Thu, 13 Dec 18 08:04:16 UTC

The holidays are here once again. This means special streams just for (You). Check the latter part of the post for the easy to read schedule.
Eh, updates have been made but the paragraphs stay the same. I'm lazy.

Christmas Eve & Day
Starting off around noon on Christmas Eve will be Keth, Shava, or exci. After that we have Chrono starting off the late evening at 19:00, with McDoogle taking over at 23:00 and going until 03:00 on Christmas Day so all US listeners can open their /ss/ presents. From there we go back to filler with Keth, Shava, or exci. Possible appearance early on by Claud. Claud takes over around 17:30 hands off to Kipu at 22:00, and finally Master Bacon will close things off starting at 00:30

New Years Eve
Starting at 05:00 Mogra will be doing their end of year stream, so you should watch/listen to that instead. We don't have anything planned during the majority of the Mogra stream. When it (should) end at 16:00, we will pick up starting with Kipukun. Chrono will then take over at 18:30, handing off to Shavadava at 21:30 who pulls through New Years for EST. At 00:30 Bakkun will take the reigns and reign in the New Year for the rest of the US.

As always, schedule times are in EST.
For GMT: +5 hours
For PST: -3 hours
For everything else: Figure it out

Christmas Eve

  • 10:00 - 14:00: Claud
  • 14:00 - 19:00: Shava, Keth, exci, or someone else that wants. Who knows.
  • 19:00 - 23:00: Chrono
  • 23:00 - 03:00: McDongles

Christmas Day

  • 03:00 - 17:30: Kethsanta, Shava, or exci. Maybe even a Claud early on
  • 17:30 - 22:00: ScroogeMcGoose (That's Claud)
  • 22:00 - 00:30: Kipukun
  • 00:30 - End: Master_Bacon

New Years Eve

  • 05:00 - 16:00: Mogra. Just go listen to Mogra. If someone wants to stream they might
  • 15:00 - 19:30: Claud
  • 19:30 - 21:30: Chrono
  • 21:30 - 22:30: Shavadavadingdongs
  • 22:30 - 00:30: Bwaka (Kipukun)
  • 00:30 - 01:30: Shavadava IN AMAZING PLACE
  • 01:30 - E N D: Bakkun


Anonymous (3c13) #1418 (2019-03-28 18:51:28UTC)

"/]"?/alán a legnagyobb pedagógiai téveszme az a vélemény, hogy az ember csak azt tanulja meg, amit megtanítanak neki. A mintegy mellékesen elsajátított, tartós attitűdök, kedvtelések és ellenszenvek gyakran sokkal fontosabbak, mint a nyelvtanórák, földrajzórák, vagy a megtanult történelmi tények. Mert alapvetően ezek az attitűdök számítanak később.” (John Dewey)

exci ## Mod #1369 (2019-01-01 03:23:56UTC)

what he >>1364 said, it's actually really stressful and I'd rather get drunk and shitpost like everyone else

Anonymous (fe10) #1368 (2019-01-01 02:30:04UTC)

>Shava twice in one night

Anonymous (d1fd) #1367 (2019-01-01 02:02:57UTC)

It's just not the same without Kilim
Time to die

Anonymous (a8d8) #1366 (2019-01-01 00:27:14UTC)


Anonymous (68fa) #1365 (2019-01-01 00:14:15UTC)

Never forget, I love you fucks.

Kethsar ## Admin #1364 (2018-12-31 22:42:21UTC)

Same as me, didn't want to stream unless there was a need, and thankfully there was not.

Anonymous (fe10) #1363 (2018-12-31 22:16:29UTC)

where the fuck is exci!?

Anonymous (74b2) #1361 (2018-12-31 18:04:41UTC)

Only come back if you fix this >>1360

Anonymous (74b2) #1360 (2018-12-31 17:43:19UTC)

Fuck Kilim you ruined last new years for thew UK I won't fucxking forget it, canceleed trainroll early and ruined Qunka for UK Bells FUCK YOU KILIM FUCK YOU FUCK YOU

Anonymous (c4df) #1359 (2018-12-31 16:14:33UTC)

Gonna be the comfiest NYE ever without Kilim to utterly ruin the mood.

Anonymous (a89d) #1358 (2018-12-31 15:14:44UTC)

Kilim where are you?

Anonymous (024b) #1357 (2018-12-31 12:23:03UTC)

If only Kilim was here

Anonymous (0b11) #1356 (2018-12-31 00:51:14UTC)

Please Killim come back, New years won't be the same without your live shitposting

Anonymous (fdc0) #1352 (2018-12-25 16:13:25UTC)

No Killim kudasai

Kethsar ## Admin #1351 (2018-12-25 08:22:07UTC)


Anonymous (a09e) #1348 (2018-12-22 07:02:25UTC)

Keep Killim away

Anonymous (cd43) #1347 (2018-12-22 05:35:18UTC)

Who's Kilim?

Anonymous (5640) #1346 (2018-12-22 01:52:50UTC)

pls no kilim

Anonymous (d74f) #1345 (2018-12-22 00:40:40UTC)


Anonymous (457a) #1344 (2018-12-21 18:22:18UTC)

New Years without Kilim is just not the same.

Anonymous (ff4c) #1343 (2018-12-20 22:37:15UTC)

But Kilim said he'd be back for New Years

Anonymous (59f6) #1342 (2018-12-19 05:23:41UTC)

who is kilim

Anonymous (9add) #1341 (2018-12-18 07:08:44UTC)

Looking forward to another great holiday stream!

Anonymous (46a2) #1339 (2018-12-17 17:48:43UTC)

Thanks for the planning.

Anonymous (3f9e) #1338 (2018-12-17 16:53:42UTC)

Goodbye piss breaks you will be missed F

Anonymous (d725) #1337 (2018-12-15 02:03:47UTC)

press F for kilim

Anonymous (2a1c) #1336 (2018-12-15 00:25:27UTC)

exci stream FUCKING WHEN

Anonymous (e2e2) #1335 (2018-12-14 13:14:37UTC)

ok but when does kilim play

Anonymous (285f) #1334 (2018-12-14 06:12:05UTC)

RIP kilim :(

Anonymous (a914) #1333 (2018-12-14 00:54:59UTC)


Anonymous (002e) #1332 (2018-12-14 00:15:30UTC)


Anonymous (9dda) #1331 (2018-12-13 22:24:55UTC)


Anonymous (728a) #1330 (2018-12-13 22:13:57UTC)

Is NOT PORTA ROBINSAAAAA going to stream this year too?

kipukun ## Mod #1329 (2018-12-13 22:10:25UTC)


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