Mon, 30 Jan 23 15:24:34 UTC

Claud is doing his yearly Valentine's Day stream once again. Be there to celebrate the love of your waifu with good music, followed by committing sudoku because your waifu is not real.
To help him out this year is his fellow countryman Ojiisan, who will do god knows what for a couple of hours before Claud.

Ojiisan starts at 20:00 GMT, followed by Claud at 22:00 GMT.


Anonymous (404c) #2088 (2023-02-17 08:04:21UTC)

Waiting for the Holid/a/y Stre/a/ms 2023 Schedule

Anonymous (9778) #2087 (2023-02-15 09:41:13UTC)

Thanks for another great valentine's stream!

Anonymous (7e20) #2085 (2023-02-14 17:43:37UTC)

looking forward to it as always, with my waifu and you faggots

Anonymous (9408) #2084 (2023-02-14 11:33:21UTC)


Anonymous (5acf) #2083 (2023-02-14 06:49:12UTC)

Tonight is the night

Anonymous (fe84) #2082 (2023-02-11 06:58:03UTC)

Keth why aren't you on the staff page anymore you piece of shit you can't quit too ;_;

Anonymous (d31d) #2081 (2023-02-11 06:15:33UTC)

Can't wait to get drunk on a Tuesday with you lads

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