Tue, 03 Jun 14 13:41:45 UTC

We're going to try and push to complete apps for both iOS and Android before the end of summer.

If you're a designer and fancy helping out with R/a/dio you can get in touch via:

Experience with either platform would be nice.

Scratch all of this. You can find the Android app here. There are no plans for an iOS app at the moment. If you're interested, don't hesitate to contact us.


Anonymous (0fec) #842 (2017-08-12 17:14:46UTC)

Talking koments

Vin ## Admin #612 (2016-06-01 20:18:41UTC)

App dev is dead anyway.

Anonymous (72ec) #483 (2016-03-17 08:51:56UTC)

I don't think the email above works. It sent me a delivery failure message.

Vin ## Admin #423 (2015-09-20 11:23:45UTC)

For anyone who visits this post in the future: There is NO current app development at r/a/dio, except for https://github.com/Alexander-Prime/R-a-dio-Android .

If you want to make an app, don't hesitate to join the IRC and ask!

Anonymous (21e3) #420 (2015-07-16 15:58:39UTC)

I thought to myself, "Oh cool, the app will be out in less than a month." Then I realized that this was posted last year.

Anonymous (e4b9) #419 (2015-07-10 14:00:34UTC)

Anything new with the app progress?

Anonymous (9b57) #412 (2015-03-31 03:59:49UTC)

If you go to the Github they have in fact been working on it. last update was Feb 8th.

Anonymous (47a7) #411 (2015-03-12 00:48:09UTC)

ded apps

Anonymous (375d) #410 (2015-03-06 20:12:58UTC)

any news on this?

Anonymous (0683) #409 (2015-02-20 03:01:22UTC)


The only thing needed to listen any internet radio in general, is an application that can handle streams. There's plenty of them on android at least, with varying functionality (they might not have all you want, but they work) Also foobar2000 is supposed to be coming out on iOS, Android and WP so that might be a good alternative as music player/internet radio app in the future.

Anonymous (48b2) #406 (2015-01-30 23:54:00UTC)

One feature I hope you'll have when you do release is some sort of 'favorites' option. I would love to be able to save a list of the songs / artists I favorited so I can go find them later on jPopsuki or something.

Anonymous (7d9e) #401 (2015-01-23 13:08:19UTC)

Realistically even though I listen to this site a lot on my web browser on my pc. On my android phone I doubt I'd install the app since I have one of the billion "anime radio" apps which also lists other sites I listen to like EOTW.

Anonymous (a924) #400 (2015-01-23 06:15:15UTC)

I have a windows phone and I seem a bit disappointed that I can't get the app once it's released...

Anonymous (de82) #399 (2015-01-09 21:48:13UTC)

can we get any update on app status

Anonymous (c82f) #397 (2015-01-01 09:54:34UTC)

hi where are the app

Anonymous (d889) #392 (2014-12-27 17:23:22UTC)

app when

Anonymous (6455) #387 (2014-12-22 07:59:12UTC)

tfw never ever app never

Anonymous (79b2) #382 (2014-12-09 14:37:38UTC)

pls. dis app. i need dis app. pls.

Anonymous (63bd) #380 (2014-12-08 15:42:11UTC)

Do you guys need some financial help?

Anonymous (7855) #377 (2014-12-05 20:57:43UTC)

It works alright. Just need to stop a big that shuts it down whenever and make it where we can request from the app and let us see the song name

Anonymous (d178) #376 (2014-12-05 08:19:04UTC)

LITERALLY 6 months later.

Anonymous (945c) #375 (2014-12-03 12:17:20UTC)

Is this still going? If still in progress I can help with the android one.

Anonymous (60ad) #373 (2014-11-26 08:32:53UTC)

What's the name of the iOS app?

Anonymous (5d51) #369 (2014-11-18 22:47:58UTC)


Anonymous (7a1a) #366 (2014-11-15 04:36:13UTC)

so is this still a thing or no

Anonymous (0cc3) #363 (2014-11-13 00:49:57UTC)


Yeah but VLC sucks

Anonymous (0de8) #354 (2014-10-10 22:19:27UTC)

Hey, tried contacting through [email protected] but it was returned as an invalid contact :(

Anonymous (c294) #351 (2014-10-08 09:10:15UTC)

where to get the APK for android ?

Anonymous (99af) #350 (2014-10-05 10:40:56UTC)

You know, I actually joked about WP working perfectly just through the website, but I'm running 8.1 and IE11 stops streaming if you open a new tab or push IE to the background. I agree an app on WP would be nice now.

Anonymous (5c6b) #348 (2014-09-30 19:02:49UTC)

Any ideas for a Windows Phone App? Streaming from the website works for me, but it'd be nice to have an app too.

Anonymous (fac9) #342 (2014-09-25 23:21:39UTC)

how do you install this app from github?

Amelia ## Mod #341 (2014-09-19 10:02:50UTC)


Not for a while. I can't work on R/a/dio at work because my contract doesn't allow it (without transferring copyright), and the other app devs are AWOL/busy

Anonymous (0bfa) #337 (2014-09-15 12:32:30UTC)

So when can we basically expect the app? Less than 2 weeks till summer ends <:

Anonymous (f356) #336 (2014-09-02 11:48:43UTC)

application development continues?

