Fri, 10 Oct 14 13:41:56 UTC

As you might've found out, submissions were broken for ages. We've finally whipped Hiroto into fixing it, so you can submit shit again!

Hiroto: "tl;dr I'm too busy to fix things, there's a fuckhuge update pending on github."


Anonymous (a5b2) #1585 (2020-05-05 07:24:38UTC)


Anonymous (c8b6) #951 (2018-01-01 19:20:55UTC)


exci ## Mod #437 (2015-10-30 09:48:36UTC)


Anonymous (fb35) #421 (2015-08-01 23:25:26UTC)

Why is Hiroto such a shit?

Anonymous (6b3d) #416 (2015-07-02 09:30:36UTC)


Anonymous (fa97) #415 (2015-06-21 23:18:59UTC)

You mean Hirota-tan?

Anonymous (aa0b) #413 (2015-04-30 23:09:37UTC)

You mean Hirota?

Anonymous (20bc) #394 (2014-12-28 18:15:23UTC)

Tried uploading a .mp3 file and the uploader couldn't recognise it. Not sure if it's a problem on my end.

Anonymous (a834) #389 (2014-12-24 19:53:58UTC)

Thanks, looks like it's fixed now!

Anonymous (a834) #385 (2014-12-18 02:08:39UTC)

Fix the times displayed the queue plox

Anonymous (a834) #379 (2014-12-07 21:35:38UTC)

Times on the front page are off. For some reason the queue starts in past and ends in the future, i.e. the first entry is "10 mins ago", the middle "less than a min ago" and the last "in 15 mins".

Vin ## Admin #364 (2014-11-14 17:33:56UTC)

New songs should be showing up in the database now, I think. Sorry about that.

Anonymous (dc76) #362 (2014-11-03 10:51:15UTC)

Is search broken? I can't find any of the new submissions.

Anonymous (d70e) #360 (2014-10-28 22:12:18UTC)

Are new songs not being added to search now?

Anonymous (25a9) #359 (2014-10-28 20:46:09UTC)


Anonymous (7051) #356 (2014-10-12 23:29:43UTC)


Anonymous (d048) #355 (2014-10-10 23:23:51UTC)

>inb4 teasing the devs about apps

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