Wed, 04 Nov 20 21:18:09 UTC

Since our Owner and Founder began Anison Hijack, we’ve always keenly listened to feedback from the R/a/dio community regarding how the project would fit within R/a/dio’s culture. Obviously there have been issues along the way (the Melody and emotes situations in particular), but with each crisis past we’ve learned more about what exactly the community wants and expects from us. With that knowledge in mind, we think it’s in everyone’s best interest that Anison Hijack formally splits from R/a/dio.

What does this mean?

1) Anison Hijack events will now be held exclusively on Twitch. We might play the occasional guest thing exclusively on R/a/dio but there won’t be any cross-pollination of the fanbases. This also means we won’t be making threads on Shamiko for our Twitch events or anything like that.
2) All the DJs who play on R/a/dio will continue playing there independently. None of the Hijack DJs themselves are leaving R/a/dio, just Anison Hijack as a project. This means you can still expect Doogle Sundays, Suzu streams, etc.
3) Obviously, Anison Hijack isn’t going to mention R/a/dio or on Twitch, Twitter, or anywhere else.

Thanks for all your support since we've started this project. Hopefully fans will continue to support us in our new home, and hopefully this move will help preserve R/a/dio culture the way everyone here likes it.


Anonymous (ab58) #1828 (2021-04-16 03:57:34UTC)

I'm probably being an idiot here, but what is r/a/dio's twitch?

  • a idiot newcomer

Anonymous (bf65) #1792 (2021-02-01 02:06:18UTC)

meguca is not r/a/dio
r/a/dio is not meguca

Anonymous (a6e1) #1791 (2021-02-01 00:41:36UTC)

what if i died haha crazy thought

Anonymous (7853) #1761 (2020-12-29 22:58:33UTC)

r/a/dio image board when?

Anonymous (9778) #1708 (2020-11-29 23:26:51UTC)

This is completely random, but after many years of listening to r/a/dio I've only just figured out that Hanyuu-sama is a character from Higurashi and not some original thing you guys made up. I feel dumb now.

Anonymous (b0ae) #1706 (2020-11-27 20:59:12UTC)

Didn't realize so much drama could be created from issues that nobody really gives a shit about, but okay.

Kethsar ## Admin #1705 (2020-11-26 12:42:00UTC)

Eggy got pissed in late 2017 when a trip to nipland was being planned earlier in the year, but after a few months of no activity everyone but Eggy figured the plans fell through, so he ended up going alone. He never came back to r/a/dio after the trip ended.

Supposedly he's also become more of a normalfag in the past 3 years but that's just hearsay from people who shared dicksword servers with him still.

Anonymous (8a64) #1704 (2020-11-26 04:59:22UTC)

What happened to eggmun?

Anonymous (bcc3) #1703 (2020-11-16 17:53:14UTC)

oh no
anyways as long as doogle stays in r/a/dio ive got no complaints

Anonymous (91d9) #1702 (2020-11-13 19:55:46UTC)

hai hai, osumatsu osomatsu

Anonymous (6c11) #1701 (2020-11-12 03:25:25UTC)

This place has been pure, distilled essence of shit since Eggmun left.

Anonymous (fb39) #1700 (2020-11-08 23:53:12UTC)

Good to know what's happened, as 1694 says finding out it was on when I flipped the stream on was nice but twitch barely works for me and I'm even less interested in streaming video to get some music.

Anonymous (520f) #1699 (2020-11-08 22:14:02UTC)

Raping doogle! #d7777

Anonymous (4d66) #1698 (2020-11-08 21:44:32UTC)


Anonymous (37bc) #1696 (2020-11-07 03:10:28UTC)

oh NO!

Anonymous (d444) #1695 (2020-11-07 01:36:38UTC)

years of listening to r/a/dio and this is the only time i really tried to search wtf anison is

can't believe it's just twitch bs

Anonymous (b0fa) #1694 (2020-11-07 00:37:17UTC)

How will I know it's on now? Schedule hasn't been exact. I liked opening foobar and occasionally finding out it was running. Your news posts haven't always been up to date.

Anonymous (da1f) #1693 (2020-11-06 09:41:38UTC)

can you imagine being kilim

Anonymous (2e46) #1692 (2020-11-06 00:29:34UTC)

Kilim will return and unite the r/a/dio and hijack factions

Anonymous (50e0) #1691 (2020-11-05 15:38:13UTC)

twitch was a mistake

Anonymous (e37a) #1690 (2020-11-05 12:23:00UTC)

imagine pretending to be a deejay on a mongolian cartoon pirate radio station
imagine telling anyone you do it for free

guest ## Mod #1689 (2020-11-05 10:49:29UTC)


exci ## Mod #1688 (2020-11-05 03:54:27UTC)

move THIS unzips cock

Anonymous (622b) #1687 (2020-11-04 22:14:11UTC)

tehe pero

Anonymous (6877) #1686 (2020-11-04 21:56:10UTC)


wessie ## Admin #1685 (2020-11-04 21:35:50UTC)

Imagine listening to an image board

Anonymous (2e46) #1684 (2020-11-04 21:35:05UTC)

What kind of person capitalizes the "R" in r/a/dio??

Anonymous (0336) #1683 (2020-11-04 21:32:51UTC)

How many bangerbucks to stimulate Yoro's anus as he pisses all over himself?

Anonymous (18e2) #1682 (2020-11-04 21:30:36UTC)

fishing lvl?

Anonymous (8835) #1681 (2020-11-04 21:27:52UTC)


Anonymous (0f77) #1680 (2020-11-04 21:27:37UTC)

d7777 (2)

guest ## Mod #1679 (2020-11-04 21:27:36UTC)

Buying one Yangelo, PM me with offer

guest ## Mod #1678 (2020-11-04 21:26:35UTC)


Anonymous (29ea) #1677 (2020-11-04 21:25:25UTC)

That's very cool and all Doogle but check 'em

Anonymous (de03) #1676 (2020-11-04 21:25:22UTC)

Hey guys, did you know that in terms of male human and female Pokémon breeding, Vaporeon is the most compatible Pokémon for humans? Not only are they in the field egg group, which is mostly comprised of mammals, Vaporeon are an average of 3”03’ tall and 63.9 pounds, this means they’re large enough to be able handle human dicks, and with their impressive Base Stats for HP and access to Acid Armor, you can be rough with one.

Anonymous (da1f) #1675 (2020-11-04 21:24:17UTC)

Selling one Yangelo

Anonymous (4797) #1674 (2020-11-04 21:22:39UTC)

It's always been a fantasy of mine to be a sex slave for 2 bears, male and female, pleasing the male when she's tired, and vice versa. Slowly sliding my lips up and down his thick shaft, tasting his pre-cum on my tongue. Once he's had enough of that, he rolls over onto his back, lifting me up as though I weighed nothing. Gently placing me on his cock, I guide him in, feeling him stretch me wide open. I moan with pleasure, feeling him fill me up. He growls softly, I feel it rumble deep in his che

Anonymous (5fe6) #1673 (2020-11-04 21:22:24UTC)

I can't believe doogle is quitting radio!

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