Anonymous (cb5e) #326 (2014-08-14 08:26:53UTC)

Because Claud is Asuka.

kilim ## Mod #325 (2014-08-13 21:42:31UTC)

why am i below claud

what is this fucking garbage

Amelia ## Mod #324 (2014-08-12 20:35:44UTC)



Anonymous (22c9) #323 (2014-08-12 20:01:57UTC)

So where's that staff page

exci ## Mod #322 (2014-08-10 04:01:03UTC)

I'll get around to them.. eventually

Anonymous (1584) #321 (2014-08-09 19:16:42UTC)

Amelia is my waifu

Anonymous (279d) #320 (2014-08-08 14:37:47UTC)

Not yet

Anonymous (330e) #319 (2014-08-08 14:01:58UTC)

Do DJs have a 'special' theme like before? I don't see any.

Anonymous (9142) #318 (2014-08-07 11:25:58UTC)

Post the link to the beta mofo

Anonymous (f64e) #317 (2014-08-05 20:10:47UTC)

where is it faggits

Anonymous (3fad) #316 (2014-07-30 22:53:02UTC)


Does it exist in the app store or as an .apk to sideload?

Anonymous (279d) #315 (2014-07-28 18:10:35UTC)

I bet no one saw, but I made an app.
It gets info, plays and more...
Check it out at https://github.com/RodPrestes/radio

Anonymous (0eac) #314 (2014-07-27 14:00:20UTC)

VLC for android can stream r/A/dio rly nice without needing a special app.

Anonymous (5496) #313 (2014-07-26 07:24:51UTC)

Definitely looking forward to the app (hopefully ad free), its going to make listening to R/a/dio a lot easier on my iPhone 5S!

Anonymous (81f5) #312 (2014-07-16 19:28:00UTC)

It would be really awesome of the Tunein app would work with r/a/dio, it's my only way of listening to the radio from my Vita.

Amelia ## Mod #310 (2014-06-30 15:02:47UTC)



Anonymous (f860) #309 (2014-06-29 01:55:11UTC)

When you're doing this please try to include album pictures for the played songs. Shit's nice.
Oh, an alarm function would be great too. Waking up to r/a/dio would be awesome.

Anonymous (6993) #307 (2014-06-28 14:42:43UTC)

I was really waiting for this! Sad that I'm too dumb and can't help with these things, but I'll look forward the app.

Anonymous (70f8) #306 (2014-06-28 12:10:26UTC)

>Amelia ## Admin

Vin ## Admin #303 (2014-06-15 17:41:09UTC)

R/a/dio on Tunein does work on their website, so I don't know why it doesn't work in the app. I would assume they use the same stream links.

You completely missed his point, didn't you?

Amelia ## Mod #297 (2014-06-26 18:44:32UTC)


I plan to do that eventually (and have a premium version for $0.99 with cosmetic shit. none of that bullshit with not auto-connecting or reconnecting)

Amelia ## Mod #296 (2014-06-26 18:44:32UTC)


TuneIn take eons to fix URLs and shit. They also never inform me (even though my email is registered with them and we have a developer + broadcaster API key)

Amelia ## Mod #295 (2014-06-26 18:44:32UTC)


Already done. The site is open source.

Actual source here

Anonymous (a934) #291 (2014-06-11 17:00:34UTC)

I won't have to use that gay "anime radio" app anymore? Finally.

Anonymous (9473) #290 (2014-06-09 18:53:26UTC)

About time, nerds.

Anonymous (0715) #289 (2014-06-09 02:11:52UTC)

/r/ comment text sanitization.

Anonymous (0715) #288 (2014-06-09 00:13:40UTC)



Song: エイミー・ブラックシュレイガー - Light your heart up

As for opening directly to r-a-d.io... bookmarklet on a home screen?

I'd prefer a good "clone" of TuneIn done by the devs in place of a r/a/dio specific app. Make it reusable for other internet radio stations with the features that one would like in context of everyone's favorite weeaboo stream.

Anonymous (3154) #287 (2014-06-08 21:22:13UTC)

Oh, is this actually going to be a thing again?

Anonymous (947d) #286 (2014-06-07 21:28:47UTC)

The app is useful though.

The browser won't show who's DJing or what song is playing.

There are other apps but they're more often than not filled with intrusive ads and unnecessary menus and features.

Having something designed for the purpose of using r/a/dio that opens directly to the play button is more convenient.

Anonymous (2d99) #285 (2014-06-07 17:42:28UTC)

What about just fixing the stream that used to work on Tunein? I used to listen to this all the time on the Tunein app to this stream but now it doesn't work. Hasn't for a long time.

Anonymous (2d65) #284 (2014-06-07 17:01:25UTC)

In reality, it would be nice to have a client that auto-reconnects, gives some finer grain control to the listener, records streams, and provides some additional features like track or artist info.
General native application vs. web app arguments.

Anonymous (99af) #283 (2014-06-07 04:33:56UTC)

Why? The page works great in Windows Phone.

Anonymous (5c78) #282 (2014-06-07 02:32:03UTC)

Requesting a windows phone app version.

Anonymous (553c) #281 (2014-06-06 23:47:23UTC)

Although I lack coding experience myself I find the idea of an Android app very appealing. At the same time there exist plenty of apps that can already stream it (either meaning that an app just for R/a/dio is pointless or simply that much easier).

Good luck with it!

Anonymous (b594) #278 (2014-06-06 04:39:03UTC)

thx for reaching out for the mobile user man :D

Anonymous (2617) #277 (2014-06-05 21:45:14UTC)


Anonymous (d781) #276 (2014-06-04 18:06:48UTC)

>needing an app

Browser master race.

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