Sat, 10 Dec 22 06:01:50 UTC

Welcome back to those of (You) only here for the holidays. This year will be less packed than last, falling more in line with other years. I honestly don't know how we're not dead yet.

I can't think of shit to write so I'll just be posting the schedule straight up. Times have been finalized. Good news is Bacon will be in nipland this year, so he won't be around to torment you for any of the holidays.

As always, a thread will not be created for NYE until Mogra's NYE party is officially done, not including over time. As always, that is at 15:00 EST at the earliest.

Schedule below should be in your local time zone. Free-for-all this year typically means coverage from Kethsar, Shava, and exci, with other DJs allowed to hop in if they so choose. Could be some short Hanyuu hours during the worst of the Christmas dead hours, depending on how grave the situation is.

Christmas Eve

  • 12:00 - 18:00: Free-for-all.
  • 18:00 - 21:00: Yorozuya
  • 21:00 - 23:00: Qnia
  • 23:00 - 03:00: McDongles as always

Christmas Day

  • 03:00 -11:00: FFA
  • 11:00 - 16:00: Jii-san
  • 16:00 - 18:00: Yorozuya
  • 18:00 - 20:00: Claud
  • 20:00 - E N D: FFA

New Years Eve

  • 12:00 - 15:30: Pachy, maybe exci as well before this
  • 15:30 - 20:30: Bartending Goose
  • 20:30 - 21:30: Yorozuya
  • 21:30 - 23:15: Suzubrah
  • 23:15 - 00:45: Kipukun
  • 00:45 - E N D: Keth/Shava/Ojiisan, whoever bothers


Anonymous (2eba) #3540 (2023-12-15 20:40:03UTC)

Alright faggots, its time to get the 2023 Holiday's "Schedule" up and posted to the site so we can bitch and moan about it. I mean c'mon Kethsar, you shitnugget. <3

Anonymous (d1b6) #3516 (2023-12-10 14:52:37UTC)


Anonymous (577b) #2079 (2023-02-06 18:37:42UTC)


Anonymous (040c) #2060 (2023-01-01 17:43:24UTC)

kilim was in the NYE thread sometimes around EST hour for a brief moment.

Anonymous (417e) #2059 (2023-01-01 08:30:57UTC)


Anonymous (63eb) #2058 (2023-01-01 07:56:00UTC)

RIP Eku and Happy New Year. Hard to believe how many years I've spent this day here.

Anonymous (9f0b) #2057 (2023-01-01 07:33:22UTC)

this is the closest i have to going to holiday parties and having friends.

Kethsar ## Admin #2056 (2023-01-01 05:36:13UTC)

Amen brother

Anonymous (f4bb) #2055 (2023-01-01 05:06:18UTC)

fuck jannies

Anonymous (496a) #2053 (2023-01-01 01:08:14UTC)

sincerely hope you all kill yourselves, listeners and djs

Anonymous (2ee1) #2052 (2022-12-31 23:40:17UTC)


Anonymous (b638) #2050 (2022-12-31 17:22:52UTC)

All I want for new years is Kilim. Please save us from this suffering.

Anonymous (aa4a) #2049 (2022-12-31 11:12:26UTC)


Anonymous (7e4c) #2048 (2022-12-31 07:08:19UTC)

boobs are temporary, but r/a/dio is forever

Anonymous (80c9) #2047 (2022-12-30 19:12:19UTC)


Anonymous (466f) #2046 (2022-12-26 15:48:11UTC)

thank you for the show. you were all amazing

Anonymous (db67) #2045 (2022-12-26 14:26:02UTC)

Thanks for all the songs. And thanks for not being dead.

Anonymous (fd57) #2043 (2022-12-26 04:49:03UTC)


Anonymous (808b) #2042 (2022-12-26 04:14:53UTC)

getting older is the only trick I found to now die young. Thanks a fuckton, as always, for strim.

Anonymous (9dab) #2041 (2022-12-26 01:44:36UTC)

I'll be here every year y'all are. Merry Christmas!

Anonymous (3ff0) #2040 (2022-12-26 01:15:41UTC)

Merry Kurisumas anons

Anonymous (f832) #2039 (2022-12-25 22:08:07UTC)

love you niggas fr

Anonymous (da14) #2038 (2022-12-25 18:33:14UTC)

Happy Holyday

Anonymous (1ce7) #2037 (2022-12-25 16:11:25UTC)


Anonymous (fd73) #2036 (2022-12-25 13:38:56UTC)

Merry Christmas!!!

Anonymous (21a0) #2035 (2022-12-25 12:31:32UTC)

Merry Christmas frens

Anonymous (ce1a) #2034 (2022-12-25 09:47:31UTC)

Thanks for putting this on as always. Always brings a smile when I relax for stream time.

Anonymous (7957) #2033 (2022-12-25 09:33:52UTC)

row row fight da powa

Anonymous (e04e) #2031 (2022-12-25 02:09:52UTC)

I like this feeling of togetherness. My people! thank you all just for being there

Anonymous (bf59) #2030 (2022-12-24 22:57:13UTC)

where does the time go...

