Sun, 07 Jun 20 08:05:58 UTC

"My journey with R/a/dio began almost five years ago, when the idea of being a DJ seemed like the coolest thing ever. And honestly, it was! I've had some great times here. Some of the streams I've put on were incredibly fun, and getting to know this community has been a blast. However, as time has gone by things have begun to get less and less fun as they went along. Part of it is due to building stresses in real life, and part of it is due to a growing toxicity toward me that has been building since the Melody debacle - an issue of my own making no doubt, but nevertheless it's there. It's reached a fever pitch where DJing has no longer been a place of fun for me, as of late. If anything it's met with apprehension, wondering when the next listener will call me a traitor or what have you."

I left that there for archive's sake, but fuck it. I love this place too much. I love the shitposting, the gucae, the Jackbox nights, all of it. R/a/dio is my home, I'm not going fucking anywhere.


Anonymous (b48b) #1789 (2021-01-13 14:02:35UTC)



Anonymous (776f) #1658 (2020-07-22 12:24:23UTC)


Anonymous (7c22) #1654 (2020-07-13 21:39:45UTC)

bring back kilim

Anonymous (475e) #1653 (2020-07-05 18:27:45UTC)

ed is still here all is well

Anonymous (6e51) #1652 (2020-07-03 08:33:58UTC)

good riddance

Anonymous (7c22) #1651 (2020-06-29 18:47:41UTC)

this is news?

Anonymous (fc87) #1650 (2020-06-28 04:52:11UTC)

This is unfortunate.

Anonymous (c6f0) #1648 (2020-06-27 02:28:05UTC)

sxarp lost doogle

Anonymous (bfdb) #1646 (2020-06-26 23:42:40UTC)

wtf he's really gone

Anonymous (3762) #1638 (2020-06-22 12:33:00UTC)


Anonymous (2934) #1636 (2020-06-21 04:20:14UTC)

I, uh... appreciate the candor? Had me worried for a sec.

Anonymous (b238) #1635 (2020-06-20 20:14:05UTC)

I'll miss you Doogle

Anonymous (9cd9) #1634 (2020-06-20 05:01:38UTC)

We are all here till the end

Anonymous (b286) #1633 (2020-06-18 01:28:38UTC)


Anonymous (bc3b) #1632 (2020-06-16 18:42:19UTC)

No way fag, remember you are here forever.

Anonymous (6669) #1631 (2020-06-16 01:36:10UTC)

Kethsar if you don't leave the radio I'll headpat and hold hands with your sister

Kethsar ## Admin #1630 (2020-06-15 14:48:32UTC)

Because I am in no way a normalfag and am truly here forever. Or until r/a/dio dies, whichever comes first. You must suffer with me in the meantime.

Anonymous (ea87) #1629 (2020-06-15 02:10:20UTC)

Why can't Kethsar leave instead?

Anonymous (f72c) #1628 (2020-06-14 20:05:16UTC)

I will really miss doogle's treams and music collection, it was just the best.

exci ## Mod #1627 (2020-06-13 17:36:35UTC)

Some people seem to be confused even though this was edited already on the same day it was posted. He's not going anywhere.

Anonymous (0983) #1626 (2020-06-13 01:49:08UTC)


Anonymous (a865) #1625 (2020-06-13 01:37:52UTC)

Damn dog, I didn't even know that there were people that genuinely hated you

Anonymous (d2f1) #1624 (2020-06-13 01:15:35UTC)

Thank you Doogle I'll miss your fun holiday streams !

Anonymous (463b) #1623 (2020-06-12 18:17:29UTC)

don't forget, you're here forever

Anonymous (256c) #1622 (2020-06-12 15:04:00UTC)


Anonymous (d367) #1621 (2020-06-11 06:35:40UTC)

no wtf

Anonymous (c101) #1620 (2020-06-09 22:41:36UTC)

Good fucking ridance. No room for traitors.

Anonymous (6ee2) #1619 (2020-06-09 04:20:56UTC)

Five years ago, I remember when I used to listen to r/a/dio every hour. You were a great dj. Now, I'm not a weeb but we are here forever.

