Mon, 07 Dec 20 04:21:04 UTC

It's time for the most and only enjoyable R/a/dio event of the year. Given Corona-chan, you have almost no excuse not to listen in this year. Join your fellow /a/non in spamming JIBUN WO along with the usual shitposting. Expect extra garbage this year with vtumors being on the rise haha. I bet 80% of you are gonna hate that. Just think of them as utaite on the music side of things since they pretty much are in that regard. Tentative schedule below, last updated 12/24 MURRICA time.

Festivities on the stream will start at either 12:00 or 15:00 on Christmas Eve (all times are EST btw), depending on who is awake and can be bothered. It's basically a free for all. It will likely start with either Keth or Shava, going until around 23:00 when Doogle can take over. After Dongle will be Bakkun, starting around 03:00 Christmas Day with his usual garbage, hopefully not so drunk as to fuck things up. After him, starting around 06:00, is another FFA that will likely feature a mix of Keth, Shava, and possibly even exci if we're in really dire straits. Yorozuya will mark the end of the "whoever is awake and has music" blocks, starting 15:30. From there we have our bartending goose take over at 18:30, and finally ending with Kipun starting at 21:30.

I swear everyone and their mother wanted Christmas slots and no one cares for Christmas Eve except Doogle.

New Years Eve
This year one of our newest DJs is starting us off: yukii. yukii will start at 12:00 and go until 14:30. From there we have another first- timer to the holiday streams: Pachy. Pachy will go from 14:30 to 17:30. Taking over from there will be the usual Bartending Goose, Claud, reining in the rest of EU New Years and going until 20:30. After him we have Suzubrah going from 20:30 to 22:30 thankfully so I don't have to. Afterwards is Yorozuya for an hour, going until 23:30, when Kipukun will take over and rein in the EST New Years. At 00:30, Shava will take over and cover CST and MST New Years, going until 02:30. Finally is the usual drunk faggot to rein in PST New Years like most years. Actual end time is up in the air.

Threads for NYE will not be created until after Mogra's NYE party, which (supposedly) ends at 15:00.

NEW MEMES: Dynamically set times, if you have javascript enabled. You'll know it's dynamically set if some times include the full date (on date change). Else you will see a statement about the schedule timezone and a list of timezone offsets.

Christmas Eve

  • 12:00 - 23:00: Shava, Keth, whoever the fuck wants to.
  • 23:00 - 03:00: McDongles. Seems to be the same every year.

Christmas Day

  • 03:00 - 06:00: Master Bacon
  • 06:00 - 15:30: FFA fight to the death to not have to stream.
  • 15:30 - 18:30: Yorozuya
  • 18:30 - 21:30: Honk Honk
  • 21:30 - E N D: bwaka bwaka

New Years Eve

  • 12:00 - 14:30: yukii
  • 14:30 - 17:30: Pachy
  • 17:30 - 20:30: Bartending Goose
  • 20:30 - 22:30: Suzubrah
  • 22:30 - 23:30: Yorozuya
  • 23:30 - 00:30: Kipun
  • 00:30 - 02:30: Shava
  • 02:30 - E N D: The usual fuck that will be too drunk but it's the end so who cares


Anonymous (0df7) #1770 (2021-01-01 07:59:08UTC)

shout out to oru 6 9 6 9

Anonymous (9b37) #1769 (2021-01-01 06:39:19UTC)

I rate this NYE stream 3.5/5!
Not as good as 2017,2018, and 2019.

Anonymous (577e) #1768 (2021-01-01 06:12:59UTC)



Anonymous (d154) #1767 (2021-01-01 01:06:59UTC)

If you play a tumor song I will kill every anon on the thread then myself

KeyserSoze ## Mod #1765 (2020-12-31 05:37:42UTC)

This year will be Bakkun's year.

Anonymous (a295) #1764 (2020-12-31 02:23:09UTC)

One more night!

Anonymous (9862) #1763 (2020-12-30 10:51:57UTC)

Can you imagine being Kilim?
Just SNORTING to himself at how EPIC of a memelord he is and asking his buttbuddies to "hey wouldn't it be EPIC if you were to call me on Skype? I'd act like all PISSED and shit on the stream and like I'm drunk lel but I only drank Dr Pepper duduru~~
His overreaction to shit is so fucking unfunny and fake that I honestly don't know how my room isn't full of vomit right now.

