Sat, 01 Jan 22 17:44:11 UTC

As always, thanks for listening during the holidays. I'm pretty sure we broke several records like longest contiguous streams (on christmas, about 4 days, maybe a little more (unless the new years stream goes on for longer, since it's only "officially" done when I'm writing this)) and most listeners (3659 on new years, sometime after GMT midnight) this year. That said, the listener record feels like cheating since it was embedded in a sticky and it's impossible to tell how many were actually actively listening, but even if we take a modest guess and say half of the listeners were actually listening, it does still break the previous record of 1555.

So what's in store for r/a/dio in 2022? You might have noticed the "mute vtuber songs" toggle under "more options". I added that there as a kind of a joke feature, but we/I figured I should probably expand it to a thing where you can mute any tags/artists/song titles you don't like, and maybe play either the fallback (or something else) instead of silence when something muted is playing. I'll try to get around to doing that before long. As with every year, no actual development aside from (maybe) small features like this is likely to happen.


Anonymous (886b) #2054 (2023-01-01 02:34:42UTC)

The End Of Evangelion - Komm Süsser Tod

Anonymous (5cc3) #1955 (2022-01-30 04:45:20UTC)

Hi i'm new here, how to get access to the board?

Anonymous (8146) #1954 (2022-01-29 02:01:43UTC)

gucatachi dokooooooo ;_______;

Anonymous (70eb) #1953 (2022-01-28 18:21:36UTC)

Fuck all latvians
I do not like the country of

Anonymous (d44a) #1952 (2022-01-28 17:45:12UTC)

r/a/dio is not guca. enjoy your dead image board.

Anonymous (09b0) #1951 (2022-01-28 15:12:33UTC)

It's back under new non Latvian ownership
For now

Anonymous (5725) #1950 (2022-01-28 14:04:49UTC)

well works

Anonymous (a23b) #1949 (2022-01-28 13:56:35UTC)

This could be one of 3 things
Latvian menace actually killed it
Certain other admin went rogue

Anonymous (87ca) #1948 (2022-01-28 13:51:42UTC)

i've tried 8 domains and none work

Anonymous (214d) #1947 (2022-01-28 12:57:17UTC)

I'm not even getting cloud flare errors what domain?

Anonymous (5725) #1946 (2022-01-28 12:19:03UTC)

You are probably just banned, the site works fine

Anonymous (686f) #1945 (2022-01-28 12:15:03UTC)

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ;_______;

Anonymous (a23b) #1944 (2022-01-28 10:50:11UTC)

with a new year we need a new fnf site

Anonymous (1ce7) #1943 (2022-01-28 10:02:59UTC)


exci ## Mod #1942 (2022-01-16 15:16:21UTC)

Added an option for that

Anonymous (e0d3) #1941 (2022-01-15 19:08:32UTC)

the song which we choose playing instead of a muted song should end immediately when the muted song ends

Anonymous (eae4) #1940 (2022-01-11 12:34:19UTC)

>and maybe play either the fallback (or something else) instead of silence when something muted is playing
It better be trainroll.

Anonymous (02fb) #1939 (2022-01-08 13:11:02UTC)

Godspeed you glorious b/a/stards! Thank you for all these years!

Anonymous (9c62) #1938 (2022-01-06 15:01:33UTC)

>somehow we're still alive
smh tbh fam

Anonymous (88e6) #1937 (2022-01-05 10:35:32UTC)

Happy new year, and thank you all for another year.

Anonymous (d44a) #1936 (2022-01-04 03:17:38UTC)

Who is exci signaling to?

Anonymous (b48a) #1935 (2022-01-03 17:44:13UTC)

Bonne anno! Great idea!

Anonymous (f758) #1934 (2022-01-03 10:23:16UTC)

Great show again this year, thanks guys.

I'm also impressed that the infrastructure could sustain way over 3000 listeners (whether they actually listened or not). Maybe we don't need better devs after all.

Anonymous (841a) #1933 (2022-01-03 06:07:41UTC)

mah nigga here be writin a manifisto no cap fr fr

Anonymous (d30d) #1932 (2022-01-03 04:52:38UTC)

Laugh all you want, but 4chan is dead because of your kind.

