Thu, 23 Jul 20 05:51:20 UTC

Given Heatwave Hijack was just done on July 18th, most of the DJs are taking a break. This isn't stopping Bacon from wanting to do something, of course. And in true Bacon fashion, no one knows what will happen. You'll have to tune-in to find out.

Event has passed


guest ## Mod #1666 (2020-08-02 03:35:03UTC)

Who did the surprise DJ end up being?

Anonymous (83df) #1665 (2020-08-01 04:03:08UTC)


Anonymous (8df9) #1663 (2020-07-29 02:55:15UTC)

Been looking forward to this one. Thanks, Bacon.

Anonymous (fc3e) #1662 (2020-07-29 02:27:41UTC)


Anonymous (13c2) #1661 (2020-07-29 00:06:58UTC)

I'm excited for Waffuru~!

Anonymous (c6f0) #1660 (2020-07-29 00:04:04UTC)


Anonymous (0757) #1659 (2020-07-28 03:59:11UTC)


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