Thu, 01 Feb 18 18:45:16 UTC

Vin made daypass visible. Thanks Vin. It should've been visible from the beginning and it used to be but for some reason it wasn't now. What is the daypass you ask? It's a thing that lets you upload as many songs as you want without using a proxy. To get one you only need to ask anyone with access on irc. Anyway, it's easier for both of us if you use it when you want to upload more than one song, so please use it.

Aside from that, please check the replacements list on the submit page and upload high quality replacements. Thanks


Vin ## Admin #1160 (2018-02-19 22:37:19UTC)

there i did it

Vin ## Admin #1090 (2018-02-06 17:32:12UTC)

Sorry, but I've gotta say, accepting songs isn't exactly the most fun of tasks.

I'll get around to it.

Anonymous (728e) #1089 (2018-02-06 10:21:27UTC)

What's the fucking point of the daily pass if no one ever goes through submit queue to approve uploaded songs?
It can take weeks until one of you lazy fags accepts the song.

Anonymous (015a) #1075 (2018-02-05 15:29:05UTC)

We know this, but there is nothing we can do at this time. K*lim forgot the password, and the API doesn't support anything regarding pinned tweets. We're probably screwed on that front.

Anonymous (52ad) #1068 (2018-02-05 04:45:29UTC)

The schedule pinned on the Twitter account is like a year out of date as well.

Anonymous (e467) #1048 (2018-02-04 20:34:14UTC)

Thanks man, appreciate it

Kethsar ## Admin #1030 (2018-02-04 11:59:17UTC)

I added some exception handling and logging to it earlier. Hopefully the exception handling will prevent it from dying again, and the logging will eventually let me know why it was in the first place. Amazing how it was stable on Kil*m's server for so long without failing.

Anonymous (9311) #1005 (2018-02-03 19:10:04UTC)

As someone who really doesn't give a single shit about this community, i'm shocked to see more than 3 people engaged in this place... you would think it would need less.

Anonymous (01f0) #1004 (2018-02-03 06:12:15UTC)

Should have downloaded the app

exci ## Mod #1003 (2018-02-02 07:41:41UTC)

I'll let* Kethsar know

how embarrassing

exci ## Mod #1002 (2018-02-02 07:38:48UTC)

No, but I'll Kethsar know. Should be fixed before long.

Anonymous (e467) #1000 (2018-02-02 03:29:18UTC)

Twitter bot died again, any news on that?

Anonymous (6529) #999 (2018-02-02 02:12:18UTC)


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