Anonymous (d44a) #1931 (2022-01-02 23:22:50UTC)

Anonymous (6f68) #1930 (2022-01-02 20:24:16UTC)

If someone wants to get rid of the cancer, they get rid of the cancer, unless who calls the shots are not anons but the cancers themselves, which is no news to anybody, ever. Born from cancer, but could've kept up appearances instead of flat out endorse DJs and external chats instead of just leaving r/a/dio alone with a bot playing songs. Could've your faggotry elsewhere.

Anonymous (75c2) #1929 (2022-01-02 20:21:23UTC)

And just saying, mute feature doesn't make up for it. Not that having it or not makes any difference, the very existence of this place is AIDS. Now r/a/dio, which is r/adio, talking about its original purpose is like talking about a fever dream where everyone's anonymous and shit doesn't makes its way to the playlist neither participate of the collective coordinated horde of stationary parallel cancer on 4chan, in addition every holiday makes it its stage, going against all unwritten purposes.

Anonymous (425b) #1928 (2022-01-02 20:09:24UTC)

This is all just a travesty of everything. Happy Reddit/Discord kingdom. And the official fall of everything, to be continued. It's a new civilization of larpers, different citizens, the identity of the old one, of what could be, is forever lost. Otaku culture doesn't exist, just a shadow or not even that.

Anonymous (0f8e) #1927 (2022-01-02 12:16:54UTC)

Happy new year

Anonymous (63dd) #1926 (2022-01-02 07:09:00UTC)

I did not realize that the the listener record was shattered. I've been listening to r/a/dio since the beginning. Thanks for the music. I love this place.

Don't know what I'd do without you all. Happy new year! and I'd say see you next year, but lets be honest, i'll be listening tomorrow even if its only hanyu

Anonymous (3565) #1925 (2022-01-02 05:51:02UTC)

I can't believe r/a/dio is FUCKING ALIVE.
Here's for another wonderful year.

Anonymous (cfd3) #1924 (2022-01-02 03:35:20UTC)

watch zero no tsukaima

Anonymous (35f3) #1923 (2022-01-02 01:00:27UTC)

Love you exci, please impregnate me
Happi new year

Anonymous (59e8) #1922 (2022-01-01 23:10:59UTC)

Happy new year, man. Can't wait for the Valentine's radio schedule.

Anonymous (9778) #1921 (2022-01-01 22:41:50UTC)

Happy new years! Thanks for everything and looking forward to another year of weeb tunes

Anonymous (97ff) #1920 (2022-01-01 22:37:38UTC)

You might have noticed the "mute vtuber songs" toggle

Unbelievably based. Thanks exci, and the entire R/a/ squad...The last TRULY great NYE stream was 2019s, but at least 2021's NYE party was better, at least IMO than 2020's which was as "meh" as could be. Interesting enough though, Chrimbus Eve/Chrimbus Day were totally fucking lit. Heck I maybe enjoyed THEM more than this NYE's! Anyhow, always remember We... I.. appreciate you dudes work on here a ton. Thanks again. <3

Anonymous (1ce7) #1919 (2022-01-01 22:26:27UTC)

Give Hanyuu another image. The old one was much cuter.

Anonymous (9232) #1918 (2022-01-01 21:56:27UTC)

please, get rid of all remixes and use the original music.

Anonymous (1ce7) #1917 (2022-01-01 21:54:26UTC)

Kilim's bots continue to gain power every year. Sasuga Kilim

Anonymous (d44a) #1916 (2022-01-01 21:39:47UTC)

why is exci such a numberfag

Anonymous (03e2) #1915 (2022-01-01 20:39:14UTC)

Every year until you like it. Happy new year.

Anonymous (329b) #1914 (2022-01-01 20:23:46UTC)

see you next year fags

Anonymous (6c11) #1913 (2022-01-01 20:02:57UTC)

Good job lads. Here's to another 10 years!

Anonymous (cb70) #1912 (2022-01-01 19:50:18UTC)

Love you, fags

Anonymous (5460) #1911 (2022-01-01 19:15:23UTC)

happi new year r/a/dio and everyone

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