Thu, 25 Jun 20 21:29:09 UTC

beta! limited edition! test it @
EDIT: only the new player exists now

should recover nicely from connectivity issues (your crappy wifi / our crappy servers) AND it prevents firefox from time-travelling


Anonymous (18b6) #1671 (2020-08-23 21:57:44UTC)

Is there going to be a cut over to the new player at some point? I'm only using the old one b/c my bookmark has it to the old one.

Anonymous (780c) #1657 (2020-07-20 22:05:53UTC)

Firefox doesn't time travel anymore, it's a true blessing, a true miracle !
Wait isn't it time travelling the miracle instead?
So you killed a miracle?
I'm a bit confused.

(thanks ed!)

Anonymous (ff8c) #1655 (2020-07-14 04:55:02UTC)


Anonymous (7c22) #1647 (2020-06-27 01:01:20UTC)

we love you ed~

Anonymous (0983) #1645 (2020-06-26 18:48:02UTC)

you will never stop us from time traveling!

kipukun ## Mod #1643 (2020-06-25 23:30:21UTC)

your severance check will be in the mail within 14 business days

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