Sun, 10 Dec 23 02:36:08 UTC

Keth is in Japan over christmas and new years so I've been tasked with taking care of that stuff instead.

Schedules below should be in your local time zone.

Christmas Eve

Exactly who are going to play for the first 8 hours is still a bit open, but it'll be one (or more likely, a few) of those listed below. Threads start around the same time as usual, which is either a few hours before Bakkun gets on, or when he does. His stream will then go on for 7 hours, until midnight EST.

  • 09:00 - 17:00: Claud/Yoro/Kipu/Shava/mystery dj/qnia/suzu/exci
  • 17:00 - 24:00: Bakkun

Christmas Day

After Bakkun's stream, someone elseā„¢ will pick up the stream. Who that someone or those someones are really depends on whos staying up until EST morning. Ojiisan wanted a big slot, which was fine since nobody had really said anything yet by that time, but if there's more people that want to play in the EST morning, his time might be a few hours shorter than what's listed. The goose will play for the early evening hours, until apt-get gets on at some point to stream for the rest of the evening. Actually maybe this was the other way around. apt-get Claud might play for longer than listed below, the ending time is so the time conversion script works.

  • 00:00 - 09:00: Yoro/kipu/shava/qnia/suzu/exci
  • 09:00 - 17:00: Jii-san
  • 17:00 - 20:00: apt-get
  • 20:00 - 24:00: Claud

New Years Eve

Schedule is as below. Shavadava and I will be available as backup DJs for the duration of the stream in case of Technical Difficulties. As for threads, I'll quote Kethsar from last year:

"As always, a thread will not be created for NYE until Mogra's NYE party is officially done, not including over time. As always, that is at 15:00 EST at the earliest."

  • 12:00 - 17:30: Yorozuya
  • 17:30 - 20:15: Claud
  • 20:15 - 23:15: Suzu
  • 23:15 - 01:15: Kipukun
  • 01:15 - 03:15: Bakkun
  • 03:15 - 06:15: Shavadava
  • 06:15 - 12:00: Ojiisan

Happy new years! Some shit nobody cares about:

Listener stats for NYE and averages for the entire year (note that most of NYE isn't counted in the 31st here), also available here. I think it peaked at around 1720 listeners on new years? That would be a new record (not counting that one year with the embedded stream, because that's cheating). Another record is the longest continous stream, keeping hanyuu in her cage for a full week from christmas to new years (still ongoing at the time of writing). Now that that's all mostly done, it's time for r/a/dio to die again for most of the year.

You should know this already, but we also have streams on fridays, valentines, and halloween.


Anonymous (d962) #3726 (2024-01-06 12:23:58UTC)

Shhh now
Holidays are over

Anonymous (319c) #3721 (2024-01-06 00:10:52UTC)


Suzubrah ## Mod #3711 (2024-01-03 15:48:37UTC)

Now that Hanyuu-sama has returned from her yearly vacation, the holidays are officially over. I hope you all had a fun time and that 2024 is a fantastic year for everyone! As always, thanks for listening, and until next time!

apt-get ## Mod #3708 (2024-01-03 09:34:18UTC)

KiwiIRC's SSL certificates are expired, should be back up whenever they actually bother renewing them (which should be a few days at most, hopefully).

Anonymous (65be) #3706 (2024-01-02 17:55:05UTC)

Props to Jii-san for staying overtime to get through EVERY single request. Happy new year, everyone!

Anonymous (d962) #3705 (2024-01-02 15:48:39UTC)

Let's have a good one, everyone! Wish you all the best!

Anonymous (b52e) #3703 (2024-01-02 08:17:49UTC)

Thanks for the stream, kings

exci ## Mod #3702 (2024-01-02 04:35:15UTC)

Probably something up with Kiwi. Can't really do much about it on this end if so. You're better off with an actual client.

Anonymous (7be5) #3701 (2024-01-02 04:29:01UTC)

Amazing holydays streams guys, had a lot of fun, hope to see you in valentines.

also, sorry to bother, but someone knows why i cant enter the IRC chat? i enter in christmas but now it gives me an unknown error. ):

Anonymous (1b0a) #3700 (2024-01-02 04:14:27UTC)

Great job guys, even enjoyed the vocaroo faggotry

Anonymous (65ec) #3698 (2024-01-02 04:07:00UTC)

Thanks for stream, happy new year and matta ne!

