Sun, 21 Mar 21 20:44:35 UTC

The submit page now shows how many submitted tracks there currently are on the pending list. I added this mostly to give you some idea of how long it might take for your submission to be processed, but also so you don't have to wonder if anyone's actually ever even going through them. On that note, I plan on going through the list at least about once a week so it doesn't grow as huge as it sometimes does.

I also added the following lines to the submission guidelines:

- Low quality uploads are likely to be declined if it's obvious better quality versions are available

- If you can remember, please include where you downloaded the file from

If you feel like your submission is taking a long time to be accepted (or just want it fast tracked), you can bug me about it on IRC (by PM, not on the channel). I might not be online, but you don't need to wait for my reply, just let me know what the song is and I'll take a look when I'm back and have time. Except if it's Touhou, I'll probably leave those for Kethsar to accept since he's much more autistic about 2hu tagging. Nobody else than me does these anymore so ignore that.


Anonymous (d44a) #1852 (2021-12-04 23:44:36UTC)

NFT when?

Anonymous (0373) #1851 (2021-11-28 20:31:16UTC)

Just wanted to say thank you guys. I've been listening to this station since I played wonderland online and elsword!

exci ## Mod #1850 (2021-10-26 03:52:56UTC)

Direct your complaints about vumors to vn, wssie and (especially) k*thsar, I don't watch them. I just follow the song submission rules.

Anonymous (42d2) #1848 (2021-10-25 23:33:04UTC)

Oni gai, desu.

Anonymous (841a) #1845 (2021-10-10 08:48:42UTC)


Anonymous (dd46) #1843 (2021-10-09 05:27:44UTC)

I have music.
On my computer.

Anonymous (a7eb) #1842 (2021-08-22 19:24:39UTC)

Just noticed today that clicking on the song title in the browser gives tags that might include the series title related to the song currently playing. Nice. Don't need to do something myself now... for many tracks?

Anonymous (e104) #1839 (2021-08-13 15:06:44UTC)

Is this shit even real ?! What is the meaning of life ?!

Anonymous (7851) #1834 (2021-07-12 18:37:40UTC)

I like anime

Anonymous (2476) #1833 (2021-06-15 15:47:45UTC)


Anonymous (6701) #1832 (2021-04-30 21:19:47UTC)

Omg hai ___ I’m anon-san and I absolutely luuuv @@ anime <3 and my fav is naurto!!! Okies so anyways, im going to tell you about the BEST day of my life when I met my hot husband sasuke!! <333333333 OMFGZ HE WAS SOOOOO FREAKIN KAWAII IN PERSON!!! Supa kawaii desu!!!!!!!!

Anonymous (d5db) #1831 (2021-04-20 21:06:53UTC)


Anonymous (d0e1) #1830 (2021-04-20 13:11:04UTC)


Anonymous (bd67) #1829 (2021-04-20 02:06:56UTC)

All hail server owner V.I.N

Anonymous (4d66) #1827 (2021-04-15 06:17:55UTC)

Who is r/a/dio and why does he play the music?

Anonymous (dac1) #1826 (2021-04-07 03:04:13UTC)

Ok then, if quality is an issue than just ignore the last one I sent with Ono Daisuke. I've had those songs on my computer for a while now and I don't exactly remember where I got them all from so apologies for the low sounding quality. I tried looking around for a bit to find some rips of higher quality but honestly couldn't. They all just sounded exactly like the ones I already had so I assumed that was the highest quality it was in.

exci ## Mod #1825 (2021-04-07 01:42:17UTC)

I was pretty close to declining all of them for quality issues, but ended up accepting then immediately replacing with better quality versions. In the future will probably just decline, though. I also replaced the one that was already there with the Aya Hirano solo version and uploaded another one with all 3. Seriously though, it wasn't hard to find lossless copies of these, please don't upload stuff that sounds straight outta youtube next time.

Anonymous (5480) #1824 (2021-04-06 04:10:43UTC)

Would it be possible to also add the VA's for Nagato and Mikuru under Hare Hare Yukai? I uploaded a version of that song with just Aya Hirano's vocals and I don't want there to be a mix up between the two versions.

Kethsar ## Admin #1821 (2021-03-23 01:56:53UTC)

I only remove that which is brought to my attention that needs removal, which are generally duplicates or stuff ed adds that shouldn't be added (only once or twice so far). I'm not a fan of retroactively removing old stuff otherwise.
As for silent declines, those are usually for cases where it's obvious it should not have been uploaded, such as the occasional song that is not /a/ or /jp/ in any way whatsoever, but might be getting memed and people decide to try submitting it.

Anonymous (3256) #1820 (2021-03-22 23:19:53UTC) died as a result of a coup against the missouri menace, previously available domains will show you the way home

Anonymous (b5b5) #1819 (2021-03-22 21:17:53UTC)

become a sachi and you will find your way home

Anonymous (4b11) #1818 (2021-03-22 18:49:50UTC)

i know here is not the place to ask this, however, this is the only place where i can ask this, what the fuck happened to meguca? (a.k.a

Anonymous (9927) #1817 (2021-03-22 18:14:02UTC)

Thanks exci.

Anonymous (fb39) #1816 (2021-03-22 12:52:44UTC)

Ah rip, still nice to have it at lest.

exci ## Mod #1815 (2021-03-22 07:45:25UTC)

For a while it looked like it was receiving some attention, but right now it doesn't look like it anymore
>Add a transparency report for songs that are removed from the database, who removed them and why.
Unlikely to happen at least with the current site, but if something was removed it was most likely Kethsar (since most people can't even remove songs).
>And stop silently declining songs.
I don't think this is very common

Anonymous (fb39) #1814 (2021-03-22 03:05:15UTC)

If the app is still being worked on is there any chance to get a sleep timer added to it?

Anonymous (1acd) #1813 (2021-03-21 23:51:00UTC)


Anonymous (f6d9) #1812 (2021-03-21 23:08:50UTC)

What the fuck happened to

Anonymous (b14e) #1811 (2021-03-21 22:14:07UTC)

Add a transparency report for songs that are removed from the database, who removed them and why.
And stop silently declining songs.

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