Mon, 12 May 14 00:20:06 UTC

exci made a dark theme and I went and threw it up as default.

Also a bunch of fixes just went live:

--- Dropdowns now actually close when navigating a page
--- DJ Images are once again a thing
--- Queue is no longer paginated
--- Correct playlist links are now on the main page

And a few more. See our Github Repo for that.

PS: Yes, I am aware requesting on the site is still sucky. It's in the backlog.


Anonymous (f4af) #271 (2014-05-26 11:39:30UTC)

Is hard to read with this theme, just saying.

Vin ## Admin #242 (2014-05-17 22:54:51UTC)

He did say he was listening for 5 hours, and Wessie said he had a similar thing happen.

Amelia ## Mod #241 (2014-06-26 18:44:32UTC)


Why do you keep tabs open for weeks at a time?

Anonymous (99af) #240 (2014-05-17 04:06:59UTC)

They've not been appearing since the site changed.
Safe to say it's going to be on /moe/ for a while

On a side note, any news on the RSS feed?

Anonymous (4af3) #239 (2014-05-16 22:51:24UTC)

Is it just me or have the thread links not been appearing on the main site the last two weeks? I've had to go into IRC to find the threads.

Anonymous (0a18) #238 (2014-05-16 16:00:04UTC)

Finally I can browse a r/a/dio that is dark and edgy like my soul.

Vin ## Admin #237 (2014-05-16 13:34:37UTC)

No idea what you did, to be honest.

Could you be more detailed?

Anonymous (6e58) #236 (2014-05-16 02:03:07UTC)

Broke the theming via going to a 404 page and back.
An issue?

Vin ## Admin #235 (2014-05-15 13:43:16UTC)

Can you make a memory dump?

Press F12 on the page, then go to Profiles and select Take Heap Snapshot and press Take Snapshot. Then click on the "Save" link on the snapshot in the list on the left. Upload it and post the link to me or Chitose in the IRC (or post it here if you don't care).

Anonymous (c3b5) #234 (2014-05-15 11:24:20UTC)

I often listen to r/a/dio on work. I found that that the memory is leaking. The chrome's process that is associated with the r/a/dio's page can use more than 500 MB of memory after about 5 hours of listening.
I had no issues with the previous version of the website.

Anonymous (e218) #233 (2014-05-14 22:47:26UTC)

I've been waiting for this change for years. Thanks a ton.
Now my eyes don't have to suffer

Vin ## Admin #232 (2014-05-14 14:03:34UTC)

I don't know what the state of the app is.

The graphs will probably eventually be back.

Anonymous (f6c1) #231 (2014-05-13 21:48:50UTC)

+1 for more android app development

Are you guys going to add the site graphs back to the stats page?

Anonymous (e2a6) #230 (2014-05-13 15:52:38UTC)

I for one am glad that the site is now as black as my soul. Thanks exci.

Anonymous (3154) #229 (2014-05-13 01:25:51UTC)

Fave list?

Anonymous (a813) #227 (2014-05-12 21:29:20UTC)

exci is short for exciment

Anonymous (9473) #226 (2014-05-12 21:23:29UTC)

So... about that Android app..

Vin ## Admin #224 (2014-05-12 14:20:39UTC)

Oh, I see what you mean. Yeah, I'm pretty sure that would break the layout. Can't do much about that.

exci ## Mod #223 (2014-05-12 14:18:03UTC)

That's probably not the only thing I forgot, but I'll fix them all at once when I can bother

┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

Anonymous (cf18) #222 (2014-05-12 14:14:10UTC)

>I don't have that comment box issue in 67, so I don't know what that's about.

Ever tried resizing the comment box?
Anyway, if extending the block that contains the comment box would be a pain, then it's fine as it is.

Vin ## Admin #221 (2014-05-12 13:30:12UTC)

The fave thing will probably be implemented on the fave page when that gets made.

I don't have that comment box issue in 67, so I don't know what that's about.

Not sure about the other smaller design issues because I'm not that well versed in Bootstrap, but I can look into it or have exci take a look.

Anonymous (cf18) #220 (2014-05-12 13:25:16UTC)


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