Anonymous (b20c) #3697 (2024-01-02 03:18:15UTC)


Anonymous (c005) #3696 (2024-01-02 01:20:09UTC)

Add "getting keth tsunami'd and earthquaked in japan" to exci's list of crimes against r/a/dio

Anonymous (b3a0) #3695 (2024-01-01 23:15:53UTC)

Happy New Year, as usual I've had a blast!
See you next year~

Anonymous (2288) #3694 (2024-01-01 22:50:50UTC)

Happy new year, thank you for another fun one. I look forward to this every single year. I love you.

Anonymous (7111) #3693 (2024-01-01 22:49:38UTC)

I love all you faggots, see you next year
Chuu~ <3

Anonymous (1732) #3692 (2024-01-01 21:53:02UTC)

The real r/a/dio was the kanpais we did along the way, happy new year!

Anonymous (b4a9) #3691 (2024-01-01 20:43:33UTC)

Happy new year! It was fun as usual, thank you to all the dj's, ignore the retards always bitching about something.

Anonymous (dc1d) #3690 (2024-01-01 20:00:55UTC)

Great R/a/dio, Happy new year!

Anonymous (83d4) #3687 (2024-01-01 18:09:17UTC)

It was fun

Anonymous (95c0) #3686 (2024-01-01 17:54:31UTC)

It was disappointing this year.

Anonymous (3991) #3682 (2024-01-01 09:27:45UTC)

Thank you for always delivering Shava.

Anonymous (6e65) #3681 (2024-01-01 08:42:28UTC)

janny deleting the threads

it's over

Anonymous (b582) #3680 (2024-01-01 05:20:35UTC)

Woah Kipu is so funny and edgy I sure love all this fake enthusiasm "I love u guys lmao lel" while doing fake yelling to not wake his parents from his basement all the while playing meme songs from 15 years ago to get old /a/nons masturbating to the nostalgia while the newer ones fake being oldfags to fit in just amazing nothing else i expected from the fakest dj on r/a/dio since eku an hero'd and kilim died from ccancer
heheh database hehe jibun wooo see i did it mom

Anonymous (b621) #3679 (2024-01-01 03:33:10UTC)

Happy New Year!

Anonymous (d962) #3678 (2023-12-31 18:49:05UTC)


Anonymous (d8a8) #3677 (2023-12-31 17:06:32UTC)

I've survived another year. Still wonder if it was worth it.

Anonymous (3741) #3676 (2023-12-31 09:18:14UTC)

Awake, but at what cost.

Anonymous (1b0a) #3675 (2023-12-31 02:59:00UTC)

I kneel to Sachibap

Anonymous (3a50) #3659 (2023-12-27 21:53:40UTC)

so many good sets today, good job DJtachi

Pachy ## Mod #3650 (2023-12-26 17:53:38UTC)

Merri Kurisumasu everyone!

Anonymous (b125) #3644 (2023-12-26 04:23:42UTC)

im sex

Anonymous (65be) #3642 (2023-12-26 02:28:31UTC)


kipukun ## Mod #3641 (2023-12-26 02:05:23UTC)

3630 is so mad lol

Anonymous (db42) #3637 (2023-12-25 18:16:09UTC)

Don't shoot! That man is not black.

Anonymous (daf7) #3636 (2023-12-25 17:51:52UTC)

i love men

Anonymous (7607) #3634 (2023-12-25 10:47:12UTC)

what the fuck is r/a/dio

Anonymous (e4a0) #3630 (2023-12-24 21:35:01UTC)

Can you stupid faggots stop giving kipu the EST switch to New Years? For fucks sake.

Anonymous (0dac) #3628 (2023-12-24 18:48:22UTC)


Anonymous (c005) #3627 (2023-12-24 17:10:30UTC)

I have tumortism, send help

Anonymous (aee2) #3626 (2023-12-24 17:08:39UTC)

if you read this you're a boy

Anonymous (3a50) #3625 (2023-12-24 16:51:07UTC)

no vtumors, or ELSE

Anonymous (eaa4) #3624 (2023-12-24 16:11:05UTC)

pls vtumors

Anonymous (0082) #3623 (2023-12-24 11:58:07UTC)

how does one apply?

