed but I did and that's how it is.

  • 3.) This is a weird one. As someone who is monetarily in charge of r/a/dio I always viewed things differently from the staff. My end goal was always to make the listeners happy and to grow the listener base. Maybe it was because I have a (literal) personal investment into the server that I felt this way. Like a higher listener count equaled more revenue? Sometimes I would get really bummed out when staff members didn't share my enthusiasm or would ignore things I had to say. Maybe I cared too much? Who knows. I'll chalk this one up as a personal fault as well. Sorry.

  • 4.) I'm going to kill Kilim (heh) off, period. This is personal and I will not divulge details.

Quite honestly, it doesn't really matter. I made up my mind and if you are reading this I have already left. I just wanted to share a few words with all of you, the listeners, staff, DJs, before I leave:

I've been here for 5+(?) years and it feels like I've been here forever, much like our dumb bot says so in the join channel message. Ghostlyy, Digi, ed, Vin, Wessie, Eggmun, Kethsar, exci, Skye hell even Claud. This message is for you. Thank you. Eventually(?) we would all have gone our seperate ways, whether it be marriage (except for Vin lol, loser), a new job or simply being bored/fed up with the whole thing. I want you guys to know that I'll always remember and think fondly of our friendship/relationships, and please know that my banter was never intended to hurt you. Yes I can be an egotistical asshole but we all have our problems, and I have always tried my best to give you guys a smile. I hope that we'll still remain in contact one way or another but if not, it's fine. I'm blessed to even have met you guys to begin with, let alone refer to you as my friend. HOWEVER ED I STILL NEED YOUR HELP AS SYSADMIN FOR MY SERVER YOU'RE NOT GOING ANYWHERE

To the listeners whom I love so much, thank you as always for listening. The simple act of you tuning into the stream gives me so much joy - that you would take time out of your life and give it to us always made me happy. I don't think I will ever be able to have as much fun as I do here for New Years than I would elsewhere. Actually, there's no way in hell that will happen. This was definetely the highlight of my life for what a NYE party should be.

You guys are the core of r/a/dio and without you we are nothing. Never forget that. DJs come and go, staff quit but what good is a r/a/dio without listeners? (it's not). Thank you guys.

Once again, I really hope that this is all some weird attention grab and that come next year you'll hear my voice again and call me out on my bullshit for being a whiny loser and wanting attention - but if that isn't the case, I wanted to say a final thank you and goodbye.

I want to leave r/a/dio as I came into it as a DJ, with some music.

Be safe guys, God bless all of you.

Love, Kilim

rate how anime this was out of 10


Anonymous (ef75) #1245 (2018-06-22 22:15:58UTC)

i give this post a perfect 5/7

Anonymous (edc8) #1136 (2018-02-13 05:19:20UTC)

Haven't been on r/a/dio for a while but always loved your music taste. Best of luck in whatever you do next fam.

Anonymous (52ad) #1001 (2018-02-02 05:37:26UTC)

I'll miss you man. I really enjoyed listening to your streams these last few years and made a lot of great memories here. Thank you for all the hard work you've put into this place.

I hope you're able to accomplish whatever it is you're aiming for. Good luck and goodbye!

Anonymous (a982) #998 (2018-01-27 06:05:14UTC)

Another one bite the dust.

Anonymous (5914) #997 (2018-01-25 05:54:09UTC)

You'll come back. They all come back.
Don't forget that you're here forever.
Until then, laters faggot. Thanks for the memories.

Anonymous (46f6) #996 (2018-01-25 01:43:01UTC)

Nobody cares fuck off

Anonymous (19d9) #995 (2018-01-24 14:23:36UTC)

Who are you again?

Anonymous (1617) #994 (2018-01-20 19:22:26UTC)


Anonymous (5840) #993 (2018-01-18 02:17:07UTC)

Never Forgetti

Anonymous (12c0) #992 (2018-01-11 06:04:37UTC)

Thanks for the fun memories.
And your parting tune is part of the reason why you have great tastes.

Anonymous (e515) #991 (2018-01-10 13:51:17UTC)

Even though this is an autistic meltdown, it's still sad to lose a friend. Look after yourself.

Anonymous (d533) #990 (2018-01-09 08:34:34UTC)

Good luck, and kill 'em all, kilim.

Anonymous (e9f9) #989 (2018-01-05 17:47:31UTC)

See You Space Cowboy...

Anonymous (1e2e) #988 (2018-01-05 17:23:52UTC)

Thanks for the memes.

Anonymous (5659) #987 (2018-01-04 19:30:50UTC)

Can you imagine?

Anonymous (8641) #986 (2018-01-04 18:29:15UTC)


Anonymous (01f0) #985 (2018-01-03 14:41:22UTC)

Good riddance

Anonymous (5640) #984 (2018-01-02 23:05:26UTC)

And nothing of value was lost.

Anonymous (228b) #983 (2018-01-02 22:40:27UTC)

Good luck in whatever you intend to do Kilim.

Anonymous (3ca4) #982 (2018-01-02 19:33:01UTC)

Remember to download the app. Do it for him.

Anonymous (a7a8) #981 (2018-01-02 19:22:43UTC)

Never regret the things that made you smile, Kilim. Good luck with everything.

Anonymous (3acf) #980 (2018-01-02 19:13:24UTC)

What remaining DJs are there?

Anonymous (d98c) #979 (2018-01-02 18:40:07UTC)

I never downloaded the app.

mcdoogle ## Mod #978 (2018-01-02 16:50:28UTC)

See you around, Kilim. You were always fun to talk to and we'll miss you.

