Sat, 06 Feb 21 08:19:10 UTC

Our bartending goose still lives, and will be doing his Valentine's Day stream, same as every year. As always, hold off on committing sudoku as best you can until the stream. You must really wallow in the understanding that your waifu is not and never will be real. Only then can you join her, since she won't come for you. Fags that are okay with 3DPD need not apply.

Start time currently unknown, probably 22:00 GMT like usual.


Anonymous (6042) #1823 (2021-04-05 02:47:29UTC)

OH, suicide-inducing? well, DON'T WORRY I'VE GOT A RIFLE

Anonymous (cc10) #1809 (2021-03-06 21:25:36UTC)

For whatever reason, I've never checked out the V.Day stream. I was going to change that this Year, yet still ended up forgetting about it.


Anonymous (c813) #1808 (2021-02-18 04:47:36UTC)

I really enjoyed the stream. I only regret being half an hour late and checking out before it's over. If I survive until next year I'll make it a point to stay with you all for the entire thing.

Anonymous (b357) #1807 (2021-02-16 23:15:37UTC)

Thanks for the stream, it was a blast.

Anonymous (9778) #1806 (2021-02-15 19:35:17UTC)

Had a great time last night, thanks for the stream!

Anonymous (7829) #1805 (2021-02-14 19:39:32UTC)

can we have suzu take over the entirety of v/a/lentines strim

Anonymous (b5ad) #1804 (2021-02-14 16:03:54UTC)


Anonymous (8835) #1803 (2021-02-14 15:28:01UTC)

ive got moonshine hehe

Anonymous (61f5) #1802 (2021-02-14 14:34:50UTC)

>starting the stream at 22 UTC on a sunday when people have to work on monday

Anonymous (ac8e) #1801 (2021-02-14 12:35:49UTC)

I've got a rope.

Anonymous (02ce) #1800 (2021-02-14 07:08:23UTC)

i've got a bottle of rum to keep me warm this valentine's

Anonymous (f90f) #1799 (2021-02-14 01:51:56UTC)

I got a bottle of wine to wallow in my sadness with. Can't wait!

Anonymous (bf65) #1798 (2021-02-12 18:47:06UTC)

I can't believe it's that time of year again!

Anonymous (da01) #1797 (2021-02-11 22:12:40UTC)

What does the bartending goose recommend as a drink for the evening?

Anonymous (8835) #1796 (2021-02-11 16:44:43UTC)

Will never me real? First we need to define real. In this essay I will

Anonymous (8a83) #1795 (2021-02-11 02:39:19UTC)

Don't forget to your rope!

Anonymous (a98b) #1793 (2021-02-06 10:28:35UTC)

how do i send chocos to my daisuki DJ

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