Wed, 09 Feb 22 15:06:31 UTC

Truly you are here forever, just like our bartending goose DJ, Claud. Unable to escape, Claud will be doing his yearly Valentine's Day stream. Hug your waifu tightly as he takes you on a roller coaster of emotion, ultimately ending in (You)r suicide.

Stream starts around 22:00 GMT as always.


Anonymous (404c) #1988 (2022-12-09 22:42:19UTC)

rip Kethsar

Anonymous (51d6) #1987 (2022-12-09 19:17:16UTC)


Anonymous (b881) #1986 (2022-12-05 18:36:33UTC)

Can you fucking believe that New Years Eve is in just a couple of WEEKS! When are you guys going to make a Christmas Eve/Christmas/and ESPECIALLY the NYE post?!

We're waiting! Man I hope its better than the last 2 have been. 2019 and 2020 were BANGERS...Lets just go back and do whats natural...What most people want...Just a simplistic, fun, occasionally for the DJ a shittalking bit of moment, if they actually TALK, which I support! Anyhow, gahh I'm excited! Xmas Eve was the best last year IM

Anonymous (4277) #1983 (2022-10-15 22:28:02UTC)


Anonymous (c45b) #1976 (2022-05-08 15:04:53UTC)


Anonymous (cde3) #1973 (2022-04-04 18:55:33UTC)


Anonymous (bef1) #1969 (2022-02-14 22:20:27UTC)

Let's take a moment to pour one out for all the normie wagecucks not with us today

Anonymous (bfe4) #1968 (2022-02-14 21:54:15UTC)

does work count as a valentine? :(

Anonymous (8629) #1967 (2022-02-14 18:27:36UTC)

Well here we are altogether, once more Gents! I hope you all are as loaded as I am...Anyone wanna make a Suicide Pact? J/K...Somewhat.. ;;^_^

Anonymous (1ce7) #1966 (2022-02-14 14:59:53UTC)

wagecucks OUT

Anonymous (c561) #1965 (2022-02-14 12:43:40UTC)

Today is the day

Anonymous (201a) #1964 (2022-02-14 11:09:05UTC)


Anonymous (d44a) #1963 (2022-02-13 20:12:13UTC)

My goodness, I can't believe it's Easter again already.

Anonymous (4d76) #1962 (2022-02-13 07:42:02UTC)

very noice i wageslaved through all of christmas and LNY for a brand new Audio Technica™ m50x® just for this

Anonymous (c1cb) #1961 (2022-02-13 03:05:34UTC)

i'm so ronery ;___;

Anonymous (66e3) #1960 (2022-02-11 21:54:05UTC)

>On a weekday
I hate being a wage-slave AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Anonymous (436d) #1959 (2022-02-10 13:18:53UTC)

I love the equilibrium of being on the verge of lonely suicide, while jamming out.

Anonymous (7f6b) #1958 (2022-02-10 04:24:19UTC)

>Valentine's on a Monday
No thanks.

Anonymous (9778) #1957 (2022-02-10 03:38:55UTC)

Best stream of the year is here!

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