Sat, 31 Mar 18 01:31:58 UTC

(Likely) All Chromium based web browsers have an issue in version 64 - 66 causing the stream to die when it switches between main and fallback. Version 67 is confirmed to work again. However, that is currently the unstable branch. Check this link to find out when version 67 will hit stable. If you use Chrome and noticed the stream stopping relatively often (every few songs) sometime in the past week, that was likely me testing shit.

In the mean time, it is recommended you switch to some other method to listen to the stream. Either listen from a different browser, or use this to listen from your favourite media player.

This post will be removed when Chromium 67 hits stable.


Kethsar ## Admin #1223 (2018-04-26 23:54:20UTC)

We're actually not sure if it was Chromium or ffmpeg that caused the regression. Only that at the time of testing, 64, 65, and 66 were affected, and 67 was working fine again.

Anonymous (22f6) #1220 (2018-04-24 21:02:21UTC)

Chromium regression?

Anonymous (ffc3) #1212 (2018-04-07 10:03:17UTC)

Thanks this worked

Anonymous (7110) #1211 (2018-04-06 21:03:59UTC)

its an old known issue with streams and winamp, use http instead of https

Kethsar ## Admin #1210 (2018-04-06 06:40:48UTC)

Have you tried other media players? If they work, it's a Winamp issue and not something we can help with.

Anonymous (f64e) #1208 (2018-04-04 21:54:16UTC)

>using chrome
>using any webkit-based browser

Anonymous (8771) #1207 (2018-04-04 14:19:22UTC)

Recently I've been unable to play the stream using my media player (Winamp 5.666). All I get is a "Error syncing to stream". Any ideas?

Anonymous (fe82) #1204 (2018-04-03 02:17:47UTC)

>not using GNU IceCat
Everything else is botnet

Anonymous (d4fc) #1203 (2018-04-02 20:24:16UTC)

This is why we should all use Quantum

Anonymous (a1da) #1201 (2018-03-31 07:25:25UTC)

Good thing we all use Firefox anyway :^)

Anonymous (6af1) #1199 (2018-03-31 03:44:36UTC)

(((They))) are trying shut r/a/dio down

kipukun ## Mod #1198 (2018-03-31 01:53:08UTC)

we need better devs

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