Anonymous (3b70) #1618 (2020-06-08 17:17:04UTC)

Peace, bro! Even if short, that was a pleasure to know you

Anonymous (b6f6) #1617 (2020-06-08 04:00:13UTC)

can i suck your dick please

Anonymous (c123) #1616 (2020-06-08 03:58:09UTC)

And now a word from our sponsors:
The content of this post is fully sponsored by FAKKU!
We love you, Doogle.

Anonymous (37e9) #1615 (2020-06-08 01:18:25UTC)

"lmao sike xD"

Anonymous (e4cf) #1614 (2020-06-08 01:15:53UTC)

Wait, don't leave I love you.

Anonymous (2d4a) #1613 (2020-06-08 00:33:27UTC)

H-have we been bamboozled?

Anonymous (1e65) #1612 (2020-06-07 23:39:37UTC)


Anonymous (1231) #1611 (2020-06-07 23:13:17UTC)

Doogle on r/a/dio was an excellent DJ
Even if he was sometimes a bit gay
He's a coffee Jew
and Melody's his waifu
But despite all that I want him to stay

Anonymous (5671) #1610 (2020-06-07 21:55:47UTC)


Anonymous (2290) #1609 (2020-06-07 21:15:33UTC)

You can't just #flip (flop) around like that!

Anonymous (82ef) #1608 (2020-06-07 21:15:24UTC)

Uhhh, I guess I'm 5 minutes too late to react to this.
So goodbye, I loved you ;_;
And welcome back.

Anonymous (5b4b) #1607 (2020-06-07 21:14:56UTC)

I can't believe Doogle quit r/a/dio....
I can't believe Doogle rejoined r/a/dio so he can quit r/a/dio....

Anonymous (4f85) #1606 (2020-06-07 21:14:32UTC)


Anonymous (e3bb) #1605 (2020-06-07 21:13:37UTC)

Remember, you're here forever.

I love you, you glorious faggot.

Anonymous (2290) #1604 (2020-06-07 20:54:23UTC)

R/a/dio has lost the last DJ that streamed regularly every week.

Anonymous (a7eb) #1603 (2020-06-07 20:46:14UTC)

i'll always remember the late nights I spent trying to figure out what I could request and feeling happy when you would play them (with a nice comment on the song to go along with it). I remember thinking one night that I could go to sleep early because all I'll miss was just a normal stream and you always manage to send a curve ball my way and make me stay up anyways. It'll really feels like a piece of my week has gone.
Take care of yourself Doogle. You're a cool dude.

Anonymous (2d4a) #1602 (2020-06-07 20:31:18UTC)

Really sad to hear you'll be leaving and just wanted say thanks for everything!

Your Sunday night streams were always one of the things I looked forward to most in the week; after a long week of dealing with shit in life it was nice to relax and listen to some chill anime tunes. Over the years you've introduced me to a lot of artists and music that I wouldn't have otherwise heard and I thank you for that.

R/a/dio won't be the same without you and we'll all certainly miss you. Goodbye frien

Anonymous (e3bb) #1601 (2020-06-07 20:29:32UTC)

I still love you Doogle. I remember asking you during one of the talkshow nights how you dealt with all the toxicity. I remember you saying that as long as there are some people who enjoy listening to your stream, that was enough. Even if you don't feel that way anymore, many of us had a lot of fun with you these past few years and we will miss you. I hope that wherever you end up going, you'll be able to remember some of the good times on r/a/dio.

wen day is dark alway rember happy day

guest ## Mod #1600 (2020-06-07 20:22:40UTC)


Anonymous (323b) #1599 (2020-06-07 17:30:01UTC)

Well fuck. I'll miss you, Doogle.
You've always struck me as very steadfast in character. I'm not exaggerating when I'm saying that you've likely had a lasting positive effect on me.
This makes your departure even more surprising - I'm pretty sure the vast majority of r/a/dio holds no negative feelings towards you, aside from some hardcore schizos maybe. On the contrary, you will be remembered as someone incredibly positive.
Hopefully you'll come back some day, and thanks for all the streams

ed ## Admin #1598 (2020-06-07 12:06:46UTC)

thanks for dealing with us for this long, been great having you aboard
(pls let me know if you ever visit europe)

Kethsar ## Admin #1597 (2020-06-07 08:16:25UTC)

I can't believe McDoogle is fucking dead

Have fun with life my dude. Maybe we will still meet each other through weeb shit.

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