Anonymous (4d04) #977 (2018-01-02 14:57:55UTC)

If this is seriously a heart felt goodbye and not a fucking kilim ruse, good luck in life my friend. You certainly did have good intentions in mind and i would like to say i share the same resentment as you (at least cloe to - I can only gauge) when the /a/ threads were killed.
I definitely could tell how much fun you had doing your meme streams, and your second really did hammer in an explanation for your scheduled saturday streams.
Goodbye, see you in the fields of green

Anonymous (84de) #976 (2018-01-02 13:40:24UTC)

Oh no, how are we going to survive without drunken faggot constantly screaming during his streams, being unfunny and ignoring listeners' requests? Only Master Bacon with his /pol/ streams can save us now.

Anonymous (7395) #975 (2018-01-02 13:34:46UTC)

Thanks for 4 years that I spent here, I love you

Anonymous (242c) #974 (2018-01-02 05:01:24UTC)

i hope you find the happiness and the change you're looking for,regardless of what other anon's say you always made my time on radio and nye better it won't be the same without you good luck man.

Anonymous (54e4) #973 (2018-01-02 04:59:16UTC)

>no kuma
>no ed
>no kilim
>rarely any eku
Why is r/a/dio even a thing anymore?

Anonymous (3834) #972 (2018-01-02 03:59:09UTC)

See you next year Kilim~

Anonymous (c1ff) #971 (2018-01-02 02:35:02UTC)

I never wanted this. Q_Q

Anonymous (d95e) #970 (2018-01-02 01:50:02UTC)

F ;_;7

Anonymous (ceae) #969 (2018-01-02 01:03:54UTC)


Anonymous (ca88) #968 (2018-01-02 00:40:01UTC)

We're still going to spam the pasta Kilim.

Anonymous (9de9) #967 (2018-01-01 23:19:05UTC)

>tfw I won't ever be able to imagine being kilim again

Anonymous (ecab) #966 (2018-01-01 22:57:12UTC)

I didn't want to start this year with all these feels ;_; My thoughts are a mess right now, but all this to say thanks for everything you did for r/a/dio and shaping the r/a/dio community. I'm glad you shared a moment of you life with us, this definitely would not have been the same without you.


Kilim the Anime. Fund it!


Anonymous (ecab) #965 (2018-01-01 22:03:40UTC)

Even as mostly a lurker, I always thought you were one of the few people that would never leave. I don't think I ever said this, but I loved that you were another person who valued King Arthur's ideals and values as much as myself; I don't think I've met anyone else that held those beliefs so strongly. You made r/a/dio a really fun place to be these past several years and I hope the new year brings nothing but good fortune for you.


Anonymous (75a9) #964 (2018-01-01 21:55:57UTC)

Kilim cannot handle the circumstances and commits suicide

Anonymous (5369) #963 (2018-01-01 21:55:40UTC)

I hope he doesn't actually have cancer

Anonymous (671d) #962 (2018-01-01 21:50:42UTC)

RIP you glorious faggot

Anonymous (3ca4) #961 (2018-01-01 21:49:50UTC)

And nothing of value was lost.

Anonymous (a8d3) #960 (2018-01-01 21:20:44UTC)

Thanks for everything Kilim. I'll miss ya, New Years won't be the same but good luck in whatever you wish to do.
Can you imagine?/10 anime would watch again.

Anonymous (8265) #959 (2018-01-01 21:06:47UTC)


kipukun ## Mod #958 (2018-01-01 20:24:54UTC)

see ya, space cowboy.

Anonymous (61b6) #957 (2018-01-01 20:06:03UTC)

Can you imagine being Kilim?
Just SNORTING to himself at how EPIC of a memelord he is and asking his buttbuddies to "hey wouldn't it be EPIC if you were to call on Skype? I'd act like all PISSED and shit on the stream and like I'm drunk lel but I only drank Dr Pepper duduru~~
His overreaction to shit is so fucking unfunny and fake that I honestly don't know how my room isn't full of vomit right now.

Anonymous (07ae) #956 (2018-01-01 19:49:49UTC)

Goodbye you massive faggot

Anonymous (7d3e) #955 (2018-01-01 19:47:44UTC)

Kilim I unironically don't want you to leave but also want you to achieve whatever it is you're trying to accomplish by not coming back, so don't bitch out after a few weeks and fail yah?

Anonymous (ddcd) #954 (2018-01-01 19:33:14UTC)

Fuck when Kilim started choking up at the end I started tearing up too. Thanks for ruining my buzz asshole. May the weaboo gods look over you
7/10 anime, needed more dokis

Anonymous (58f0) #953 (2018-01-01 19:21:41UTC)

>didn't share my enthusiasm or would ignore things I had to say. Maybe I cared too much?
You cared to much about your own e-penis and didn't want to listen to other people either, it takes two to the tango you know.
Well have fun with doing whatever you are doing now.
6/10 btw, Would have been 8/10 if not for you turning into literal Hiroto when you became the "Server Owner".

Vin ## Admin #952 (2018-01-01 19:21:22UTC)

Seems like commenting has been broken for a little while. Sorry about that. You should be able to comment again now.

Vin ## Admin #950 (2018-01-01 13:16:31UTC)

Bye Kilim! I'll miss you.

annih ## Mod #949 (2018-01-01 08:06:40UTC)

it's going to be a great year.

digi ## Mod #948 (2018-01-01 08:04:54UTC)


guest ## Mod #947 (2018-01-01 08:01:41UTC)

You're a huge memelord, but you always made it fun. Take care, you piece of shit. It's been fun.

Also I always enjoyed your vidya streams. Here's to hoping the JRPGs we play continue to be good times.

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