Anonymous (a1f3) #2029 (2022-12-24 22:44:47UTC)

WE are getting older

Anonymous (a98b) #2028 (2022-12-24 19:46:28UTC)

:( wish bacon could strem from nipland

Anonymous (e0d3) #2027 (2022-12-24 17:54:31UTC)

delete Ed Sheeran - Celestial

Anonymous (e30f) #2026 (2022-12-24 17:15:00UTC)

キタ―――(゚∀゚)―――― !!

Anonymous (1243) #2025 (2022-12-24 17:14:51UTC)

these streams are super special to me

Anonymous (28a9) #2024 (2022-12-24 17:02:42UTC)

another year went by
wonder how many i have left

Anonymous (64f5) #2023 (2022-12-24 13:20:19UTC)

Can you imagine

Anonymous (820d) #2022 (2022-12-24 12:46:48UTC)


Anonymous (1427) #2021 (2022-12-24 11:15:04UTC)


Anonymous (6181) #2020 (2022-12-24 09:08:34UTC)

damn there are comments

Anonymous (45b3) #2019 (2022-12-24 05:43:02UTC)

For fuck's sake, can you retarded faggots stop giving Kipu EST midnight? He's complete shit.

Anonymous (4067) #2018 (2022-12-23 17:31:36UTC)

Not your personal radio. Just enjoy, and leave the meta on whatever image board you browse.

Anonymous (d189) #2017 (2022-12-23 13:52:34UTC)


Anonymous (0dc2) #2016 (2022-12-23 07:13:52UTC)

Don't die until the site goes under please

Anonymous (41f8) #2015 (2022-12-23 06:56:16UTC)

Yeah looking forward to this year's xmas

Anonymous (0bff) #2014 (2022-12-23 00:00:26UTC)

hopefully we don't get another sticky
last year's thread was icky
p.s. bakkun-san sucked my dick-y~~~~

Anonymous (8aaa) #2013 (2022-12-22 22:54:37UTC)

This. If all the DJs do is silently play requests or whatever vtumor songs they like then they are no different from Hanyuu. I can perfectly well just put on an anime playlist myself and the experience will be the same.

Anonymous (404c) #2012 (2022-12-22 19:21:55UTC)

Next year will be better.

Anonymous (9275) #2011 (2022-12-21 04:53:51UTC)

Regarding the DJs, PLEASE do what I said last year and shitpost vocally! No matter if you think you have nothing to say. For fucks sake, just, BE HERE...with us. It doesn't matter WHAT you'll say...Damnit, just tell us how drunk you are...that you went and pissed out your window for convenience, fucking SOMETHING! Every great Holiday stream I've listened to in the last 8 years or so has had the DJ doing stupid shit in the background of the song. That while others will disagree ls TRUE Xmas kino!

Anonymous (e30f) #2010 (2022-12-20 22:23:23UTC)

> those of (You) only here for the holidays
Filthy tourists, you're not allowed to enjoy holiday streams unless you spend the rest of the year suffering through vtumors and that pizza song. Despicable.

Anonymous (4322) #2009 (2022-12-20 18:59:51UTC)

Sweet. Melli Happi everynyan.

Anonymous (c235) #2008 (2022-12-18 22:24:32UTC)

another year together with /a/~~

Anonymous (1242) #2007 (2022-12-18 15:57:30UTC)

I can't believe we're still here.

Anonymous (6865) #2006 (2022-12-18 04:54:11UTC)

pls pls pls pls pls pls play marvel theme song captan america is so cool plz play his thmee ;-(

Anonymous (02e7) #2005 (2022-12-16 20:39:01UTC)

mogra balls

Anonymous (0c8e) #2004 (2022-12-15 02:55:47UTC)

who's mogra

Anonymous (8516) #2003 (2022-12-15 02:21:19UTC)

I usually listen when there isnt any special going on, but the times I do join on an eventful night it's always fun. keep it up brothers, much love.

Anonymous (9d42) #2002 (2022-12-13 22:54:22UTC)

good times ahead

Anonymous (5ad5) #2001 (2022-12-13 08:42:32UTC)

who the fuck is yorozuya (tentative)?

Anonymous (5832) #2000 (2022-12-12 18:40:16UTC)

The only time I enjoy getting shitfaced

Anonymous (aa60) #1999 (2022-12-12 15:24:28UTC)


Anonymous (b516) #1998 (2022-12-11 14:08:35UTC)

let's fucking snow

Anonymous (105e) #1997 (2022-12-11 02:46:46UTC)

>Ojii for Christmas
Truly god has abandoned us

Anonymous (ab4f) #1996 (2022-12-10 22:54:18UTC)


Anonymous (fa20) #1995 (2022-12-10 22:40:42UTC)

Thanks but please use good songs this time

Anonymous (3eab) #1994 (2022-12-10 11:43:30UTC)

I'm still imagining being Kilim

Anonymous (9778) #1993 (2022-12-10 08:14:30UTC)


Anonymous (defc) #1992 (2022-12-10 06:37:35UTC)


Anonymous (404c) #1991 (2022-12-10 06:26:34UTC)


Anonymous (b027) #1990 (2022-12-10 06:18:50UTC)

awawa ehehe

Anonymous (6509) #1989 (2022-12-10 06:06:50UTC)


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