Anonymous (e9f6) #3622 (2023-12-24 11:50:59UTC)

I can't believe Hanyuu-sama is a vtuber now

Anonymous (0924) #3621 (2023-12-24 11:21:47UTC)

pls no vtumors sirs

Anonymous (d962) #3620 (2023-12-24 11:13:07UTC)

Please r/a/dio responsibly over the holidays!

Anonymous (d452) #3615 (2023-12-24 04:54:15UTC)

FINALLY MY NIBBAS! The BEST time of the Year has arrived! I've got so many dro0gs and so much alcohol that I just might OD, like for real. Especially on New Years Eve. I literally look forward to this each and every Year, and yes, I listen to Hanyuu throughout the year(s) as well. Hes one dedicated motherfucker! 2 minutes until Christmas eve over here on the East Coast! I love all of you faggots and hope that if you celebrate that all goes well. Don't forget to TALK to us during your blocks DJs!

Anonymous (a8ca) #3612 (2023-12-23 22:30:02UTC)

All I want for Christmas is for Portugal to get nuked

Anonymous (0e22) #3611 (2023-12-23 22:18:24UTC)

when did the site change

Anonymous (2513) #3609 (2023-12-23 18:37:04UTC)


Anonymous (6adf) #3608 (2023-12-23 18:28:08UTC)


Anonymous (94c2) #3607 (2023-12-23 14:48:21UTC)


Anonymous (c005) #3600 (2023-12-22 18:08:36UTC)

exci killing r/a/dio one year at a time....

Anonymous (b582) #3598 (2023-12-22 17:49:37UTC)

What can i say? It's already that time of the year again.

Anonymous (0bb7) #3591 (2023-12-21 23:08:57UTC)

I can't imagine being Kilim.

Anonymous (8a0b) #3588 (2023-12-21 12:40:41UTC)

Can you imagine being Kilim? Just SNORTING to himself at how EPIC of a memelord he is and asking his buttbuddies to "hey wouldn't it be EPIC if you were to call me on Skype? I'd act like all PISSED and shit on the stream and like I'm drunk lel but I only drank Dr Pepper duduru~~". His overreaction to shit is so fucking unfunny and fake that I honestly don't know how my room isn't full of vomit right now.

Anonymous (668e) #3578 (2023-12-20 05:25:37UTC)

very nice

exci ## Mod #3575 (2023-12-20 01:55:10UTC)

It's been reduced to 14 hours. Rejoice!

Anonymous (877b) #3574 (2023-12-19 22:05:47UTC)

>17 hours of ojiisan
you're taking the fucking piss

Anonymous (54cc) #3573 (2023-12-19 22:02:50UTC)


Anonymous (4468) #3572 (2023-12-19 21:58:35UTC)


Anonymous (d962) #3570 (2023-12-19 10:03:42UTC)


Anonymous (3a50) #3562 (2023-12-18 16:00:06UTC)

Why are we still here? Just to listen to holiday r/a/dio streams?

Anonymous (199a) #3560 (2023-12-18 11:16:32UTC)

Can you imagine being Kilim? Just SNORTING to himself at how EPIC of a memelord he is and asking his buttbuddies to "hey wouldn't it be EPIC if you were to call me on Skype? I'd act like all PISSED and shit on the stream and like I'm drunk lel but I only drank Dr Pepper duduru~~". His overreaction to shit is so fucking unfunny and fake that I honestly don't know how my room isn't full of vomit right now.

Anonymous (103c) #3554 (2023-12-18 00:14:18UTC)

The fastest Christmas yet, with no Kethsar. Not sure what to think.

Anonymous (4741) #3546 (2023-12-16 23:01:35UTC)

Have fun enjoying your Christmas with your wives while I WORK at my WORKPLACE and hate every second of it.

Anonymous (1e9b) #3524 (2023-12-13 02:42:42UTC)

Christmas is saved

Anonymous (bdc4) #3523 (2023-12-12 21:11:42UTC)

exci a cute
sankyuu every dj for wanting to show up

Anonymous (1b0a) #3522 (2023-12-12 04:09:52UTC)


Anonymous (d1b6) #3513 (2023-12-10 14:52:37UTC)


Anonymous (d962) #3510 (2023-12-10 12:55:16UTC)

Wait, it's only two weeks to Christmas?

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