Downtime ~Amelia

Wed, 20 Aug 14 10:53:30 UTC

We needed to restart the server to apply a few patches to the server.

Also, if you get any OCSP errors from in the next day or so, you're fine (but unless you open news posts and the comments have images in them, you wont see that anyway).


Anonymous (a5b2) #1586 (2020-05-05 07:24:38UTC)


Anonymous (5018) #418 (2015-07-06 15:30:36UTC)


Anonymous (183c) #353 (2014-10-10 13:36:49UTC)

Testing shit on live is fun

exci ## Mod #343 (2014-09-28 00:44:54UTC)

A chrome user is probably going to come here to say something about the white dj background. I noticed and sent a fix.

Amelia ## Mod #340 (2014-09-17 13:39:11UTC)


I've contacted TuneIn support several times about this. Stop blaming me for them being unable to put the correct URLs in when I explicitly give them a list of URLs and which service to use it with.

It appears tunein put the URLs I gave them in the wrong order, too (I put the canonical link first, then the canonical link with the .mp3 extension, then the compatibility fallback link (direct icecast link), then kilim's relay).

Also, there is no reason the apps for tunein should not w

Amelia ## Mod #339 (2014-09-17 13:30:33UTC)


Hi ed.

And no, I don't break hardlinks to the stream. We still have a URL in place that has been there since we moved to
(Don't use that one, though).
The canonical link is

Also, fuck off. We're busy. If you fancy being a designer or helping, there's nothing stopping you (it's open source; just ask us and we'll sign your release for the beta).

Anonymous (c152) #338 (2014-09-16 06:46:22UTC)

It will never get released, there is no hope.
Admin here only like to break hardlinks for stream every month or so, and keep the broken shit as it is.

Anonymous (7131) #335 (2014-08-27 22:07:11UTC)

Seriously, TuneInRadio suddenly stopped working and I don't know how to add custom urls again with that shit.
Release app.

kilim ## Mod #334 (2014-08-27 21:54:31UTC)

Site bug #5: Schmitticus is allowed to DJ

Anonymous (6bfc) #333 (2014-08-27 13:39:28UTC)

Site bug #3: 'Comment Posted' popup isn't cleared automatically when returning to main page.

Site bug #4: Comment form is cleared automatically when post is rejected for rapid posting.

Anonymous (6bfc) #332 (2014-08-27 13:14:24UTC)

Site bug #1: Searching for a song, it came up green, but hitting request gave the cooldown message. Refreshing the page made it show up correctly in red.

Site bug #2: Schmitticus was on a day or so ago and had eggmun's logo. Schmitticus a shit.

Anonymous (1540) #331 (2014-08-23 17:30:53UTC)

Still patiently waiting for the promised app, hope all is going well.

Amelia ## Mod #330 (2014-08-22 10:25:46UTC)


Oh yeah, the news posts dont have dates on them here, they do in the admin panel.


Anonymous (99af) #329 (2014-08-22 02:26:15UTC)

Obviously within a day or so of the news post that isn't dated either.

Anonymous (55e7) #328 (2014-08-22 02:16:18UTC)

Telling us when the downtime is would help

Anonymous (4642) #327 (2014-08-21 19:44:06UTC)


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