Mon, 02 Jan 23 03:12:38 UTC

The new years stream isn't actually over yet at the time of writing, but I expect it will be soon enough so might as well.

I won't bother counting replies or threads since there was a rolling sticky for new years as well as some other shenanigans earlier. Top listener count ended being 1500+, around EST new years, as usual. It was pretty reminiscient of 2020-2021 new years to me in general. Christmas was as christmas goes, 800-ish peaks and in general a little less hyped than NYE. Best set was sauce (chosen by me).

Happy new years fags, see you in valentine/halloween and for the year end stuff again in a year. And every friday of course. You do spend your fridays getting drunk listening to a weeaboo internet radio, right?

edit: thanks to advances in r/a/dio science (keth), we now know how many replays there were on christmas and new years.


Anonymous (d1b6) #3515 (2023-12-10 14:52:37UTC)


Anonymous (55ec) #3507 (2023-12-07 15:42:49UTC)


Anonymous (55ec) #3504 (2023-12-07 15:04:41UTC)


Anonymous (1388) #2077 (2023-01-09 00:35:54UTC)

How does gundam 00 have such GOAT OPs and EDs?

Anonymous (bc75) #2076 (2023-01-04 05:30:31UTC)

why is exci such a numberfag?

Anonymous (6b8d) #2075 (2023-01-03 13:53:10UTC)

Ojisan best dj

Anonymous (b4a9) #2074 (2023-01-03 03:15:44UTC)

@2067 Just use a dedicated IRC client, you'll be able to connect to #r/a/dio on, clicking the link itself should open your client if it's setup to open IRC links.

Anonymous (0f8e) #2073 (2023-01-02 20:52:52UTC)

thanks the DJs and everyone involved.

Anonymous (2df8) #2072 (2023-01-02 11:45:21UTC)

Don't forget, you're here forever.

Anonymous (7b23) #2071 (2023-01-02 09:54:31UTC)

No avengers theme :/
Cringe :/

Anonymous (8c40) #2070 (2023-01-02 08:28:15UTC)

Please assign a different DJ to EST NYE.

Anonymous (9778) #2069 (2023-01-02 08:17:22UTC)

Thanks to the entire r/a/dio staff for another great year! Looking forward to the next one

Anonymous (65be) #2068 (2023-01-02 06:17:33UTC)

i like that dork ojiisan, keep it up mate

Anonymous (de07) #2067 (2023-01-02 04:52:08UTC)

i had a great time this holidays in the r/a/dio. thanks to all the everyone.

And, i have a little problem that i do not know how to solve. when i try to enter the chat it gives me this error "Error Connecting (Error: xhr poll error)" can someone tell me what to do ;_;?

Anonymous (292c) #2066 (2023-01-02 04:11:50UTC)

Ojiisan a cute

Anonymous (90ec) #2065 (2023-01-02 04:09:50UTC)

Thank you for the 8 hours Ojiisan, the final overtime was great. Have a great year.

Anonymous (b17d) #2064 (2023-01-02 04:08:27UTC)

Hey Ojisan, thanks for streaming for eight hours straight. You're not a shitty DJ. You're baste as fuck. Thanks for all the threads and moosic. I got to listen to most of the streams with my best friend and we had a blast. Thanks for letting us have fun.

Anonymous (b779) #2063 (2023-01-02 04:01:18UTC)

I do have to listen to your shitty radio more

Anonymous (98e9) #2062 (2023-01-02 03:54:25UTC)

See you next week, fags <3

Anonymous (1f69) #2061 (2023-01-02 03:16:31UTC)


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