Anonymous (3cb6) #1762 (2020-12-30 05:54:04UTC)

What happened to ed?

Anonymous (b53b) #1760 (2020-12-28 08:31:09UTC)

Hope this years stream is better than last years, Only good part was the end with Master Bacon.
Will kilim make an appearance this year?

Anonymous (9ec0) #1759 (2020-12-26 15:19:14UTC)

ed more like ded

Anonymous (079f) #1758 (2020-12-26 15:04:19UTC)

rip ed

Anonymous (c861) #1757 (2020-12-26 05:09:14UTC)

/r/ sxarp song

Anonymous (dc6c) #1755 (2020-12-24 20:12:18UTC)

vtumorfags are the new bronies

Anonymous (b027) #1754 (2020-12-24 18:23:40UTC)

go fuck yourself nigger

Anonymous (1db3) #1753 (2020-12-24 16:58:31UTC)

More like GochiUzbekistan because I am going to destroy Sharo's tight pussy just like how Genghis Khan pillaged Samarkand. I want to rail her senseless until she screams "TASHKENT-TE, YAMERO". I bet her snatch has been used by many throughout her life, just like the ancient silk road city of Bukhara. But I don't mind because love Sharo just like how Uzbeks love their pilaf, so much that they actually made the world's largest serving of pilaf earlier this month during O'zbegim, whereby a

Anonymous (9aa3) #1752 (2020-12-24 16:53:45UTC)

>tfw actually in uzbeki time block

Anonymous (b027) #1751 (2020-12-24 16:50:49UTC)

i'm sure all the uzbekistani r/a/dio listeners who weren't planning on listening to mogra are very disappointed that yukii will be their dj

Anonymous (8835) #1750 (2020-12-24 16:50:20UTC)

i have music on my computer

Anonymous (9ec0) #1749 (2020-12-24 14:02:09UTC)

even keth joined the yukii cult, fuck me. this is the worst nye schedule yet

Anonymous (9b37) #1748 (2020-12-24 11:12:27UTC)

2018 Schedule > 2020 Schedule

Anonymous (2ffc) #1747 (2020-12-24 11:07:04UTC)


Kethsar ## Admin #1746 (2020-12-23 21:27:19UTC)

Relative to when they started streaming, yukii has been around more than twice as long as akan. akan just asked for an account first and I made the mistake of not confirming how long he'd been around before giving him one.

I just created the initial schedule last night. Waiting for everyone to verify if their given slot is fine or if they want adjustments.

Anonymous (b1cd) #1745 (2020-12-23 20:51:21UTC)

Is the NYE schedule not yet finalized, or did you just forget to update the news post?

Anonymous (0a90) #1744 (2020-12-23 18:47:11UTC)

so why are you giving yukii a NYE slot retard

Kethsar ## Admin #1743 (2020-12-22 12:57:03UTC)

Why not use an aux cable? You don't have to have shitty bluetooth compression then.

Anonymous (1006) #1742 (2020-12-22 12:14:00UTC)

Now I actually have a reason to wake up on Christmas.

Anonymous (9778) #1741 (2020-12-22 02:54:07UTC)

Any chance you're planning on adding a casting feature to the app? (y'know, so I can blast weeb music from my speakers and annoy the fuck out of my neighbors)

Anonymous (1831) #1740 (2020-12-22 02:16:38UTC)

Woah. R/a/dio2 app.

And it's open source.

Anonymous (8884) #1739 (2020-12-22 01:13:32UTC)

Guess I'm sitting this year out.

Kethsar ## Admin #1738 (2020-12-21 19:06:00UTC)

lmao no. He got NTRd so hard last year by a drunk Kipu, I have my doubts he'll bother trying again. Frankly setup is also too much of a pain when someone shows up out of the blue so I won't be bothering if he does come through again either. He'd have to show up at least a few days in advance to be setup for me to even consider it.

Anonymous (9b37) #1737 (2020-12-21 00:49:06UTC)

I hope you saved reserved a spot for Kilim to make an appearance this year!

