Fri, 28 Jun 19 16:03:21 UTC

The Anison Hijack, an event where a set of DJs will livemix probably anime related songs, is being done once a month (when possible). Think mini Anison Matrix, except not. The event is organized by Chrono, so big thanks to him.

Anison Hijack 4 is tonight, 06/28 has passed.

I may or may not update this post for each event, so check back again in like 3 weeks to see if I bother.


Anonymous (f4db) #1451 (2019-07-16 12:37:56UTC)

wen next hijack?

Anonymous (8637) #1450 (2019-07-13 07:17:44UTC)

Shava is leaving the radio

Chrono ## Mod #1448 (2019-07-01 04:15:20UTC)

in case you missed it live here is a glimpse of the greatness that is hijack

Anonymous (5f2d) #1446 (2019-06-28 20:45:08UTC)


Anonymous (709a) #1445 (2019-06-28 19:28:16UTC)


Anonymous (4787) #1444 (2019-06-28 19:09:15UTC)

torrent for #3 never

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