Tue, 10 Jul 18 12:31:28 UTC

For anyone who still listens.


Kethsar ## Admin #1298 (2018-09-16 18:03:17UTC)

No, I asked Vin what e-mail it used and for access to it, and then reset the password. Basically I decided to get off my lazy ass and do something about it.

exci ## Mod #1297 (2018-09-15 06:44:39UTC)

Knowing Kilim, all that was probably just a "prank"

Anonymous (285f) #1295 (2018-09-14 23:41:00UTC)

Just noticed you guys finally updated the schedule on twitter (been waiting for that). I thought k**** forgot the password to the account or something. Did you guys finally manage to guess it after like two years of trying?

Anonymous (b518) #1287 (2018-08-25 14:32:25UTC)

So who isn't streaming mogra 9th to r/a/dio?

exci ## Mod #1282 (2018-08-10 21:05:00UTC)

There's a couple of reasons that would never happen, even if we did stop doing this at some point, so you should probably stop waiting

Anonymous (6ad1) #1281 (2018-08-07 23:52:13UTC)

Still waiting for a download dump of all the archives from this spectacular server

Anonymous (c0c4) #1280 (2018-07-29 15:45:57UTC)

Always listening. Your R/a/dio is a brilliant, unique community project. I love it. Thank you for all you hard work.

Anonymous (0e2b) #1279 (2018-07-21 23:45:36UTC)

Oh that was a feature? Guess I'll start using it

Anonymous (a7d9) #1275 (2018-07-20 20:03:41UTC)

thanks guys

I love you

Anonymous (b648) #1273 (2018-07-18 16:06:11UTC)


Anonymous (a119) #1272 (2018-07-18 05:48:13UTC)

>For anyone who still listens.
Damn, that hits hard.

Anonymous (1438) #1270 (2018-07-17 00:32:04UTC)

News post about lowering the DJ count, news post about lowering request CD

Vin ## Admin #1269 (2018-07-16 14:27:31UTC)

Someone connecting with a broken client or something. We don't really know why it happens.

Anonymous (7cd6) #1268 (2018-07-16 05:48:07UTC)

Why suddently there are over 500 listeners, is it bugged?

Anonymous (3753) #1267 (2018-07-14 22:23:57UTC)

Yeah that might be too much, as long as the song cooldown is up I think we might be safe from spam, maybe.

Vin ## Admin #1266 (2018-07-14 20:19:50UTC)

I was thinking of making it as low as 30 minutes, but I thought that might be a bit too much.

Anonymous (ce87) #1265 (2018-07-14 06:20:20UTC)

by me

Anonymous (0a92) #1264 (2018-07-14 00:59:38UTC)

Sweet, on the other side we might see some disgustingly long queues from time to time now.

Anonymous (b648) #1263 (2018-07-12 12:32:25UTC)

Godbless you, you chat nazi.

Anonymous (b63d) #1262 (2018-07-12 12:23:31UTC)

I still listen, and request.

Vin ## Admin #1261 (2018-07-11 23:58:11UTC)

That's a really good question. I changed it.

Anonymous (8c48) #1260 (2018-07-11 22:20:37UTC)

Why can't you use normal sentence structure "from 2 hours to 1 hour"?

Anonymous (efb0) #1259 (2018-07-11 22:20:22UTC)

warbros number wan

Anonymous (fd30) #1258 (2018-07-11 13:53:31UTC)

>For anyone who still listens.

Anonymous (b3a2) #1256 (2018-07-10 20:50:37UTC)

A cool thing implemented in this comment form is that you can quote people traditionally.

I'll see you in the requests.

Anonymous (1300) #1255 (2018-07-10 19:26:32UTC)

To Anonymous (b3a2) ; BLAACK ROOOCK SHOOTER :P

Anonymous (b3a2) #1254 (2018-07-10 18:44:47UTC)

Why is the news post body different on its own page vs. on the home page?

Are we going back to the days of song spam?

Anonymous (8087) #1253 (2018-07-10 17:53:55UTC)

I love boypussies.

Anonymous (ef1d) #1252 (2018-07-10 16:45:34UTC)

i did this

Anonymous (5f7f) #1251 (2018-07-10 16:45:05UTC)

whats a r/a/dio anyway?

Anonymous (8380) #1250 (2018-07-10 16:02:13UTC)

Thanks I guess.

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