Kethsar ## Admin #1736 (2020-12-20 14:10:07UTC)

I'm oh so slowly working on code reviewing a remake someone made, and fixing up issues I have with said code. For the time being you can grab it from this link

Once I am done with a proper review and cleanup I'll upload it as an update to the current app we made 4 years ago.

Anonymous (9e04) #1733 (2020-12-20 02:47:02UTC)

fix the app

Anonymous (c6cc) #1732 (2020-12-16 03:41:14UTC)

Here's hoping we can have another run of DJs like last year from Doogmas Eve to NYD.

Anonymous (8871) #1731 (2020-12-14 11:39:15UTC)

Bring back Kilim please ;___;

Anonymous (6c11) #1730 (2020-12-13 03:48:08UTC)

I care about Xmas Eve.

And someone else remembers oru? Feel like it's been longer than most of the current staff have been around since he was spinning...

Kethsar ## Admin #1729 (2020-12-12 16:08:22UTC)

>Christmas without Claud
He's Honk Honk on the schedule, cause goose

Anonymous (0881) #1728 (2020-12-12 05:40:17UTC)

Christmas without Claud is so weird.
Also you fuckers better play some of the good vtuber shit if you're actually going to play that, not just the more popular ones.

Anonymous (324c) #1727 (2020-12-12 01:03:47UTC)

Holiday streams died when Eku an hero'd.

Anonymous (57aa) #1726 (2020-12-11 16:13:04UTC)

Dynamic timetables, that's some real christmas present. Otanoshimini!

Anonymous (9778) #1725 (2020-12-11 01:23:16UTC)

Looking forward to another great holiday stream with everyone!

Anonymous (8835) #1724 (2020-12-09 01:05:17UTC)

wow i cant wait for vtubershit

Anonymous (da28) #1723 (2020-12-09 00:57:44UTC)

vtumors kinshi

Anonymous (c1a5) #1722 (2020-12-09 00:48:06UTC)

Apply today.

exci ## Mod #1721 (2020-12-08 06:20:56UTC)

i'm not a fan either but we don't tell people what they can or can't play, well aside from expecting them to at least play music

Kethsar ## Admin #1720 (2020-12-08 02:18:48UTC)

It's really up to someone like that to apply to become a guest and eventually become a regular. What do you mean by music knowledge though? Where to find it, what kinds there are, music theory, how to make a coherent setlist?

Anonymous (87a5) #1719 (2020-12-08 01:08:51UTC)

Is r/a/dio ever going to have similar DJ's like Egg or oru again? I feel like some of the new DJ's barely have any music knowledge whatsoever. I personally did not find this year to be particularly good in terms of the new staff additions. Consistency to a schedule does not equal quality in any way.

Anonymous (692e) #1718 (2020-12-07 23:17:28UTC)

Isn't it impossible since vtumors have already invaded?
Hell, one of them managed to beat Flandre today.

Anonymous (20f9) #1717 (2020-12-07 20:38:50UTC)

When is ed's timeslot?

Anonymous (1a4c) #1716 (2020-12-07 20:36:32UTC)

>warning about vtumors
How about you just don't play vtumor shit faggots?

Anonymous (f1ab) #1715 (2020-12-07 14:30:54UTC)

oh i see, got it

Kethsar ## Admin #1714 (2020-12-07 13:21:02UTC)

Disable javascript using umatrix or noscript and see if there is a difference in the time table.

Anonymous (f1ab) #1713 (2020-12-07 11:21:31UTC)

> Dynamically set times, if you have javascript enabled. You'll know it's dynamically set if it includes the full date. Else you will see the timezone disclaimer.

what did he mean by this?

Anonymous (c1a5) #1712 (2020-12-07 07:40:25UTC)

I hope so. I'm looking forward in hearing the new talent you've gotten this year.

Kethsar ## Admin #1711 (2020-12-07 06:45:36UTC)

akan is a little too new so I didn't give him a chance. All the others put themselves as unable to participate for Christmas/Eve or conflicted with times of others who responded faster. I should be able to fit at least a couple into the NYE schedule though.

Anonymous (19eb) #1710 (2020-12-07 06:27:58UTC)

who am I going to have to skip?

Anonymous (c1a5) #1709 (2020-12-07 06:19:53UTC)

where are all the cute new DJ-chans?

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